The ALP are in a panic. A 'comedian' at a CFMEU dinner attended by a bevy of Labor Ministers cracked an anti Abbott joke just days after Gillard's anti Abbott rant. Labor are in damage control;

JULIA Gillard contacted the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union as Labor went into damage control after a comedian at the union's dinner told an off-colour joke about Tony Abbott and his chief of staff, Peta Credlin.

I find it interesting that we are still to hear the joke. In previous times the media would be all over an anti Abbott jibe but on this occasion we hear nothing. Everyone in Australia knew about Alan Jones and his comments on Gillard but we aren't allowed to hear the content when it's the other way around.

A spokesman for the union said the joke was facile and absurd and there had been audible groans.

I'll call bullshit on that line. If it put down on Abbott they would have laughed like drains.

Obviously, the joke is that off-colour that the ALP have applied a 'D' notice to keep it out of the press. Wouldn't look good after Julia's meltdown in the house just days ago.

Everyone is in denial - the entertainment agency has unreservedly apologised saying they didn't run it past the union leaders before delivering 'the joke' - presumably in response to a telephone call

The report says Gillard is embarrassed. I doubt she is embarrassed by the crudity of the joke rather that it's release will make a mockery of her anti Abbott rant and 'silence Alan Jones' campaign

I look forward to someone leaking 'the joke'

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