The Beatification of Drug Dealers continues

Australian Catholic University has created two scholarships for Indonesian students to study in Australia named after Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. The scholarships will cover the full cost of tuition for up to four years and be awarded on academic merit as well as an essay on the theme “the sanctity of human life”.
“In a small but deeply symbolic way, the writing by Indonesian students on the sanctity of life would be an ongoing contribution towards the eventual abolition of the death penalty in Indonesia,” ACU vice-chancellor Greg Crav­en said in a statement. “The scholarships would be a fitting tribute to the reformation, courage and dignity of the two men.”
Ah, yes – “the sanctity of human life”. How does that play out with the four to five Australians who die of an overdose every day courtesy of dealers like Chan and Sukumaran. Not well at all in my opinion. Some other suggestions from readers at Catalaxy Files
I’ve heard that in recognition of the 20th anniversary, Oklahoma City University will be establishing two Timothy McVeigh scholarships; one for organic chemistry students and one for a student for postgraduate study into “making sense of terrorism denial”.
The University of Western Sydney needs an Ivan Milat scholarship for overseas students
…puts the matter in perspective.


  • Heard of Churchill Fellowships?
    They were named after a bloke who was responsible for the deaths of around 4 million Indians –
    From the article – Churchill, explaining why he defended the stockpiling of food within Britain, while millions died of starvation in Bengal, told his private secretary that ‘the Hindus were a foul race, protected by their mere pullulation from the doom that is their due.’ Pullulation, Mukerjee notes, means rapid breeding.
    To quote the bard – ‘The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones’.
    At least the Bali boys weren’t given a knighthood each……..

  • “At least the Bali boys weren’t given a knighthood each…”
    Don’t write off the possibility if Labor/Greens are tragically voted back into power at some stage.

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