Who’s the misogynist?

So Slipper can compare female genitalia to a “shell-less mussels” and it only rates a mention in The Australian The ABC missed it, or at least it hasn't devoted hundreds of hours of debate and vilification to this most vile of men. Abbott, on the other hand is subject to spurious innuendos, snide remarks, uncorroborated statements and he is the misogynist? Go figure. But Attorney-General Nicola Roxon said Mr Abbott's relationship with women remained “fair game” for government MPs to scrutinise. Based on what Roxon? The fact that John McTernan, the Brit import says it is a good attack policy. It worked in Britain - it must work here. Just invent incidences, ramp them up in the compliant media and repeat as often as possible and people will start to believe that Abbott is a misogynist. Obviously McTernan looked at the ALP's track record and advised Gillard that her only chance of re-election was to get the voters to believe that Abbott isn't PM material. Simple really! Dishonest, but simple.

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