Thomson guilty…duh!

FORMER Labor MP Craig Thomson has been found guilty of defrauding the Health Services Union during his time as national secretary.
Melbourne magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg today ruled Mr Thomson had dishonestly obtained a financial advantage by using his union credit card to pay for prostitutes. As if anyone other than Gillard ever doubted he was gulity! He will be sentenced next month.


  • Damn I was waiting for the dingo to come forward and admit all, stealing credit cards, stealing ids and putting them back, maybe  Craig was just trying to stimulate the economy one working girl at a time.
    Good work if you can get it and don’t get caught, the bastard needs flogging if you ask me, me dad was a GD in a hospital.

  • Hang on to your hats, we’ll be seeing a lot more of this sort of thing when the Royal Commission into the unions gets going.
    Unfortunately Thomson isn’t a ‘bad apple’, he is what the Unions/ALP are all about, claw your way to the head of the trough all the while spouting pious bullshit about the hard done by workers. while robbing them blind.
    I really must lay in a supply of popcorn for when the RC gets going.

    • It is going to be so much fun.  They deserve to be called to order and I want to see Gillard asked on TV how much does she support Thomson now.  One of the worse cases of government fraud ever with Gillard using Thomson to stay in power so she could economically devastate the country’s economy and reputation.

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