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boyseveredheadDefence Minister David Johnston said he was disgusted by the picture. "I'm obviously revolted," he told ABC radio. Senator Johnston said it underscored the importance of the government's proposed counter-terrorism laws. However, he stressed it should not be taken out of context and condemned the picture as a "shocking misrepresentation" of Islam and Muslims. "I'm very upset about this sort of thing completely colouring our view of Muslims," Senator Johnston said. "The vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving and peaceful people." I'm a bit over the "peace loving Muslims" line. True, most Muslims aren't homicidal physopathic maniacs but those that are don't always come with a tattoo on their forehead identifying them as such and I seldom hear from those that aren't, how furious they are, that some of their kind are jihadi maniacs. David Johnstone needs to explain what he means by context. The only context I see is that a maniac with an Australian passport has gone overseas to fight for a foreign mob of radical maniacs. He also takes his son and takes a happy snap of him holding a severed head. There are apparently another 160 such maniacs involved in similar atrocities whilst travelling under an Australian passport and the luvvie brigade in Australia are talking about these guys being innocent until proven guilty! Johnstone condemned the picture as a "shocking misrepresentation" of Islam and Muslims.  Personally I think it is a shocking representation of Islam and Muslims.  Read the papers, watch TV and tell me it isn't so. Don't let them back in to Australia, cancell their passports now and send their families back with them. We don't need this kind of rubbish fouling our society.


  • A simple rule of thumb for the tired “they aren’t all extremists” line is to agree and then ignore the ones who aren’t extremists, but count up those who are head hacking extremists as a useful point of comparison.

    An example in Australia are the Buddhists (interestingly we have more of them than Muslims), ruling out the ones who aren’t head hacking extremists, we are left with a total of zero, you can come up with a similar count for Mormons and Jehovahs Witnesses and you’ll be fairly close in regards most religious groups in Australia.

    With one notable exception.

  • re “The vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving and peaceful people.”

    Covers it pretty comprehensively.

  • They may not be all headhunting extremists, but they still have one common agenda.

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