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Not looking good

THE Coalition is increasingly pessimistic about its chances of winning the support of the three rural independents it needs to take power.

Senior sources believe the decision could go either way, but pessimism has grown among some senior Coalition figures over the “disengagement” of the independents during key briefings last week with senior frontbenchers.

Key issues such as the opposition’s alternative to Labor’s National Broadband Network and opposition costings were only briefly canvassed.

Theatre of the Absurd

This not the way to run a country. Gillard gets into bed with the Greens and then takes us further Left by rolling over for Wilkie.

Going by todays press every commentator predicts the major party that got the least votes and the least seats is about to take over running the country. There is no way you can say that’s what the voters wanted! They voted for a centre right solution and got a centre left result and if you look more carefully at the ideologies of some of the Greens, we’re heading either further left.

I would like to know exactly what game the Independents are playing because I can’t see why it would take more than two weeks to decide which way they are going to pledge.

I can’t remember anything so demeaning to the country as what has transpired over the last couple of weeks. With Wilkie sucker punching Abbott as in:

Wilkie: What I would like is $1 B for the hospital
Abbott: OK, We’ll look at that!
Wilkie: Ah, gotcha

and subsequently runs to the press calling Abbott irresponsible for offering $1B for the hospital.

ex-Liberal, ex-Army, ex-Greens,ex-honourable, ex-trustworthy Wilkie will be long remembered, by me at least, for his total lack of standards.

Does anyone in their right mind expect stable government from this collection of ALP/Greens and Independents?

Can’t even see it lasting until the Greens get the BOP in the Senate.


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