Nguyen execution date set as 2 Dec

POPE John Paul II and his successor Pope Benedict XVI both made direct but unsuccessful appeals to Singapore to spare the life of convicted Australian drug courier Nguyen Tuong Van.

Who ever thought Singapore would listen to the Pope.

Singapore’s Prime Minister didn’t listen to Howard either as it would appear that when Howard raised the issue the Singaporeans had already classed the decision as irreversible.

Later, Loong proves he understands diplomatic protocol but not compassion

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has apologised to Prime Minister John Howard for not personally informing him of the date for an Australian man’s execution in Singapore.

And the Singapore government has revealed that the letter it sent to Nguyen Tuong Van’s family, informing them of his December 2 execution date, had been delivered a day earlier than planned. An investigation will be held into how this happened.

Altogether a sad case. I have no time at all for drug trafficking but the death penalty is far to severe and as the Singaporeans say, it is irreversible.

In a year or two when Singapore commutes death to life for such crimes it will be to late for Nguyen.

Big price to pay for a stupid mistake.

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