Impartial Speaker?

The new Speaker on Gillard's rant.
"I think there is obviously some sexism and misogyny that goes on in the parliament, as it does in a lot of workplaces, tragically,'' Ms Burke told ABC radio. "And I think that one of the disappointing parts about having the first female prime minister is that unfortunately that has brought out the worst in some people in the parliament and some people in the public.
The ALP are obliged to hammer the fact that all the questions on Gillard's performance are all based on her being a woman. They aren't - they are based on her incompetence and socialist agenda. The impartial Speaker continues;
Instead of rising and saying `isn't this a fantastic thing', it's brought this tone and tenor of underlying sexism in our country. "And I think we need to be rising above it, and I think the Prime Minister's speech this week was pretty spot on.''
While Ms Burke is a Labor MP, the speaker's role is traditionally an impartial one. Yes, well the ALP don't do tradition well. The ABC carry the same story but chose a different emphasis. New Speaker Burke says time to 'move on' and I must agree but not in the sense that she uses. Buried in the article is the 'impartial' comment describing Gillard's rant as 'spot on' So there you have it. Any future condemnation of Gillard's competency will be labelled sexist or misogynist.

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