A good day for an old conservative

Gillard is off to India to try and recover from ALP Stuff-up #435 when in the earlier days of government they reneged on uranium sales to India that had been initiated and signed off by the Howard government. At the time (Jan 2008) I wrote;
I can imagine a host of other countries waiting for us to let them down…to reneg on signed deals for ideology alone. They’ll be looking up all their agreements with us – vetting them to ensure they meet the ideological standards of the ALP loonies and looking to count their losses and resolving to never deal with us again.
Now she's back to fix the original stuff-up. The Left and the Greens are screaming and next month's ALP conference promises to be interesting. Abbott goes to Indonesia with some ministers and has a one-on-one with SBY. A bit embarrassing for the ALP as it would indicate the Indons see Abbott as the next PM and that they need to talk to him. Emmerson and the rest of the ALP, including the ABC, are all over the fact that Abbott didn't mention turning the boats back but I guess they have to find something wrong with the visit as it may turn peoples attention away from the debacle that is their own open-slather border policy. Thompson, the whore monger, is being defended by the ALP as was Slipper the sexist. Craig Emerson said the Coalition had already acted as "judge and jury" on the allegations against the former Labor MP. I guess he means just like Roxon acted as judge and jury in the Ashby vs Slipper case. So long as the case put together by FWA is current during the lead up to the election and it appears it will be, then the ALP will be suffering all kinds of nightmares. A bonus would be the police charging him - surely that's on the cards. A good day for an old conservative - and then there is this; Of more importance to me is this notice I found at http://trove.nla.gov.au/ while searching for details on my family in West Australia. Trove is a great source for info as it has digitized most Australian newspapers from the 19th century through to now. Quiet a shock really The paper was dated 1946. It's amazing that I would get this far considering my life style and career choices.


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