The day the current war started

RIP all those poor souls

Camped at Eagle Nest near Sharks Bay WA

You can just see the glow of my laptop where I was working on a clients web sIte in Tassie hosted through servers in Dallas Texas. As good an office as any!

Whales off the NW Coast

A pod of about 20 whales come fast from astern and passed either side of the yacht, frightening hell out of us.

Fire on the road

No flames apparent so I hardly slowed down until I had travelled a hundred odd meters with no visibility. About the time I started to panic I came out the other side.


Red Jim

In October I blogged on Jim Cairns, the doyen of the left and hero to the Anti-Vietnam war protesters. Wayne Wood, at Troppo Armadillo obviously a member of one of the above groups, took me to task for blaming all Vietnam Veterans ills on Cairns.

Wayne muddies the waters with this statement.

Jim Cairns was an average politician who, after spending so long in opposition and without any useful role models, cocked up his stint as Treasurer and did pretty much what any of us would have done if a Junie wiggled her bum in our face. To try and make anything more out of Cairns’s life is simply beating up the sad tale of what can happen to an otherwise smart bloke when he tries to live out his sexual fantasy.

All of the left-wing and most of Australia’s apathetic, ‘Commercial TV news educated’ populace ignores the basic unpleasant truth of Cairn’s life. ..otherwise smart bloke living out sexual fantasies is one thing but being a communist, wanting and pursuing a communist victory in Vietnam to the disadvantage (read death and wounds) of Australians and being Deputy PM while also the President of the World Peace Council is another matter entirely.

I have no problem with Wayne it’s just that he is symptomatic of Australians who ignored the truth on the Anti-Vietnam campaign. Disagree? – No worries; the right to dissent? It’s yours; March through Melbourne’s streets in protest using your given rights to peaceful assembly? -Go for it.

Act as Chairman of the Local Soviet Union Peace body while Deputy PM? uh uh. Not on. Travel to the USSR and give them moral support and encourage more arms to kill fellow Australians? No – not included in our given rights. Invite a delegation of North Vietnamese industrial leaders to Australia while our wounded are still recovering in hospital? Likewise – very tacky.

John Ballantine, in this morning’s Australian Inquirer does a good job of outing Cairns and his Soviet sympathies

In November 1970, on returning from a visit to the Soviet Union, he declared he had found no more suppression of civil rights in Russia than in many aspects of Australian life.

What a startling statement. In November 1970 I was on patrol in Vietnam along with thousands of other Aussies. Cairns would have been an Opposition front bencher that year. How cute.

The Melbourne congress subsequently evolved into a more permanent body called the Congress for International Co-operation and Disarmament. Under Cairns and Goldbloom’s leadership, the CICD played a big part in mobilising the vast nationwide anti-war protest movement that became known as the Vietnam moratorium. It made history on May 8, 1970, when 75,000 protesters – one of Australia’s biggest public demonstrations – occupied the streets of Melbourne, bringing the city to a standstill.

The only group to receive advantage from the Moratoriums were the communists. The only group to be disadvantaged – the Digger.

Do I have an axe to grind? You betcha! Will I forgive and forget? No way.


From Jamie Walker in today?s Weekend Australian Inquirer

Discussion about the ideological orientation of the Greens tends to revolve around the watermelon thesis that what’s green on the outside is actually red beneath. Does it matter in this day and age? Well, yes, especially if the Greens are trying to pull the shade cloth over our eyes.

And they are!

Bob Carr, one of the most astute Premiers in Australia claimed that;

.. many Greens were unreconstructed Trots, closet members of the SWP. The whole Labor Party knew this, Carr said, and voters should, too.

I agree, the voters should be told often that a vote for the Greens is a vote against all that Australia stands for. Every now and then Brown, with sympathetic TV cameras in tow, hugs a tree and all the Greenies squirm with righteous pleasure but for the rest of the time he beats a different drum, and its funereal beat offers no hope for a better world.

Hazy summer days at campus creates great breeding grounds for the Greens. Uni students, all in that phase of life that questions society are all conned by cute pictures of Koalas in threatened forests…remember No Tree – No Me. Truly a gallant cause but the innocent Koala is a front for anti-capitalist, anti US, anti globalisation and all the other Trotsky/Marxist failed bullshit ‘antis’ of the previous years.

After Uni, most students go on to read newspapers other than the left-wing uni rags and their opinions mature. They realize in a complicated world the Greens have few real-world answers and what policy they do have will never be put to the test. They will never occupy the treasury benches but will be able to force disastrous results on legislature that can literally harm the nation.

All green, no sense, stop industry, bugger the jobs. Policy in a sentence.

Jamie puts a negative spin on the Greens years but I’m still concerned.

So here we are, sitting in Brown’s gloomy office in Parliament House, looking to what he insists is a bright future. Leaving aside events in Queensland, the year hasn’t ended as well as he would have hoped. The Greens’ vote, according to Newspoll, has slipped to 5 per cent, down three percentage points from the October high.

Other published opinion polls show a similar dip. Brown and Nettle’s juvenile antics during the joint sitting of parliament addressed by US President George W. Bush appear to have been coolly received by the electorate. Senior adviser Ben Oquist insists, though, that the polls reflect no more than the bounce Labor received from the leadership change to Mark Latham. You’d hardly think that was a comfort.

Their juvenile antics will have put the electorate off but those who’s opinion and choice of newspapers never matured will again swing away from Labour and head to the Greens for socialist Trotsky solace.

When Latham forces the issue at the forthcoming Labour conference all the left wing luvvies will be dismayed at the centre and right wing ascendancy in the party. They will vote Green and the 5% will head to double figures.

Poor fellow, my country.

Lawyers hold country to ransome

In todays Australian we are told immigration matters, including asylum-seekers and those appealing against tribunal rulings, now account for more than 50 per cent of the matters filed to the High Court.

Lawyers have hijacked the Australian Legal system by clogging up the High Court with matters relating to non-Australians and Justices Kirby and Gleeson defend the intolerable state of affairs

High Court judges in February said the Coalition’s attempts to prevent immigration appeals to the High Court – through the contentious legislative method of “privative clauses”, which limit appeal rights – were unconstitutional.

I don’t care for their interpretation. How can 20 million Australians be denied justice, as must be the case while 50 % of court matters relate to a few hundred non-Australians; just because Kirby et al have a hatred against Howard, a softness for all the human debris that is washed up on our shores and an apparent responsibility to feather the nests of lawyers as they pursue larger bank accounts under the guise of helping illegals fight unwinnable cases.

Mr Ruddock said it was clear the majority were “unmeritorious applications” because 92 per cent failed or were withdrawn. “This is the only area of public law where to obtain a delay is an advantage,” he said.

It should be ‘separation of powers’ not separation from reality.


Whatever your politics, whichever God you believe in – I wish you and your family all the best for tomorrow and the days to come. My new patio is up and keeping the 35+ degree summer sun at bay. The pool is clean and inviting and tomorrow – the holy day of families, all my children and partners will be here. This hasn’t happened for several years as they all followed the path of many before them tasting the mysteries of Europe. Albeit lifted by the experience they are all very glad to be back in Australia.

20 plus in-laws will be here as well (my own family are in West Australia) and some old Army friends will drop in.

Muslims, Christians, Agnostics, Athiests, Hedonists, Caucasions, a Jew, Aboriginies, Chinese/Malay, Poms, Kiwis and Paddies. Hate Howard, laugh at Latham, Left-wing, Right Wing, Don’t know and Don’t care will all gather at my home at Taigum – symbolic of what is good about Australia.

Have a good one! I intend to.

Another Domino

Libya’s mad man Gadaffi has undertaken to rid himself of all his WMD including switching off his nuclear programme. This will sit poorly with the left wing who in their Bush-Howard hate-haze abhore the thought of anything approaching stabalization in the area. It might make George Bush look a winner – for God’s sake!

Another terrorist state backing off. I wonder if it has anything to do with Iraq becoming a democracy in the middle of the Middle East. Who’s next? Saudi Arabia?

Lockerbie families are sceptical as am I but I live in hope.

Downer comments;

.. the decision vindicated the hardline stance taken by Australia and other countries against the proliferation of WMD.

“The decision by Colonel Gaddafi’s regime to abandon nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs and to sign international instruments in support of the abandonment of these programmes, is good news for a more secure world,” he told ABC radio.

“It illustrates the point that if the world is strong and robust in confronting the proliferation of these weapons it can be successful.”

Meanwhile in China;

Under US pressure to help curb the spread of long-range missiles, China says it has issued rules restricting the export of missile, nuclear and biological technologies that can be used to make or deliver weapons of mass destruction.

And in Beirut;

A BEIRUT military court today found 27 people guilty of carrying out a series of anti-US attacks across Lebanon, and handed down jail sentences varying from three months to life, court sources said.

With George Bush at the helm Iraq heads towards a democracy with Saddam and his animal sons out of the way, Libya announces it is getting out of the terrorist market, China has undertaken not to sell WMDs and Beirut is actually taking an anti-terrorist stand.

Definitely Christmas week for us right-wingers.

Never mind. Phillip Adams will still call him a stupid turkey and waffle on about his stealing the election thereby saying more about himself than Bush.

Fading Fast

According to Misha Schubert and Mary-Louise O’Callaghan in todays Australian, over in Nauru some weirdo’s are on a hunger strike and for some reason, some commentators have managed to blame this self-inflicted hunger on Australia.

Refugee advocates claim many of the men will never recover from the trauma they have inflicted on themselves in a desperate bid to avoid repatriation to turbulent climes in Afghanistan or Iraq.

trauma they have inflicted on themselves is what it is all about. Stop inflicting trauma on yourselves and your medical problems will disappear.

The already controversial protest attracted more criticism yesterday with accusations some of the 100 children in Australia’s detention centre in Nauru were being told to join the 35 hunger strikers.

Now they’re deliberately starving their own children. What gets up my ribs is that there are idiots in this country that are encouraging this sort of behaviour and in some strange way, believe they are helping address human rights issues.

Give me a break!

The hunger strikers are fading as fast as their chances of becoming Australians.

Saddam – Come – Heel

The next generation name for pet dogs. Saddam. Caught like a dog in a hole the Arab World are in shock – delightful and refreshing shock. Ain’t it sweet?

Several Jordanian officials who welcomed the capture nevertheless expressed dismay that “Arab dignity” had been wounded by television footage showing Hussein being inspected by a doctor who appeared to be checking his teeth and searching his hair as if inspecting for lice.

Arab dignity? What bloody dignity.

Right Turn or About Face

Latham has done his sums and come up with an answer that will further wind up the left wing baggage of the ALP. To have any chance of Government Labour needs to debate and where relevant support the Government in it’s Security issues. To disallow every Coalition submission because it doesn’t sit well with the left wing is going nowhere fast.

During a wide-ranging interview with The Australian, Mr McClelland – who, like Mr Latham, hails from the NSW Right – suggested many Labor grassroots members, such as teachers, lawyers, university students and social workers – were out of touch with the security concerns expressed by ordinary voters.

“Some of the relatively narrow membership base that we have in the party is refusing to acknowledge the legitimate security concerns and anxiety that working Australians have,” told The Australian

It’s not so much the grassroots members but the left wing portion that drag the party down. Rational thought lost in a hate haze of Bush/Howard et al, they refuse to see any good that can come of the current world power grouping.

Both Latham and McClelland are heading in the right direction in this article in todays Australian but I don’t think much of their chances of dragging the left wing into any arena of rational thought. Carmen Lawrence, given any power, will only want to lead the ALP into a 40 years sojourn in the wilderness.

It’s a pleasant thought but we do need a viable opposition.

McClelland isolates the left wing further by cannonising Satan and calling the UK labour to task over Iraq.

In further controversial remarks, Mr McClelland conceded that Tony Blair’s Labour Government in Britain had been “dishonest” in its arguments for joining the war in Iraq.

“America was far more honest in their reasons for going into Iraq,” he said.

“It was essentially the doctrine of pre-emption.”

Anyone not handicapped by the hate haze could see the Iraq war was pre-emptive and that the establishment of a democracy in the centre of the Middle East is a good idea but McClelland is being a bit disengenious by claiming the US were far more honest that the two junior partners. The US set the agenda and both the UK and Australia went along with it.

The WMD only mattered until Saddam lost his ability to deploy them.

Changing Gods

Lets see. We’ve had hungers strikes, riots, abused our kids, sewn our lips together and publicly applauded Osama for murdering thousands of innocents on Sept 11. Now what else can we do to get mainstream Australia offside and suspicious. I know, lets claim to be born again Christians

Give up. Go home.

Saddam Captured?

Late news in Australia reports Saddam Hussein may have been captured in Tikrit. To be confirmed later as more news comes to hand.

Update The report is confirmed by US military Intelligence. has the story

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