Katrina II

Hi res satellite image of New Orleans via Donald Sensing. For local updates visit The Times - Picayune and Mississippi Coast Area News For news on the military contribution visit The Mudville Gazette Florida Cracker covers the story of the relief chopper being fired at and makes this point;
I'm sure this situation is exactly the reason they didn't want to evacuate the city in the first place --the dregs of society would stay behind to have a field day.
Poor buggers. It just keeps on getting worse. Outside the Gateway reports;
An explosion at a chemical depot has added to the misery in New Orleans. No word yet on whether it was related to the Hurricane, a criminal act, or sheer coincidence.
From Vodka Pundit
Now for the really painful part, said not with anger, but with a heavy heart: As sad and awful as it is, Louisiana in general and New Orleans in particular did a lot of this to themselves.
UPDATE: The Blithering Bunny has a good post on BBC biased reporting, all of it designed to make Bush look bad. UPDATE II: As usual Zoe Brain has a good post on the inaccuracies of the 'Blame Bush' brigade and touches on the inhumanity of some left wing haters. UPDATE III: A post at American Daughter outlines Katrina's time line as she heads towards New Orleans and local authorities procrastinate. It is well sources and apolitical.

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  • One thing you have to say about Katrina, it is an almost perfect example of the reason why it is a good idea to own a firearm.

    The savages in society came out much faster than the ability of Govts to deal with them.