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      Last June I had an incident that had me in Emergency.  The incident proved benign but the nurses weighed me and as a result of that shock I went to my GP and he sent me to a Dietician and an Exercise Physiologist. The result so far are shown in the IPhone graphic below...When I resigned from the Army I weighed 100 kilos and had for twenty odd years previous.  When I left the Army I had just been posted out of the Regiment in the West so there was little fat at that weight.  My target is to get back to the 100 kilos.   The dietician is so petite that the doctor's wife told me she shouldn't be allowed out in public as she shamed virtually every other woman.  I told the Dietician the base line was I should be able to drink my two or three large flat whites per day made with real milk (I did come from a dairy farm after all)  and should a social event occur, like most Friday, nights I would still have a beer or rum. You can't be anal if you want to maintain a long term program. Portion control was the answer, eating nothing more than would fit in a small Royal Doulton sweet dish and eating something every couple of hours to restart my metabolism. Fruit instead of pies, no coffee milk and plenty of salads. All that plus the motivating effect of having the crap scared out of me by the scales at Emergency has worked. The Exercise Physiologist had the biggest impact.  I wrote a testimonial for his website;

As a highly-trained Exercise Specialist, Luke has a strong anatomical knowledge, has learnt the moves and drills, but to motivate people to change their attitudes to life is a rare skill and Luke has it in spades. Luke has changed my attitude and if you think yours needs changing then you need to talk to him.

A Personal Trainer has a TAFE Certificate; Exercise Physiologist have a degree and they know the body - they are the professionals in the game. This post is not about "Look at me - I've lost all this weight!" but more a case of the dangers of letting yourself go and the subsequent need to recover.  If I hadn't lost the plot in the first place I wouldn't have had to go through this regime. The lesson to us older guys, and even young ones, is if you have arrived at a bad situation then do some thing about it.  The sooner you recognize the need,  the better the outcome. See your doctor, find a dietician, go to the gym, find an Exercise Physiologist and restart your life! If you live in Brisbane, click on the graphic above - I recommend them, not because this is a paid advertisement, it isn't, but because I believe professionals like Luke at Restart give us a chance to get back where we should be. If you live elsewhere see your Doctor and follow the path I did. It works!

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  • Well done on getting rid of those unwanted kilos. The wife and I are making good progress with the ‘Fast’ diet or the 5:2 as it’s otherwise known. It’s the easiest diet to implement that we’ve come across and we’ve reduced our weekly food intake by 15 – 20% which inevitably has the desired effect. Enjoy your blog, Kev.

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