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It appears all and sundry expect the LNP to get a flogging in tomorrows election.  The ABC are banking on it and supporting the ALP while The Courier Mail says Labor presents a clear alternative for voters – job creation and no asset sales. Amazing, in three short years everyone has supposedly forgotten the ALP’s last period of power where they left the state with tens of billions of dollars in debt and the biggest public service in the country whence they were obliged to borrow money to pay their wages. Cambell gets the arrogant tag because he has to make the hard decisions and cut spending.  True, he could’ve explained it more but really, what part of $80b debt don’t people understand. Now Labor tell us they will pay down debt in a measured and achievable way, all while retaining ownership of our essential assets – power stations, distribution networks and ports. From the ABC
An elected Labor government in Queensland would merge some power networks and retain all assets earmarked for sale under the Liberal National Party (LNP) to help pay down $12 billion worth of debt in a decade.
From The Australian
QUEENSLAND debt is forecast to be $76.97 billion this financial year, $1.16 billion less than outlined in the June budget. Despite the improvement, the level of debt is on average twice that of other states and equates to about $15,000 for each person.
So the ALP plan is to pay back the debt of the Bligh government in 63 years. It’s a plan but not a good one and keep in mind the author is Annastacia Palaszczuk who doesn’t even know  the current  GST rate  The previous ALP government sold;
  • Retail arms of Ergon and Energex,
  • Suncorp,
  • Qld TAB,
  • Dalrymple Bay,
  • Golden Casket,
  • Cairns, Mackay and Brisbane Airport,
  • Port of Brisbane, and Qld Rail.
but that’s OK because… They sold all those assets and still left a IOU note in the empty treasury for $80b. Left with this huge debt  Newman plans to sell of assets to help pay it back and suddenly it’s not OK because…. I don’t know why it’s not OK now, it just is…apparently.

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  • It appears all and sundry expect the LNP to get a flogging in tomorrows election.
    Looks like all and sundry were right.
    Left with this huge debt Newman plans to sell of (sic) assets to help pay it back and suddenly it’s not OK because….
    I’ll finish it for you.
    It’s not OK because –
    1. Newman lied to the electorate. Remember “Public servants have nothing to fear under an LNP government”.
    2. Newman removed the CJC and replaced it with a toothless stacked Commission which was powerless to curb corruption. Queenslanders remember the Fitzgerald report. The only thing that was “strong” about the LNP government was the smell. Queenslanders noticed the whiff of corruption and voted accordingly.
    3. Newman created a monster when he let the Police union loose. The Nazi era bikie legislation didn’t help.
    4. The LNP neglected the bush. Look at the swings in Warrego (14.8%), Gegory (16.4%) and Barron River (14.2%).
    5. Abbott reached peak stupid and went beyond with exquisite timing when he domoted Phil.

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