Filthy bastards

cooks-cottage-in-vic-vandalised I don’t have many historical heroes but Capt James Cook is one of them so the news that Filth in Victoria have vandalised his cottage gets my Irish up. I would seriously go ballistic if I come across them as they did their evil work and believe me 186cm 112 kilo frame would be a ballistic nightmare – there would be no ricochet or deflection with that mass. VANDALS got in ahead of extra security planned for Captain Cook’s cottage over the Australia Day weekend. The Melbourne monument was sprayed with anti-Australia graffiti for the second year in a row early Friday morning, with slogans reading “26th Jan Australia’s shame” and “F*** Australia Day”. Smashed light bulbs were used as makeshift paint bombs, breaking one window and littering the building’s surroundings with glass. Bastards!


  • Disgraceful behavior.
    In fact very similar to the mindless bigotry as exhibited by those who have vandalized two aboriginal memorials in Queensland that I am aware of.
    The first is the Kalkadoon monument erected near Corella Creek 43 kms west of Cloncurry.
    I used to traverse it frequently when I lived in Mount Isa.
    It was vandalized many times, eventually being destroyed by gelignite in 1992.
    I haven’t been back for a while, so I’m not sure if it has been rebuilt, but I am aware of at least three serious attempts to destroy it with graffiti, before explosives were used.
    See here –
    More recently, there’s the defacing of the Weengallon monument.
    The local Murris have given up on this one. I travel that road regularly, and it’s still defaced –

    • So… offer this up as a comparison, justification, or simply as an aside to deflect to the point that Kev is making?  I believe that Kev is making the point that gratuitous vandalism in the name of politicising a point of view is the work of a “bastard” for want of a better description.  The fact that on this occasion the target is something close to Kev’s heart brought out the angry man in him.  The vandalised aboriginal works are the crime of a similar bastard but what is your point in introducing it to this blog?

  • So… offer this up as a comparison, justification, or simply as an aside to deflect to the point that Kev is making?
    None of these things – simply a statement of fact and history.

    • 17350999… didn’t report on schoolbuildings, churches or synagogues… chose to point out that the shoe has been on the other foot in that aboriginal monuments have also been vandalised. you did fail to point out whether the damage was motivated by white supremicists,nazis or gun toting rednecks.  but in your normal style offered up a counterpoint to the one put by Kev, by switching victims. Please attempt something positive.

      • I was thinking much the same, he is just a shit stirring bastard, I’d like to know how the smart arse survived in any regiment with his attitude, probably kept his head down and bum up and his mouth firmly shut.
        Numbers no response please I’m talking about you not to you, It was a dog act done for the so called reconciliation movement.
        I hope they find the dogs and kennel the bastard things for a while.

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