ALP Stuff-ups

1. Carbon Tax – “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.”
2. NBN – $50 billion but no cost-benefit analysis
3. Building the Education Revolution – The school halls fiasco
4. Home Insulation Plan (Pink Batts) – Dumped
5. Citizens Assembly – Dumped
6. Cash for Clunkers – Dumped
7. Hospital Reform – Nothing
8. Digital set-top boxes – Cheaper at Harvey Norman
9. Emissions Trading Scheme – Abandoned
10. Mining Tax – Continuing uncertainty for our miners
11. Livestock export ban to Indonesia – Over-reaction
12. Detention Centres – Riots & cost blow-outs
13. East Timor ‘solution’ – Announced before agreed
14. Malaysia ‘solution’ – Only just agreed, sort of. Gillard’s great deal for Australia, Malaysia get none, after we’’ve paid god knows what to update facilities there, and we get 4000
15. Manus Island ‘solution’ – On the backburner
16. Computers in Schools – $1.4 billion blow out; less than half delivered
17. Cutting Red Tape – 12,835 new regulations, only 58 repealed
18. Asia Pacific Community – Another expensive Rudd frolic. Going nowhere
19. Green Loans Program – Abandoned. Only 3.5% of promised loans delivered
20. Solar Homes & Communities plan – Shut down after $534 million blow out
21. Green Car Innovation Fund – Abandoned
22. Solar Credits Scheme – Scaled back
23. Green Start Program – Scrapped
24. Retooling for Climate Change Program – Abolished
25. Childcare Centres – Abandoned. 260 promised, only 38 delivered
26. Take a “meat axe”’ to the Public Service – 24,000 more public servants added
27. Murray Darling Basin Plan – back to the drawing board
28. 2020 Summit – Meaningless talkfest
29. Tax Summit – Deferred and downgraded
30. Population Policy – Sets no targets
31. Fuel Watch – Abandoned
32. Grocery Choice – Abandoned
33. $900 Stimulus cheques – Sent to dead people and overseas residents
34. Foreign Policy – In turmoil with Rudd running riot
35. National Schools Solar Program – Closing two years early
36. Solar Hot Water Rebate – Abandoned
37. Oceanic Viking – Caved in
38. GP Super Clinics – 64 promised, only 11 operational
39. Defence Family Healthcare Clinics – 12 promised, none delivered
40. Trade Training Centres – 2,650 promised, 70 operational
41. Bid for UN Security Council seat – An expensive Rudd frolic
42. MySchool Website – Revamped but problems continue
43. National Curriculum – States in uproar
44. Small Business Superannuation Clearing House – 99% of small businesses reject it
45. Indigenous Housing Program – Way behind schedule
46. Rudd Bank – Went nowhere
47. Carbon tax wealth redistribution. Discriminate against families on the basis of income and demographics, not carbon footprint, not pollution but the size of their wallets
48. the Coast Guard. Election promise from 2007 never delivered
49. Means testing of the private health tax rebate. 2007 letter from the ALP to all health insurers promising not to touch the rebate – another election eve lie.
50. Root and branch tax reform. Henry report shelved, GST off the review making a mockery of the claim to independence
51. Credit card fraud scandal
52. Taxpayer funded propaganda mailout on the Carbon tax
53. $10m of taxpayers money to set up a “climate institute” to generate reports to tell us all what the ALP want us to hear.
54. Turned $26billion surplus into $150billion defecit in just 3 years. Still unable to balance the federal budget.
55. $11billion in bribes to independents to win office
56. Removal of elected PM in lefty coup. Paul Howes – unelected, unrepresentative and one time member of the radical socialist Resistence party, puts Socialist Forum Gillard into office.
57. Qantas debacle. ALP so compromised by unions, it sat on it’s hands despite written requests for intervention.
58. 260 childcare centres. Election promise 2007 never delivered.
59. More Affordable housing. Election promise 2007 – never delivered
60. Cheaper Better Childcare – election promise 2007 – never delivered.
61 Canberra riots

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