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Rudd’s early days

KEVIN Rudd is ordering an intervention into Labor’s NSW branch to stamp out corruption and further limit the influence of wealthy property developers on the party.

I presume then, that Craig Thomson is gone.  He’s NSW Labor, right? :roll:

The fact that the NSW ALP have been corrupt for years should have brought about some action before now.  As it is, it just looks like Rudd is ticking off boxes to get re-elected.

Say some words about NSW ALP corruption ….done, Well almost but;

If you just say property developers can’t join doesn’t that leave it open for crims from other callings to join, and then doesn’t that leave you with having to regularly update the most recent corrupt callings as in, now farmers can’t join…oh, oh, and Real Estate guys can’t join…damn it! taxi drivers can’t join either and ad infinitum.  Wouldn’t it just be smarter to ensure all who joined had a track record of honesty and respect for public monies.

Or is that too hard for the current ALP?

Say some words about illegal immigrants………done,  Well, almost done but;

The Prime Minister last night joined his new Immigration Minister in admitting his government got things wrong in 2009 when it failed to stop the burgeoning people-smuggling trade.

No!  You got things wrong when you cancelled Howard’s boat policy.

Rudd goes on to maintain his “push” rather than “pull” excuse citing the Sri Lankan war as a new factor.

But that promise (pre-election) had been offered at a time when the international refugee situation was more benign.

The Sri Lankans escaping the war had plenty of places to go but Australia’s open border policy offered far better financial benefits and they considered it well worth the risk.

Rudd, Carr and Burke are politically gaming the refugee situation to try and convince the country it wasn’t really their fault – good luck with that fellows.

And from Burke who says;

“The points that (Bob Carr) has raised match what’s been said to me during briefings in terms of some of the key examples of people attempting to rort the system,” Mr Burke said.

Everyone other than the human rights industry have been saying that since 2007 Burke, how come you just heard it?

The ALP are attacking Abbott’s turn back the boats” policy as if is the only string in his bow.  It’s a small part of the Lib’s policy and may only be used a few times, just to make a point.  TPVs will help and can I suggest if  rorters arrive without papers then they have no entitlement tovisas nor should any boat person have access to legal aid.  Legal aid should be restricted to Australians.

I’m furious with the situation as it is right now whereby if someone is denied a visa a queue of human rights lawyers instantly forms with the cry ‘Pick Me’…’Pick me – I’ll fight the government for you’

Say some words about trade with Indonesia.  Rudd is off to Indonesia tonight with a crew of nervous stewards looking after him. Tomorrow he is apparently going to bring up a trade agreement with Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

I’m sure Yudhoyono would love to start the conversation with;

“Just tell me that you have that idiot Ludwig under control and I might talk live cattle trade.  Otherwise we’ll just wait until Abbott is in power – he’s someone we can believe.

The last time Live Export was in the news it was as a result of your party trashing our national strategic ability to feed ourselves – without any warning…on the basis of a left wing TV show.”

He won’t of course and I figure not much will come out of the talks, other than when Rudd exaggerates the outcome for public consumption, as the Indonesians can read polls as well as we can and they will see Rudd as a hologram like Rimmer in Red Dwarf – hollow and pointless but noisy.

They know what he is like and like most Australians, small business, all of the large business and Corporate community, the mining industry and a  host of other bodies that have been impacted by six years of Union controlled government,  are all just waiting ’till we can start getting the country moving again.



Recycled Rudd

Apparently Rudd has already got a bounce in the polls although not as much as Bob Ellis seems to think.  The polls will reflect more that Gillard and her incompetent crew have gone rather than the ALP is suddenly electable.

Rudd’s best chance, in my humble opinion, is to go to the polls as soon as he can to capitalize on the bounce but he has a lot standing in the way of this. The simple matter of staffing his office has to represent a large problem as a certain number of potential candidates will recall all to clearly the way he treated staff last time he was in the chair.

He also has to come up with a new cabinet and the cupboard is pretty bare with the swag of yesterdays ministers queuing up to resign rather than work under Rudd.  The new guys, or girls, will be all on ‘L’ plates throughout the election standing mute like targets on the rifle ranges of my youth.

Unless he totally changes the direction of the party, delaying the poll until November will only give the Libs more time to point out his problems and for the public to remember them.

It ain’t going to be easy as although the incompetence of Gillard is fresh in our minds we need to remind the country that Rudd must take his fair share of the incompetence of the government overall.

And this Abbott quote should get a fair bit of airtime of the next month or two;

In 2007 you voted for Kevin and got Julia. In 2010 you voted for Julia and got Kevin. If you vote for the Labor Party in 2013 who knows who you will end up with.

It’s a good question.  Has Rudd changed his spots…is he now a leader or still just a bureaucrat wielding unearned power far beyond his competence?  Should Rudd lose the election, as is still likely, who will lead afterwards.  Likewise, if Rudd wins, which is still unlikely, how long will it be before his troops mutiny?

The 40,000 odd illegal asylum seekers and the subsequent hundreds of deaths are directly attributable to him as is the earlier pink bats and overpriced school halls.  Will the new recycled Rudd be any better with his policies?

Can’t see it!


Rudd PM again

Finally they get it

FOREIGN Minister Bob Carr has told a gathering of 40 non-government organisations in Canberra that their rhetoric about asylum-seekers is out of date, unhelpful and won’t be accepted by the Australian people.

In the meeting on Thursday, Senator Carr told the leaders of more than 40 organisations that the old rhetoric about human rights and asylum-seekers no longer described the reality of Australia’s situation.

Instead, Sri Lankans, Iranians and people of many nationalities with no genuine claims to refugee status were coming to Australia by boat. This, he said, was now a sophisticated and well-financed illegal immigration issue. The numbers, at 3000 a month, were intolerably high, Senator Carr said.

This is amazing – finally, after 6 years someone from the ALP has finally stated publicly what us conservative pundits and most of the public have known for all of that time.  What Carr didn’t say is we, the ALP are responsible for the whole sorry mess, for the death of hundreds and hundreds of illegal immigrants and we apologise profusely to the Australian people for our inept management.

Failing that he could try and do something about the problem but I guess the ALP are too busy playing “pick the Leader”  with brief cross-overs to “Abbott will ruin the country” to do anything the public expect ofthem.

82 days to go – how much more damage can they do?


C’mon Andrew, think about it.

Andrew Wilkie in yesterday’s Weekend Australian;

“I think Julia Gillard is better than that. She doesn’t need to go there. She doesn’t need to run a campaign based on smear and fear,” he said

Well she can hardly run a campaign on ALP achievements Andrew – smear and fear is all she has.

Quick, we need a distraction

Defence is in the gun again over emails denigrating women.

General  Morrison, Chief of Army is cranky and  told reporters that a broader group of about 90 Defence personnel – overwhelmingly from the Army – may be on the periphery of the group involved in the email exchange.

…. he said the Australian Defence Force Investigative Service (ADFIS) told ADF chief David Hurley about the matter on April 10.

General Morrison was overseas at the time but was told when he returned soon after. Defence Minister Stephen Smith was also informed at the time.

I presume we have been sitting on this for two months waiting for an ideal time to announce the torrid details and today was definitely an ideal time to change the subject after yesterday’s ALP embarrassment over a derogatory menu.

Based on Tweets from a lib hater who would “rather be raped by a pitbull with aids than live in Abbott’s Australia”  it all went pear-shape after the author stated the menu never left the kitchen and it was a joke between himself and his son.  This became known last night but fully ninety minutes later the ABC were still on the case reveling in Pilbersec going on and on about that terrible Abbott and his team.

She had to know by that time so she was simply lying and the ABC, who also would have known there was nothing in the story, encouraged her.

I still haven’t heard any apologies or withdrawal from the ALP desparates or the ABC and I don’t expect any.

Catallaxy Files has a pretty good coverage of the affair – be sure to read the comments if you haven’t seen them yet.

You can just see them at ALP HQ…. “quickly we need a distraction – Defence Minister isn’t there a report you have been sitting on for two months? – let’s announce that!

And  Defence saves the day again.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Rudd campaigning for PM again

The Rudd Brigade are in full campaign mode.   Polls commissioned by the ALP say that the loss of seats will be less under Rudd.  Working on the safe assumption that the only people who like Rudd have never met him, I would caution the ALP about doing anything to encourage the little snide marshmellow.

The timing for this coup would surely be during the next and last sitting of parliament, leaving the electorate a full two months at least to remember why they hated him last time he sat in the chair.  And just in case they don’t recall the debacle of the Rudd government, the Libs will be cycling video clips of Swan, Gillard, Shorten et al saying why they can’t work with the little emperor.

“Dysfunctional”, “a man of great weakness“, “Labor colleagues sick of…“type direct quotes of ALP politicians will be on TV all day every day.

Does anyone remember who it was that started the Asylum seekers travesty?  Rudd!

So, on the very day that the authorities are out in the ocean trying to save lives but in effect just collecting bodies, journalists and ALP politicians are actually canvassing bringing the little bastard back into power.

The ALP must be aware by now that the country are furious with their open borders policy and still, all they do, is campaign for retention of power.

Here’s a thought.


But no,  the  first reaction of the ALP compliant media is to blame the Australian Border Protection Service.  From The Age;

Australia’s border protection service has been accused of causing lives to be lost by responding too slowly to the latest asylum seeker boat tragedy off Christmas Island.
A former Australian ambassador has called for a coronial inquiry into the response by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. The Greens also want a more thorough inquiry than the standard internal review.

Tim Blair nails it:

That report from Fairfax (which campaigned for weaker border protection policies, causing hundreds of lives to be lost) cites the Greens (who campaigned for weaker border protection policies, causing hundreds of lives to be lost) and an ex-ambassador (who campaigned for weaker border protection policies, etc, etc). Now that weaker policies are in place and tens of thousands of asylum seekers are risking death at sea, they’re blaming … the border protection service.

These people are incapable of shame.

Indeed they are!



ALP tries to deflect blame to Egypt

AUSTRALIAN security authorities will independently reassess the veracity of Egypt’s 1999 case against a convicted jihadist terrorist who was held in a minimum security detention centre for eight months.

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus said he would not pre-empt the case against the man, identified as Maksoud Abdel Latif, and the evidence brought against him in Egypt would be examined.

“There is no evidence that he has committed any offence here in Australia and the circumstances of what happened in Egypt in 1998-1999, they’ll all be examined, as is absolutely appropriate, in the course of examining claims that he is making and deciding what is to be his future,” Mr Dreyfus told Sky News.

“We have the rule of law in our country. We have proper investigative practices in our country.”

Publicly accusing another nation of not having the rule of law nor proper investigating practices is not a good look for an Attorney General of a first world country even if he is a member of a third rate government.   Dreyfus is only trying  to deflect attention away from the debacle occasioned by the ALP’s open border policy and budget restraints on Customs, ASIO and the AFP.

Anyone with skin in the game or an interest in Australia’s security have been warning all and sundry that to let people into the country when they come via boats, having destroyed identity papers en route,  is dangerous.  These boat people are not all they make themselves out to be. Afganis fleeing military service while Diggers are dying in Afghanistan;  Tamils (who invented the suicide bomber) looking for a better life on our social security, and, as is apparent in this case, terrorists escaping justice, are all among the mix.

And, do you really think there is only one terrorist among the tens of thousands of illegal arrivals since Rudd opened the borders?


There are hundreds of questions to be asked about the ALP’s handling of the illegal entries.  With authorities swamped and budgets tightened it must be almost impossible to vet each arrival.  With the government overwhelmed by their own incompetence they have folded and have released thousands of unknown people into the community.

There isn’t even a semblance of control.

Julia Gillard announcement of a probe of the case is tantamount to offering a bandaid to double amputee.  It wont help and by the time the results are out we will most probably have another government.  Still, considering all she wants to do is get the matter off the front page then it will likely work for her in the winter of her political life.

One hundred days to go – what else can go wrong?

You need to read more Julia

JULIA Gillard has been warned that the government’s strategy to win votes through its big-picture education and disability policies is being swamped by community anger over asylum-seekers, as senior Labor figures all but write off enough seats in three states to guarantee Tony Abbott a comfortable victory.

If NDIS is ever funded then it will be a plus for the country but if it is,  it will be by the Libs and I still believe Gonski is a sop to the Teachers Union. To me, it typifies Labor’s propensity to just throw borrowed money at  problems.  There is a lot more to education than more dollars.

With the exception of left wingers, the human rights push, the ABC and a good proportion of their viewers, the country is outraged over the asylum seekers.  This represents a huge majority and I would suggest that even a good proportion of rusted on ALP voters are angry as well.

Now her own people are telling her and that is being reported in the press – not a good look.  Why on earth should she need to be told it is a problem?   The ALP heavyweights must be rolling their eyes at her lack of political acumen.   Doesn’t someone brief her every morning on what the people are saying or thinking?

Maybe she only gets her news from the ABC.

If you just watch the ABC you would be largely unaware of the extent of the boat arrivals.  After the election, and presuming Abbott wins, you will know of every boat that comes near our coastline under the byline of “Abbott fails to stop the boats”

Ford closing down

Ford Australia says it will close its Australian manufacturing plants in October 2016, with the loss of hundreds of jobs.

Ford president Bob Graziano said approximately 1,200 workers would lose their jobs when the Broadmeadows and Geelong plants were shut down.

The killer line;

“Our costs are double that of Europe and nearly four times Ford in Asia,” Mr Graziano said.

“The business case simply did not stack up, leading us to the conclusion [that] manufacturing is not viable for Ford in Australia in the long-term.”

Unions and Carbon Tax – a costly duo.


UPDATE:  Ch 10 Meet the Press.  Labour costs per Ford vehicle rated at 65%

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