Camped at Eagle Nest near Sharks Bay WA

You can just see the glow of my laptop where I was working on a clients web sIte in Tassie hosted through servers in Dallas Texas. As good an office as any!

Whales off the NW Coast

A pod of about 20 whales come fast from astern and passed either side of the yacht, frightening hell out of us.

Fire on the road

No flames apparent so I hardly slowed down until I had travelled a hundred odd meters with no visibility. About the time I started to panic I came out the other side.

Have a good one


Assimilate or die out

Keith WIndschuttle starts a debate on assimilation. He is of the opinion that it is the way ahead for aborigines and I for one agree and have been saying so on this and other sites for some years now.

To me the recent Redfern riot is the result of rounding up aborigines and putting them in a locality all by themselves and saying ‘ be good boys and girls now and we will give you lots of support and help. (read ‘money’) The good one see the writing on the wall and move to suburbia and we are left with losers and rabble. We have the same subgroups in white society but we don’t round them up and put them in one locality – they are spread out.

If I was given the power to fix the problem I would start by sitting down with elders, say at Yeundemu, and ask – do you really want to live here? Is your attachment to the land so strong as to keep you in squallor?

I have a strong attachment to the South West of Western Australia where generations of my family rest under marble headstones but I moved on and followed a career in the military. The call of home is strong but it is easily muffled by a lot of other considerations and I think to stay there, just because your family were there, condems one to a life limited by the locale. Yeundemu (at least the last time I was there )is a desert shithole – a great place to drive through on the way to somewhere, anywhere.

Under Hawke, the commonwealth government actively supported the “outstation” or “homeland” movement under which some Aboriginal communities withdrew from larger centres of population into isolated areas. The government also increased funding to the existing remote communities located on the old missions and reserves and in largely Aboriginal-populated country towns.

I don’t agree with Bob Hawke on this, in fact I don’t recall agreeing with much that he did, but ‘outstation’ or ‘homeland’ relocation has to be the best example of ‘hide the problem’ around.

We shouldn’t lock them up in desert ‘homelands’ Let them come into town, let the kids envy others and let them work out for themselves that ‘envy’ doesn’t lift your lifestyle but education does. If a school room is 100% full of kids from dysfunctional families then there is no benchmark. In towns, with a mix of success and failure, black and white, the comparisons are obvious.
In competition, kids strive to win

The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows clearly that, in suburban Australia, there is now an Aboriginal middle class (population 18,000). Even at lower socio-economic levels, in urban regions the majority of Aboriginal adult males have jobs and the majority of Aboriginal children complete school. In the remote communities and towns, where Coombs’s policies have prevailed, these statistics are completely reversed.

Knowing the left will be incensed by Windschuttle’s lates foray in to politics I went on over to Robert Corr for his take. He says of Windschuttle;

But what of his claim that we should simply move people off their traditional lands? I reckon that’s a cop-out.

Rob, it was a cop out to force them there and I don’t think anyone is talking about forcing them off their tribal lands, just encouraging them to move to where the action is. Move to town, go to school, get a job, earn and save, buy a block of land, build on it – eureka – you have equity in the land. something you will never get in the desert.

Stay where you are and even with land rights you are left with no equity in shit country. Sit in the sand, teach your kids about the dreamtime, watch them sniff petrol, grow up, beat the wife, stay drunk all day, die, get buried, get nowhere in life, didn’t improve on the last generation.

No hope for the next.

Rob’s answer is to reinforce failure.

In my opinion, the narrow rights that native title confers are the real problem with land rights. If that title confered real, economic title to the land, it might go further (but by no means all the way) to making those communities viable.

Economic title to Yeundemu will give people equity in stuff-all. And don’t counter with ‘give em land rights to functional, profitable properties’ because without education and training functional becomes disfunctional quicker than you can say ‘Land Rights Now.’

Again – go to town, go to school, get a job, buy some land.

Assimilate or die out.

WIndschuttle, as always speaks sense, go read his full article

Two laws

Police in Alice Springs are under fire for moving on topless dancers

ATSIC’s only female commissioner, Alison Anderson, is considering a formal complaint to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.

She said she would defy authorities to dance topless at a ceremony in Alice Springs yesterday afternoon.

“This is part of our law, this is part of our culture, this is what makes us Aboriginal,” she said.

I’d normally have no hastles with girls going topless although I have a preference for the toplessees to be young nubiles but in this case I think we need to think it through. If a group of white girls went topless in public in a group they would be charged with indecent exposure.

I’m not defending the law on indecent exposure only to say it exists and police are duty bound to apply the law without fear or favour.

It comes down to this – one country – one law. The tribal cultural thing is frought with danger as witnessed by the creep who claimed his male privelidges over a 12 or 13 year old ‘promised bride’.

To Commissioner, Alison Anderson’s statement This is part of our law, this is part of our culture, this is what makes us Aboriginal I must add; and one law, this is what makes us Australian.

So, until parliament changes the law to something like…it is an offence for people to go naked in public except for groups of aborigine women… then the police at Alice are correct.

Still not a hero.

I’m bemused by the Australian’s Steve Barrett as he continues his campaign to cannonise a criminal who happens to have served in the Army once and in doing so demonizes the Army.

He calls Keogh, sentenced to three years for armed robbery, a hero and castigizes the Army. He quotes Keogh’s parents;

The Keoghs say they never heard a word from the army throughout all their son’s service, not even a call when he was awarded a medal or became the only soldier since Vietnam to be promoted in the field.

Oh, my God, how insensative of the Army. Fancy the Colonel not phoning every one of the 800 parents, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends or whoever the soldier had listed as his Next of Kin and telling them their one and only had been awarded a medal, or promoted. The medal Keogh was awarded was the Australian Active service medal along with some 5,000 plus other diggers.

Oh, my God, how stupid are some people. I wonder does the BHP CEO phone every mother etc of people they promote? Get real. Did the Editor of the Australian phone up Steve Barrett’s mum and dad or wife when he got promoted to the ‘Put shit on the Army’ desk? I think not

Matt told Judge Greg Hosking how he had tried to get help for Keogh and Jozwiak from a senior military police officer in the battalion, only to be told there was nothing that could be done because they were no longer soldiers.

The senior military police officer in the battalion is not an officer, he’s a sergeant and he’s not military police, hes regimental police and thats a totally different kettle of fish and he’s flat out helping the RSM maintain discipline in the unit. He has little time to help people who were once in the unit.

Did the journalist ever think to talk to the Army to verify the stories these guys were handing the Judge.

Once again, he’s not a hero. He went to Timor and did his job just like all the other thousands of diggers except the rest of them aren’t doing time for firing a pistol at shopkeepers during armed robberies.


Jail for Timor hero.

In NSW an East Timor vet is convicted of armed robbery (that included firing the weapon) and makes much of his time in Timor in an attempt to justify his fall from grace.

The veteran, Brett Keogh reportedly suffers flashbacks and nightmares, has trouble sleeping and contracted malaria in Timor.

His Dad says;

… his son never asked for help. “It’s a macho thing. He’s over there leading a platoon – who’s going to admit to having problems when they get back?”

Lieutenants lead platoons. According to Triple J Brett Keogh was a corporal.

Described as “gregarious and fun-loving” before going to East Timor, the young soldier “came back that paranoid he always thought someone was going to kill him”, Keogh’s father, Brian, told The Australian yesterday

Paranoid. Mmmm. Maybe he was paranoid because he was kicked out of the Army ….. after being discharged for testing positive to drugs… and graduated to injecting himself with amphetamines. Maybe amphetamines leads to paranoia, I don’t know, but to blame all his sins on his service is weak and brings disrepute on those soldiers who served well and continue to serve their country in the military or civy street.

Hero my arse. Good man gone bad maybe, but no hero.


A Call to arms

Study links oral sex to mouth cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t let the girls read this. Dress the editor of New Scientist in drag and kill, burn bash and bury the bastard. Withdraw all copies of the magazine and have a ‘burning of the books’ at some male dominated arena – the MCG maybe.

Read the article. Remember the first principle of offensive action is to know the enemy.

Where’s the censors when you need them?

Kiwi’s are flying

Our Kiwi cousins are showing signs of coming out of the long white cloud of left wing ideology as they begin to question Helen Clark’s distorted idea of nationality.

A revolt against special privilege for Maori has begun across NZ, led by bold new Opposition Leader Don Brash and fuelled by years of simmering resentment among white Kiwis about welfare, land claims and political correctness.

Suddenly, race relations between white and Maori have become the only issue in NZ politics, propelling the Opposition to the top of the polls, sending the Government into frantic reverse and prompting violent clashes between Maori protesters and police.


The vast majority of Kiwis are saying they want one law applied equally to white and brown, according to a new survey by Massey University social policy researcher Phil Gendall.

It’s not often that our cousins lead the pack but Canberra might like to preempt a similar ground swell in Australia and consider one law applied equally to white, black, brown or brindle.


Sounds reasonable to me.

Update: After posting this I noticed an article by Andrew Bolt on the same subject.

It’s worth the read.

More Surveilance

While Latham makes up his mind about missiles, illegal migrants, how much he is going to hate Bush and the US this week so he can change his opinion next week, the Government quietly get on with border security.

From Defence Media.

The Minister for Defence, Robert Hill, and the Minister for Justice and Customs, Chris Ellison, signed two land use agreements today with Torres Strait Islanders that will lead the way to improved border protection for northern Australia.

The Government are setting up a high frequency surface wave radar on two Torres Strait Islands that will help customs intercept immigration, quarantine and fisheries offenders; assist with search and rescue operations; and provide early storm warnings. Clearly their are pure defence considerations as well.

Spin offs include jobs and infrastructure that will help the locals.

While Labour go on about setting up a US style Coast Guard, the Government proves it is not necessary. Technology will help our RAN patrol boats to target specific incidences rather than have a multi billion dollar ‘single roll’ Coast guard.

I’ve blogged previously on Labour’s policy of Coast Guard vs the current Coast Watch and am still of the opinion that we should reinforce success by building up our Coast Watch rather than start a new service.

The radar’s two-to-three year trial begins in August. During this time it will provide 24-hour, wide-area surveillance of aircraft, ships and boats travelling in the Torres Strait. The $19 million initiative is jointly funded by Customs and Defence and demonstrates yet again the close working relationship of these agencies in the protection of Australia’s borders.

Another good move.

The ‘2’s have it.

A human interest story from Brisbane

Craig and Rachael Halliday’s second son, Luke was born on the 22nd of Feb at 22:22 h, weighed 2.2kg and the birth notice cost $22.22.

Go big on lotto guys, the number 22 has to come up.

Full story here

Rugby League Thuggery

The thin veneer of civilization turned transparent at Coffs Harbour on the weekend when Bulldog players pack-raped a local woman.

She left the Plantation with one player in the early hours and they went back to the Bulldogs’ accommodation at the Novotel Pacific Bay resort.

But she has told police that after they had been at the resort, six to eight of the Bulldogs players took her to the lower pool area.

Here, she alleges, six of the players sexually assaulted her.

The victim, who is still so distraught that she has yet to fully complete her statement, says the assault was anal, oral and vaginal.

Hotel staff heard her screams for help and she was helped to the reception area and then put in a cloakroom for privacy.

No wonder I turned to Union and it’ll be no wonder that more parents will keep their boys away from Rugby League.

The woman says she can name one of the perpetrators.

The police incident report says: “There was medical evidence to support the victim’s claims in the medical examination. There were numerous people to speak to. Several statements have been obtained from staff at the resort which support both the victim’s claims and the version supplied by players.”

Anyone know enough about the Bulldogs to guess who the bastards might be?

Kick ‘em out of the NRL. Stop the rot now – this is unaceptable off-field behaviour.

Kerry’s true colours.

More on John Kerry and cohorts from Winter Soldier and Dewey Canyon III.

Quotes from and ‘Stolen Valor’ B. G. Burkett and Glenna Whitley, Verity Press, 1998, Chapter 6, Atrocities

In April 1971, the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) staged a demonstration it called Dewey Canyon III, a “limited incursion into the country of Congress.” The protest was named after an operation in 1969 that sent elements of the 3rd Marine Division into Laos.

About this same time, an ad appeared in The New York Times signed by forty-nine American servicemen from the 1st Air Cavalry Division urging support for antiwar demonstrations. But as United Press International later reported, the men, members of a Mekong Delta-based helicopter unit, had neither read nor paid for the ad.

After being blocked from holding a ceremony honoring the war dead at Arlington National Cemetery, the veterans marched to the Capitol to present sixteen demands to Congress. At the end of the day; they held a candlelight march around the White House. After a man who said his son died in Vietnam blew taps, the soldiers began flinging their war medals over a high wire fence in front of the Capitol: Purple Hearts, Bronze Star Medals, Silver Stars — bits of ribbon and metal hurled in the face of the government that had so betrayed them.

Some, after throwing away what had cost them so dearly, broke down and cried.

One of them was John Kerry, Vietnam Navy veteran and aspiring politician who had been among those who organized the protest. Kerry flung a handful of medals — he had received the Silver Star, a Bronze Star Medal, and three Purple Hearts — over the fence. Kerry spoke later that week before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, putting a face on the antiwar movement far different from the one seen before — the scruffy hippie or wild-eyed activist.

Kerry represented the All-American boy, mentally twisted by being asked to do terrible things, then abandoned by his government.

From start to finish, the public took Dewey Canyon III at face value, not understanding that they were watching brilliant political theater. Kerry, a Kennedy protege with white-hot political aspirations, ascended center stage as both a war hero and as an antiwar hero throwing away his combat decorations. His speech, apparently off the cuff, was eloquent, impassioned.

But years later, after his election to the Senate, Kerry’s medals turned up on the wall of his Capitol Hill office. When a reporter noticed them, Kerry admitted that the medals he had thrown that day were not his. And Kerry’s emotional, from-the-heart speech had been carefully crafted by a speechwriter for Robert Kennedy named Adam Walinsky, who also tutored him on how to present it.

TV reporters totally ignored another Vietnam veteran, Melville L. Stephens, a former aide to Adm. Elmo Zumwalt, chief of Naval Operations, who that same day urged the Senate not to abandon America’s allies in South Vietnam. “Peace for us must not come at the cost of their lives,” Stephens said in a speech he wrote himself.

Others supposedly Vietnam Vets were with Kerry during this peace march.

Alfred H. Hubbard entered the Air Force in October 1952…..There is no record of any service in Vietnam

…Michael Harbert, also had problems with their credibility…His only overseas service was in Taiwan from November 28, 1967, to April 9, 1968.

Veteran Chuck Onan, for example, claimed he had attended parachute, frogman, and jungle survival schools and had received special training in torture techniques, such as stripping women prisoners, spreading their legs, and driving pointed sticks into their vaginas.

Onan became a member of an LRRP (Long Range Recon Patrol) unit but deserted before he was sent to Vietnam, fleeing to Sweden so he did not have to kill. “They just went too far,” Onan said.

He (actually) worked as a stock room clerk at a Marine base in Beaufort, S.C

Lawyer and activist Mark Lane was one of the organizers of Winter Soldier. Lane quoted one man’s contention that a female Communist sympathizer was interrogated, tortured, and then raped by every soldier in his battalion. “Lane does not explain that in Vietnam an American battalion runs anywhere from one thousand to twelve hundred men.”

I can remember seeing the TV shots of these people marching and thinking ‘what a mob of hippy freaks.’ How could they have been soldiers?

Lie after lie – just like the anti-war mob here in Australia. Keep telling lies and fools will believe.

Considering Kerry for President is the same as putting Jim Cairns forward for PM. Info on Kerry is coming thick and fast and people are starting to notice.

Read more>>

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