Fish Fatwa

MEMRI TV quotes from an interview with Saudi cleric Dr Nasser bin Suleiman Al-'Omar on Al Jazeera.

By Allah, a number of Iraqi religious scholars came to me, and said: "We have a problem." What was the problem? They said: There have been so many American casualties that they loaded them on trucks and threw them away in the desert. But because the number of casualties was so high... The Iraqi scholars were asking me for a fatwa. They asked me to issue a fatwa on the following question: "Because there were so many casualties, the Americans began to throw them into the Tigris and the Euphrates. The fish have eaten from the flesh of the American and have gotten fat. Are we permitted to eat these fish or not?" Yes. This is the truth, brothers.

Clearly this guy is a graduate of the Robert Fisk School of Journalism

From reader HRT

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  • hope that one day someone will “tell” the Muslims that the www web is all a big Jewish conspiracy and the dickheads will stop using computers/email and leave us alone.