D Day Heores

Sixty years ago today there was a lot of fear in the hearts of the soldiers of the invasion force of D Day as they approached the beaches. As one who has experienced the terror of battle as an infantryman (at about one-fiftieth the level of Normandy) I have some idea of how much courage and fatalism it took to stand up and move out of the landing craft.

Their courage and achievements will last forever in the minds of reasonable men.

Except the Left and other assorted US haters.

Seeking no lands to colonize or rewards other than a stable world the Yanks, Brits, Kanucks and a host of other freedom lovers, including some Aussies, fought a despot to the end. And when it was done they only ask for a small plot of land for their young men to rest in piece.

They did the same in the Pacific and then the US, with only some help from us, rebuilt the world, feeding the poor and developing the industries of conquored foe.

How soon does the world forget. How soon before they turned on her. The US tries and stabalize the world again and they are turned on by the media and the countries that owe their very existance to their generosity.

Visit the small plots of land where their young rest and tell them what the world thinks now. Tell them how much the world has forgotten.

No. On second thoughts – don’t. It would lessen the value of their sacrifice.

I for one, salute those brave men and I will not forget their sacrifice.

And neither should you.

Latham returns Bush’s Iraq fire

Maybe, but he’s only firing blanks.

I’m going to enjoy the caterwauling from the left as they go ballistic about Bush’s answer to a loaded question from an Australian journalist.

I thought Bush was fairly reserved considering that Latham had personally insulted him with his “the most incompetent and dangerous president in living memory” statement some months ago.

‘Bomber’ Beasley drops a bomb on the wrong camp with his;

… “The alliance means we work with all sides of US politics. I think the same should apply in reverse.”

Good point, Bomber. What about telling Latham that he should work with all sides of US politics and not call Bush incompetant and his Australian political allies suckholes and arselickers

Both sides mate.

PM playing politics: Hicks dad.

From the Courier Mail

And Mr Hicks senior isn’t?

I Googled “David Hicks” and found a site dedicated to his release.

It comes with the usual left wing ‘he’s innocent’ baggage and quotes the non-applicable Geneva Convention.

Bob Ellis buys in with this total disregard of facts.

David Hicks has committed, it seems, thought crime against the United States and is being detained and tormented by people unaware of his rights. It’s unlikely they know this, and they should be told.”

Bob, you fool, young David didn’t just think of volunteering to join the Taliban and thus be available to kill US and Aussie troops, he actually did it.

I note the US appointed legal rep, Major Mori requests anyone who;
# worked with David
# employed David, or
# has known or knows David
to please contact him.

Could I suggest he contact the Taliban, they should have some Course Reports on him.

Computers and Dinner

My computer plays up and after wasting a morning trying to recover I give up and call in a guy who’s more nerdier than me. Because I can’t open the big box to get the codes for broadband I hook up an old Pentium 2 laptop to dial-up

How did I ever survive at these non-speeds. I opened my 7RAR Association website and it took 4.5 minutes to display the full screen with just a few pics.

Give up, watch the idiot box and see Faulkner gloat over a non-victory.

I should get the box back tomorrow and then all will be well.

Tomorrow night I have a dinner date with a bunch of ex and serving Infantry Officers at the United Services Club in Brisbane. It promises to be a good evening with old friends and as is always the case, a younger, still serving Officer at about Brigadier level will brief us on what is happening. I bet Iraq gets a mention.

Otherwise the laptop makes it too slow to blog so will be off and do something useful for a change.

Big Deal

After several months of trying to implicate Howard in the Abu Ghaib Left Wing Extravaganza the Howard haters think they have a victory and that Australia cares.

Australian reader Arthur Scotsdale puts the episode into perspective when he says;

SO now the big issue is when Prime Minister John Howard first learned of the prisoner abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib.

Fine. But could we also please be told when he first learned that Kennedy had been assassinated? And could he come clean and tell us when he first learned how babies are made? These questions are all of approximately equal relevance to the price of fish, or anything else.

Backdoor Polls

Over at Back Pages, when the polls say Latham is ahead all discussion and comments are about the joy of Australia without Horrible Howard.

Conversely, when the polls suggest Howard is ahead all discussion and comments are about how the polls are wrong. Uptrend, outlier, blah blah blah.

They’re only polls and shouldn’t be treated so seriously but if Back Pages devotees want a hint as to why the voters appear to be dropping Latham they might go here and take a quick refresher course.

Via Tim Blair

Homosexual Partnerships

MPs fear backlash on gay marriage. I don’t think that the twenty or so people in each electorate who believe marriages can be anything you want them to be when you wake up on any particular morning will impact on the upcoming election.

Misha Schubert, who must have a degree in Social Engineering conjures up dissent where there is none in this article in the Australian

I posted on this subject some months ago and have found no arguement to change my mind.

I said then;

The Prime Minister rules out supporting ‘Gay Marriages’. Way to go John. Stick with it. Same sex relationships are just that – relationships. Marriage is between a couple, male and female, for the purpose of procreation and providing a secure base for the next generation. Relationships, including ones legaly defined, certainly don’t need to borrow ‘Marriage’ as a base.

Why do a small proportion of society feel a need to change that? Maybe they fight to get ‘alternative’ lifestyles accepted as the norm. Well it isn’t, they aren’t and never will be. This is not an anti-gay post as I’m happy to accept ‘different stroke for different folks’ but hey, us hetro’s thought up marriage – you think up something else.

The important matters have been dealt with.

The superannuation changes would allow gay couples, elderly siblings who live together, or parents of a disabled child to leave their superannuation to each other without the present 30per cent tax penalty for someone other than a spouse, de facto spouse or child.

That’s as it should be.

Misha quotes Howard as ‘Defending his plan’. Against whom, Mischa? You?

Statue of Mary Weeps.

Well you would too if you were forced to live at Inala.

The Courier Mail has an article about a statue ‘weeping‘ in a Brisbane suburb.

Amazing, isn’t it?

The Christian Supplies store in Elizabeth St, Brisbane City, has sold more than 120 statues of the Miraculous Our Lady and tens of kilograms of rosary prayer beads to devout Vietnamese Catholics.

“I would estimate that we have sold between $6000 and $10,000 worth of stock because of this,” Mr Salvati, the manager, said.

The Catholic Church is expected to conduct an investigation into the mystery within days.

But not too soon.

Letters to the Editor

Andrew Coley from Prospect, SA

THE rise in human rights abuses around the globe since the media and coalition countries became obsessed with the debacle in Iraq has now been confirmed by Amnesty International (“Rights worst in 50 years”, 27/5).

Mmmm …50 years. Wouldn’t that include the communists killing something like a 100 million of their own citizens. Never mind..small detail.

we need to encourage nations to develop their own sense of democracy and security through international aid in areas such as trade, health and education

I agree with Andrew that international aid in areas such as trade, health and education is agreat idea and one that should be pursued after the West can develop the circumstances where aid will make a difference.

Bush could have chosen not to go to war and give Saddam say, US$500 million aid to build schools and health centres. The fact that all the schools and health centres Saddam would’ve built with the aid looked remarkedly like palaces and the playground equipment like tanks and missiles wouldn’t have worried Andrew.

And even if some of the change was spent on schools, they would be Schools of Hate with Clerics inciting mayhem and murder.

We could have also given the Taliban aid but I think they would have given it to Osama who would have sent it back to the US in a missile loaded with 10,000 gallons of aviation fuel.

Straight back to the Whitehouse

Still, good idea Andrew.

As US troops invaded the heartland of the AL Queda in Afghanistan I argued then that they should, amongst a whole lot of other things, secure Kabul, set up schools, let girls in and start educating the whole population.

Sorry Andrew, but your faith in human kindness is not a subject in Iraq or Afghanistan seats of learning.

Still, the Editor of the Australian thinks it’s good enough to print. Makes me wonder if any of these people have ever had to make a plan work.

On the same page Christian Leavesly from Carlton Vic points out that;

Human rights have been fought for and won the hard way over hundreds of years. They did not spring up overnight, and their existence is proof of their necessity.

One part of history where human rights were won the hard way was during World War Two and I can promise Christian that the human rights he talks about were not uppermost in the minds of Roosevelt, Churchill, Menzies or Curtain. If a enemy POW had info that was important to the war cause then he was interrogated until he coughed up.

WW2, for the younger set, was when the US gave thousands of their sons to provide a safer world where Human Rights lawyers could call them evil and not be beheaded.

I like the line from Secretary Powell recently when argueing that the US were not colonising the Middle East when he suggested that the…only land we have ever kept after any invasion was a small plot for our dead. Otherwise they went home after peace had been established.

Could I also mention the Marshal Plan that rebuilt Europe and the efforts that went into demilitiarising Japan.

Nah. Not Anti-American enough.

Amnesty International

Whenever I hear the words Annesty International I am reminded of a world map they produced years ago with small icons depicting human rights abuses across the globe. It was on the notice board at Nudgee College Brisbane and what struck me as odd was there were no icons in the USSR, China, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Africa or the Middle East.

Plenty in Europe, The US and Australia though.

The report is available here. Read it but it doesn’t contain much that hasn’t been said previously.

I see the AmnestyUS site has a photo of Susan Sarandon pleading for funds to stop torture.

Sarandon on Bush;

We stand a chance of getting a president who has probably killed more people before he gets into office than any president in the history of the United States.

Enough said.

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