What happened?

iggypiggy So, its come to this.  As a young digger in the sixties I would have had a pinup of Marylin Monroe on my locker door. Now I'm reduced to Iggy Piggy and Upsy Daisy on the side of my bar fridge. Maybe Upsy Daisy does has expressive eyes but seriously, I have no idea what Marylin's eyes look like. You check them out  here (NSFW) ....Ok what colour are her eyes? The bar I built the week before Christmas looks OK but it is let down by the Fridge adornment and I seriously I doubt I will ever be allowed to wind back the clock. bar      


  • I know what it is like, Kev.  In my case my kids, and in yours, your Great Great Great Great Grandkids, have taken over our lives.  I bought a nice big flatscreen tv, but do I get to watch cricket or rugby on it?? NO, bloody wall to wall iggl piggle and pepper pig.  Enough to make a man weep.

  • Nice job with the bar though

  • I worked with a bloke years ago, he was probably close to retirement age then (late 50s). He was complaining one day that you grow up your kids, shoo them out of the family home…. but then they come back.

    With a wife.

    With kids.
    He complained that you never could get rid of them!

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