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Good news to start the

Good news to start the day. US forces in Iraq have killed Hussein’s two ‘animal’ sons in a battle in the northern city of Mosul. “We are certain that Uday and Qusay were killed today,” Lieutenant-General Ricardo Sanchez said at a news conference in Baghdad today. “The bodies were in such a condition where you could identify them.” The deaths of the sons could have a major impact on the Iraqi resistance, which has been mounting about a dozen attacks a day against US occupation troops. I trust the left will applaud with the rest of humanity and thank the US for their continued fight for the rights of the Iraqi’s.

This article in the London

This article in the London Times raises several questions and answers none. The left wing antics of the BBC and some ineptidude of Government bodies has left a family bereaved by the apparent suicide of Dr David Kelly. Dr Kelly, an expert on Iraq and its WMD programmes tabled a report to Defence that the BBC claimed was then tarted up . The BBC used an interview with Dr Kelly as a base for their claim that the final report was embellished to lend support to the case for the War. In an inquiry, Dr Kelly stated that he didn’t recognise his words in the beat up leaving all to ponder the veracity of Gilligan, the senior BBC journalist and the Governing board of the BBC as they refused to name their source. Apparently principles of journalism are selectively applied. It is worth emphasising that Dr Kelly had no doubt that Saddam Hussein had the intent and expertise to develop Weapons of Mass Destruction. His concern was whether the nature of this programme was correctly represented and his personal mission was to return to Iraq to find evidence of those weapons I can understand why the BBC procrastinated in identifying their source as he still believed their actually was WMDs and this definitely dosen’t fit the BBCs ideology. Update: BBC staff are panicking but more than half of the press try to pass the ball to Blair. Well they would, wouldn’t they? Update #2: I will keep updateing the Kelly case so we can watch the Media and left-wing commentators continue to try and sheet the blame to Blair, rather than with the BBC where, considering all reported evidence to date, the blame should reside. This article from FrontPage, a US news service, reflects on the facts. The final chapter in this story hasn’t been written yet so I’ll wait for a final call.

The Australian continues on its

The Australian continues on its crusade to beatify Hicks and bring him home for trial so left-wing lawyers can claim abused childhood or some similar abrogating point of law and gain him his freedom. His mother (poor woman) claims; “He should be allowed to be brought home for trial,” she said. “We don’t think David will get a fair trial over in America as Mr Bush doesn’t want him to go free.” Sounds fair enough to me that Bush doesn’t want him to go free but I’m confident he will get a fair trial. Why? Because the US are limiting his access to lawyers who will only argue whether he is guilty or not and not argue over ideologies or some how or other rationalize treason as OK in this new world of reverse standards. Forty years ago he would have been shot if found guilty – thats how serious the world considered traitors. These days, of course, even a right wing conservative old soldier like myself wouldn’t advocate the death penalty but considerable time in prison is a must. Lets revisit his crime. He was fighting for the Taliban; Australian and US soldiers soldiers were fighting against the Taliban; ipso facto, his actions were traitorous. The US captured him and hold him in prison. He should face trial by the capturing army and do some time in prison for a couple of reasons; one – to keep him off the streets were he will most probably do something stupid again, and two; as a reminder to like minded idiots that in spite of the efforts of warm and fuzzies and left-wing idiots in general – if you do the crime – you do the time. I tremble at the thought of the circus that would be visited upon us if the US allowed him home to face trial. Our laws on terrorism are only recently enshrined in law and of course any legal secretary can fight and win against retrospective application of the law. Hicks would have access to thousands of anti US/Bush/Howard legal pro bono malpracticers and pages and pages of poor fellow Hicks coverage from the press. The trial would be a circus of Ringling Brothers proportions.

The beach north of Noosa

The beach north of Noosa was pristine, the moon just on the wane from full and still the fish didn’t bite. Of course that’s not the issue here. My son and I lost the window of opportunity to go together so I just took off and enjoyed the solitude. You married guys know what I mean – for 24 hours I wasn’t told how to do things, or when to do them. I was amazed at my ability to drive 250Km without crashing into ‘that car on the left’, or running ‘the red light’. Over and above this I somehow picked up how to drive within the speed limit without being told what the current speed limit sign says. I must be maturing. Mind you, speeding and Series Land Rovers is not necessarily a problem. I am happy to report that even though Bundaberg Rum is now owned by a foreign conglomerate, the standards have been maintained.

Good! A serial anti-abortion protester

Good! A serial anti-abortion protester who spent nine weeks in jail because he refused to stay away from a city abortion clinic may be headed for another stint behind bars after he has shown no sign of paying about $8,000 in fines. Again, good! Lock him up, he’s a pest. His gender precludes his trying to force his opinion on people who are faced with abortion as an answer. I try and stay away from the abortion debate but this is about serial pests inflicting opinion on others in sometimes violent ways. Most recently we had the Melbourne case of a guy murdering staff at a Melbourne clinic. We need a watch on these loonies along the lines of Paedophile programmes.

Delta Goodrem has cancer. If

Delta Goodrem has cancer. If the article in the Courier Mail hadn’t mentioned that Delta is a singer and Neighbours star I woudn’t have known who she was and yet she gets front page treatment. This article has paragraph leaders like; Wearing blue slacks and sporting a new hairstyle and A black BMW hire car with tinted windows drove through waiting photographers to drop the singer and Neighbours star at the entry to the clinic. and thus sets the tone for children and other Neighbours fans but misses the vast majority of the paper’s readers. I do feel sorry for the girl as she suffers press coverage during what could only be a traumatic time in her life, but I also feel sorry for thousands of cancer sufferers who, while not TV stars, have worked hard, contributed to society in meaningful ways, and in some cases, significant ways, and will never get front page treatment – just 2 centimetres in the Death Notices.

The State of Origin game

The State of Origin game in Brisbane last night prevented a whitewash series with Queensland winning 36-6. I enjoyed the game but kept asking myself where was this team for the last two matches? For that matter, where was the coach? Has Wayne Bennet reached his ‘use by’ date? Is it time for new blood?

I’m rereading Phillip Knightley’s The

I’m rereading Phillip Knightley’s The First Casualty (the 1975 edition, not the latest one with a foward by John Pilger – I do have my standards!) and find myself enthralled with the trials and tribulations of war correspondents in the early part of the last century as they try and scoop the war news. Dashing across battlefields in France, on horseback, to the nearest train station and then on to the eastern shores of the channel to catch a fast clipper to Fleet Street to submit their copy. Put aside the book and look to blogging. Scooped again. If the early bird gets the worm then Tim Blair is travelling well and there is no worms left for us minions. First post 2:28 am. Not fair Tim! I read on and note the last post is at 10:47 – I look at my watch, supposedly set on EST, and it says 9:50. So does the computer and the kitchen clock. What am I missing here? Even if I adjust for Tim’s computer clock being out he is still getting up to early for me. Any original thought I would have at that time of the day would centre on making a caffiene fix. Cross over to Sam Ward who is suffering writer’s cramp and Professor Bunyip, who could be forgiven for basking in his expose of Phillip Adams recycling the original wit of others under his own byline, has a telling article on the idiots who vandalized our Opera House. He suggests we contribute to their defence with cheques for two cents. Great idea!
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