Anti War Ego stopped

Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan has been sacked after the newspaper conceded photos of British soldiers abusing an Iraqi were fake.

The Terrorists have lost one of their best PR Agents but not to worry, the Western press, trained by the communists during the Vietnam War, will be able to fill the void.

Union thug looking at Goal

Craig Johnston is looking at doing time after pleading guilty to a raft of charges including threatening to kill and causing $42,000 worth of damage at Skilled Engineering in Melbourne.

Johnston, of Parer Road, Airport West, was Australian Manufacturing Workers Union state secretary at the time of the so-called “run-throughs”.

According to the prosecution, Johnston threatened Claude Ceccomancini, a manager of non-union labour at the factory with words to the effect of: “I know who you are, you’re dead.”

He then leads his thugs on a rampage.

Later that morning, unionists force their way into the offices of Skilled Engineering and took part in what Mr Johnson described as an unbridled rampage. Pictures were torn from the wall, filing cabinets were upturned and computers smashed as part of the wanton destruction that caused $42,000 damage.

Bob Johnson, prosecutor says It is clear that Johnston was the ringleader… of both these invasions.

Mr Johnson said both invasions caused considerable trauma, with some Skilled Engineering employees requiring counselling. He said the use of balaclavas at Johnson Tiles was “sinister and disconcerting”, and had a “terrifying effect” on the workers.

Surprisingly, the Greens who I thought were all about cuddly Koalas, disenfranchised frogs and tree hugging, want us to support thug Johnstone.

They have an article here calling for support for militant unionism.

I’m all for responsible unionism but not thuggery. Johnstone should be locked up and barred from union appointments for life.

Beheading OK – it was only a Yank!

This item from News.com talks of a video released today on an Islamic militant website . It appeared to show US businessman Nick Berg being beheaded.

That’s BEHEADED. Not stripped naked and photographed, not threatened by dogs, not leashed naked like a dog, not even photographed with a pretty westerner laughing and pointing at your genitals – but beheaded.

After reading a statement, the men were seen pulling the man to his side and putting a large knife to his neck. A scream sounded as the men cut his head off, shouting “Allahu Akbar!” – “God is great.” They then held the head out before the camera.

Don’t bother looking up any headlines of main stream media. Not a mention.

If Private John Doe, the most insignificant US soldier in Iraq had even muttered the word ..prisoner beheaded in his sleep there would be questions in the House. Bush would be called upon to fall on his sword, Bob Brown would be calling for a Senate Inquiry. and the Arab world would be enraged.

Sure, it could be a set up but it’s pretty hard to fake slicing a knife through a man’s neck. Even if the IT disadvantaged Arabs had managed to fake it can you imagine the media feeding frenzy if CNN showed a video of US soldiers supposedly decapitating an Iraqi.

Fake or not it seems to me a case of I see your torture and raise you a beheading

Puts it all in perspective. Doesn’t it?


Pictured: Berg’s family on hearing of his death.

Compare this with the pictures of Arabs dancing in the streets on Sept 11.

Update: I was wrong. The Age/SMH has carried the story here

The Downside of Democracy

Bob Brown accuses Howard and Downer of knowing about the Iraqi prisoner saga in January and in the time honoured tradition of left wing politics calls for an inquiry that will never happen but in the meantime some people will be left with the impression that Howard and Downer have known all along.

Mud sticks.

Who needs evidence. Just stand up and utter anything that comes to mind and some of it will stick.

But he said his accusations could never be proved unless there was an inquiry into when the government became aware of the mistreatment.

Accusation by suggested inquiry.

He goes on to suggest Australian troops may have involved by boldly stating;

…an inquiry would also find out if Australian troops were involved in the abuse.

No one, anywhere, in any newspaper anywhere in the world have mentioned Australian troops being involved and don’t you think that if there had been even a suggestion of this, that the media would have been attacking Howard from all sides?

When Churchill said ‘Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those others that have been tried’ he must have been talking about having to put up with people like Bob Brown because clearly the greatest downside of Democracy are the ‘Bob Browns’ and compliant media.

There is a lot of comment on the web including Slats quoting a letter full of commonsense, Andrew Bolt says We’re not that sorry and Chrenkoff says ‘Bush made me do it’

All worth reading.

Unspeakable Superlatives

I don’t know about you but I’m getting a bit tired of the Iraqi Prisoner Saga. The war against terror has become a war of superlatives and the left are the dominant troopers.

Unspeakable abuse shouts the SMH in this article. Not quite unspeakable abuse - everyone is talking about it.

Tracy Wilkinson writes;

A victim of the sexual abuse waged by the US military against Iraqi prisoners tells how his life has been ruined. .

His pictures have been flashed around the world. Naked and hooded, Hayder Sabbar Abd has been subjected to unspeakable abuse at the hands of American prison guards and has unwittingly become the focus of one of the largest scandals to hit the United States military in a generation.

…one of the largest scandals to hit the United States military in a generation.

Short memory, Tracey. I’m sure the Bush/Howard/Blair haters could come up with dozens of scandals over the last decade.

The article finally gets to something unspeakable.

Sabbar and six other Iraqis, all Shiite, fought with another prisoner, a member of a prominent Sunni family and the son of a leading official from Saddam’s Baathist party which allegedly massacred hundreds of Shiites and dumped them in mass graves.

..which allegedly massacred hundreds of Shiites and dumped them in mass graves.

Now that’s unspeakable!

The scandal has shaken the US military to its core, reverberated through Washington and enraged the Arab world.

Core shaking? I think not. Charge them, sack them, get on with it. The US military will be furious that troops did this, photographed it and released the photos. You’d almost think it was a set up but then US then did what no other Arab country would ever do, including those who are enraged.

They openly admitted their error and stated their intention to fully investigate and charge the fools who erred. Heads will roll but not like in the Arab world where heads really do ‘roll’

The Arab world is enraged. Jesus. The Arab world danced in the streets over the images of the WTC attack (there’s another case of unspeakable) and the SMH wants me to be take this little superlative as a given.

Reverberated through Washington is media speak for reverberated through the left wing media – as in – here’s something else we can beat up on and turn everyone?s mind away from any successes of the overall plan

Had I been in command of the prison and some idiot did what these guys did, I would sack them minutes after my commander sacked me. The reported treatment of prisoners is undeniably stupid but it ain?t quite ripping out toenails.

Let’s move on.


Over at Troppo Armadillo Ken Parish has an excellent article on Kicking Sacred Cows and the associated misconceptions, general ignorance and politically correct stifling of the Aborigine debate.

His trigger was an article by John Hirst

They are both worth the read, particularly the thread at Troppo Armadillo. Some wonder at the implication that the last three decades of policy has been found to be at fault and others are surprised that some wonder.

I would like to think that Aborigine society should be treated the same as the rest of Australia as far as is possible. That is, education and medical services should be provided by the State Government with Federal funding, and local issues, such as provide to me by the Brisbane City Council should be provided locally.

The first problem encountered here is the fact that my local council charges rates and from that income stream provide me with sewerage, water, waste disposal and more. Rate payers who live in towns across Australia generally have an income and own land that can be taxed in the form of rates. I’m not sure this is always the case in the Aborigine communities.

Wayne Wood says the answer is;

As discussed in my blog ‘The Mystery of Capital’, I believe the solution to many of the problems in Aboriginal communities lies with the recognition and registration of land title.

Which is all well and good but there must be a market for land to have value. How many people would want to buy a block at Yuendumu? Obviously some land has value but while all land doesn’t, then the standard Australian system of collecting rates will not work.

One answer is detailed in the post below. The Government and the Army have a programme that installs services and teaches locals how to maintain them but it’s not broad enough (only eight communities developed so far) and is not quick enough – the problem is now.

Hirst says;

In traditional Aboriginal society, goods were shared, but in a highly structured and ritualistic way. A kangaroo would be divided by unvarying rule, a certain portion going to a certain relative. The sharing was among kin. There was no generalised ethic of sharing.

Good nomadic hunting/gathering policy but fails all 21st century standards. There has to be an arbitrator to reapportion benefits that traditionally go to the stronger family/tribal/tribal elder groups to all the community. Services are for all and all are responsible. Otherwise the new septic sewerage will cease to operate at the first break down and no one will repair it. The medical centre will become run down and stay that way.

Finance the services and finance the maintenance and if the local community doesn’t have the expertise to manage maintain the system then bring the expertise in.

Continuing the thread, reader Norman writes;

Some of the attitudes to which you refer, Ken, aren’t all that different from those found in sections of the “white” community too. The relevant difference is that members of these sections of the general community don’t manage their community’s infrastructure and/or finances.

Yes they do Norman. They hold elections and elect someone to manage the service for them.

We have a proven template for providing communities with all services. The division between Local, State and Federal responsibilities in this area has been worked out over hundreds of years and, by and large, it works.

Let’s stick to this time proven plan and where local problems occur, adjust to cover them as all good planners do.

Army pitches in

While Labour and particularly the Left argue for land rights and apologies and historians argue about how many aborigines were killed, the Government and the Army are busy with hands on projects. Not talking – doing.

This from Defence.

Soldiers from 21 Construction Squadron today loaded heavy equipment and supplies on to HMAS Tobruk for the long journey to the Bamaga region of far north Queensland to start work on the ATSIS Army Community Assistance Program (AACAP).

“AACAP provides assistance to remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to improve community environmental health conditions,” Officer Commanding 21 Construction Squadron Major Stephen Gliddon said.

“This year’s project is planned for the Bamaga region of far north Queensland. Army engineers will focus on environmental health infrastructure including water, sewerage, power and housing and access to primary health care facilities such as roads and airfields.”

“In addition to the crucial infrastructure developed as part of the program, previous AACAP contingents have provided military medics and dentists to assist communities with primary-care medical and dental treatment,” Major Gliddon said.

A significant element of AACAP is the delivery of training to community members. The communities benefit not only through improved infrastructure but also through skill transfer training in areas such as vehicle maintenance, building, computer use, health and first aid and general repairs and maintenance.

“AACAP also provides significant benefits for the Army through practice of operational planning and project management. It enables the Army to undertake realistic training for deployments, construction and redeployment as well as the provision of health and training activities,” Major Gliddon said.


Army signing contracts with local tribal elders

AACAP is a co-operative initiative between the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Service (ATSIS), the Department of Health and Ageing (DHA) and Defence.

AACAP resulted from a meeting between the Ministers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, Defence and Health and Family Services and the Prime Minister Joh Howard on 5 November 1996. The parties agreed that the Army would assist with infrastructure improvements in a number of communities, identified by ATSIC for priority assistance.

Between 1997 and 2003, Army has participated in 8 AACAP projects, located in the Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland. The most recent Queensland-based projects were at Jumbun in 1999 and on Palm Island in 2003.


Army built Medical Centre at Jumbun.

Bloody conservative government – fancy them actually doing something for disadvantage Aussies.


Where were these cool toys when I was serving. Damn. That looks efficient. Better than the shoe box APC I had to put up with.

A squadron of 25 new state-of-the-art Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) are to be formally delivered to the 2nd Cavalry Regiment in Darwin today providing Army with a major boost in land capability. Defence Minister Robert Hill said the new ASLAVs are equipped with the Army’s premiere night-fighting equipment, the latest target locating system and fire control measures, which incorporate advanced thermal imager technology.

Senator Hill said the new ASLAVs would make a significant contribution to 1st Brigade’s ability to be a readily deployed combat capable force able to meet a wide range of possible threats and tasks.


Here is a shot of the earlier model ASLAV on patrol in IRAQ with the 2nd Cavalry Regiment

More>> here if your interested


When I was away the news of the North Korea rail disaster broke and I was listening to a junior relative ratting on about how if it happened in the USA we would know all about it.

I mentioned it might be because the US is a free and open society and North Korea isn’t, but the lessons from her exclusive public girl?s school held true and my comment went through to the keeper.

She saw nothing good about the US or Bush and had I questioned her, Howard would have got some stick as well.

What’s my point? Clearly she is picking up this rubbish from her teachers and I for one think that?s an abysmal abrogation of responsibilities on the teacher?s part. She is only a teenager and already biased in her thoughts on world events. Attractive, intelligent and pleasant but none of this will matter if she isn’t taught to look at all the facts before forming an opinion. With everything going for her the teachers have only taught her to parrot their left wing diatribe.

I socialize at a major GPS school in Brisbane and am long use to Howard being held to ridicule at the Staff club. If I point out Liberals responsible fiscal management versus the 23% overdraft I suffered under Labour, they resort to pulling a Howard like face and talking like Gollum from the LOR. Everyone rolls around laughing at their wit and I wonder what they are teaching the kids.

I would like to think they are teaching them to look at the world a little deeper than starting all debate with ‘Bush is evil’ and going on from there.

I would like to think they are teaching them to recognize the natural bias of journalists and commentators (Yes – me too!) and factor that in.

I would like them to think that competition extends people and systems, that no one should be exempt from critical assessment and that the closed shop recommended by the Teachers Union disguises inefficiency.

I would like to think some of these issues will be taken on board by our professional teachers but I’m not holding my breath.

Meanwhile the debate on insufficient male role models in the education departments of Australia waxes and wanes. A Catholic system tried to get scholarships for men only to be countered with ‘No – must have equal amount of scholarships. 12 for men must have 12 for women’

Gender equity should work both ways.

Our male teachers have to sustain continual attacks on their integrity and honour. A disgruntled kid falsely accuses a mate, a male teacher, of touching him inappropriately and his career is ruined. Never made court, kid and Mother confessed – career still ruined. Mud sticks.

Result? Men stay away in droves from teaching.

Just a few things to fix!

Selective Memory

Alan Ramsey makes serious accusations based on a conversation with a now deceased Army Padre. He quotes Gerry Cudmore, padre to 1RAR in 1965, as saying troops had told him of US troops tossing VC suspects out of choppers and handing over female VC to South Vietnam soldiers for death by gang rape.

Professor Bunyip solicits my opinion whilst accusing me of being AWOL. Oh – the shame of it! Well not really…I have been AWOL before.

I wasn’t there on the 1RAR tour and therefore can’t comment on the accuracy of Ramsey’s memory but I can say this. Either I spent 13 months in a war zone medically unfit for operational service with my eyes and ears not functioning or rampant rape and murder didn’t happen.

I think the latter.

My Lai happened, Lt Calley was bad. Other attrocities would have happened but not as a rule and certainly not by Australians. Millions of men at war with associated standing down of norms of society would certainly have produced some bad apples but for Ramsey to write his article around heresay smacks of just another anti-war rant.

Ramsey says;

I knew him as Padre Gerry Cudmore, then 32, army chaplain with the first Australian combat troops sent to Vietnam 39 years ago. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Menzies government’s formal announcement it was taking us – by deceit and connivance with Washington – into war again, a travesty to be repeated by the Howard Government 38 years later.

Clearly, this man will always have a negative view on any conservative approach to solving world problems but for him to quote an honourable man such as Gerry Cudmore only after Gerry is not in a position to vouch for his words smacks of opportunism.

It makes me wonder whether he had any conversations later on about VC attrocities. 1500 people shot in the back of the neck at Hue. Thousands of village officials murdered by the VC after being forced to watch their daughters or wives being raped and then subjected to ‘bayonet masectomies’ as a warning to those who hoped for a democratic Vietnam.

I guess not and if he had, he would’ve forgotten – like he forgot Gerry’s name.

I served in 1RAR before the Vietnam war and remember Cudmore well. If he was aware of any serious allegations he would have brought it to the notice of authorities but if it was heresay he would simply have mused on the matter, maybe mentioning it in passing to a wide eyed, naive man with a recent degree from the journalist school of left wing mantra. Gerry had a sense of humour and after some association with us soldiers may well have developed our habit of telling ousiders anything to get rid of them.

Who knows?

At Wagga, over the ANZAC Day weekend, I had some time with friends from 1RAR days and had Ramsey said his peice before ANZAC Day he would’ve had some soldiers looking for explainations. But then we Vietnam Vets are fair game for left wing journalists. We are used to it and think so poorly of them that our time is better spent commemorating the honour of men like Gerry Cudmore.

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