Nguyen still headed for the long drop

GEORGE Pell will urge the Pope to intervene in a desperate bid to spare drug trafficker Nguyen Tuong Van from the gallows as the Howard Government yesterday also promised a last-ditch appeal to spare the Melbourne man's life. Desparate bid is right with only 19 percent of locals claiming to be Christian and the remainder claiming Asian based religions or no religion I can't see Singapore's President and Prime Minister worrying about a backlash at the next polls. I doubt whether they will jump to any request from the leader of the Catholic world and as it is their country they have the right to say - tell your citizens not to traffic drugs through our country - we don't drugs or drug couriers here. Phillip Adams condemns Australia and calls us racist. I think Phillip has the 'racist' problem, not us. I agree with some of what Phillip says and I don't support capital punishment but all of that is irrelevant if you commit a capital crime in a country that does support it. Sad but inevitable. Phillip can debate drug prohibition all he likes but unfortunately he has no sway in Singapore. Actually he has no sway in Australia either but that's another issue


  • All this fuss over the sentence of one drug smuggler. Imagine the gnashing of teeth when
    the Bali 9 are put up against the wall.

  • That article is one of the most stupid and confused I have read lately, even for Adams. So whats he really saying? That Australians are racists because we didnt want to see Barlow and Chambers hung, and we are also racist for realising that Australia has no jurisdiction in other countries. What a moron this guy is, he cant even make a valid comparison between marijuana (which was not a narcotic last time I looked) and heroin. 20 years for a bit of dope? Compared to a tap on the wrist for murdering freaks like Bashir? The problem with Adams is that he is so far from understanding Australians that he might as well be on Mars. F*ckwit.

  • Let’s wait and see. For some reason the Bali Nine seem to be getting far less media time that Schapelle Corby.
    Dee, your last word says it all.