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Says it all

How true!

From today’s Australian editorial

After a start to the year in which the Prime Minister ditched her surplus promise, named an election date seven months early, presided over record asylum-seeker arrivals, endured a farcical leadership spill, sacked a former leader, accepted resignations from five other cabinet ministers and abandoned draconian changes to media and anti-discrimination laws, some in the Fourth Estate see it as their duty to turn the blowtorch on the Opposition Leader.

Petty Cash fixed

HIGH-flying federal bureaucrats have had their wings clipped with the government saving more than $50 million in six months by using many of the methods utilised every day by travellers.

Finance Minister Penny Wong yesterday said the savings were achieved by booking travel further in advance, selecting lower-priced, but less flexible, fares, and using online bookings rather than travel consultants.

That’s wonderful Penny now all you have to do is save another 19 billion plus dollars to try and scrape back to being considered almost sound economic  managers.

Blowing the economy but saving on petty cash – yep that’ll do it.

PM defends the indefensible

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard has defended the federal government’s 2011 ban on live exports, ahead of a possible confrontation with protesters in Perth.

Ms Gillard said the government had to place a temporary ban on live exports after video surfaced of Australian animals being mistreated in Indonesia.

“We faced a situation where if we did nothing and images of this kind of cruelty just came back to Australia time after time after time, then community anxiety would have got to the stage where people would have said ban this industry and ban it for all time,” she told ABC radio on Wednesday.

No, you didn’t have to place a ban on live exports.  There are a lot of degrees between doing nothing and wiping out an industry to garner the votes of animal activists.

The government could have spoken to Indonesian abattoirs and helped them lift their game.  They could have spoken to the Indonesian government and offered assistance to the industry. They also could have spoken to the 4Corners producers and the animal activists behind the doco and told them to rack off and stop running campaigns to close down the cattle industry overall.  But no, just these few steps could be construed as helping the industry and all the jobs entailed within and that would be too much for the Gillard government.

Picking up votes to stay in power is what it is all about.  It certainly isn’t about managing the country for everyone.

From my talking to cattlemen no one is going to invest any more money in the cattle industry until this mob of children are out of power and who could blame them.


The morning after

They (the ALP) had a vote for chaos and it was unanimous …………Barnaby Joyce.

It would appear that Simon Crean thought Rudd had the numbers and believed something had to be done.  I have a bit of time for Crean and believe he acted in the interests of the party -unfortunately when the bus pulled out he was the only one on it.

Don’t be fooled by Kevin Rudd claiming to do the honourable thing and sticking to his word.   It was simply the case that when the bus pulled into the caucus room he saw Crean and no one else.

He’s politically dead and good riddance.  He has done considerable damage to the country and if he decides on a career change I for one would support it – so long as it isn’t with any government.  I have been thinking for some time now that Rudd would wait until after the election and then put his hand up and rebuild the party in his image – can’t see that now.

So now we have “can’t organize a coup” to add to this dysfunctional mob of union rep’s CVs.  I use to say they couldn’t organize  sex in a brothel with a handful of hundred dollar bills but Craig Thomson put paid to that line!

International coverage is cringe worthy and rightly so.  How can we play on the world stage when other country leaders know what goes on here.  How can Bob Carr look anyone in the eye when he is putting across the government’s point of view and the image of Gillard going overseas representing Australia with that handbag bogan Tim (do you know who I am?) Mathieson on her arm will visit my nightmares more often that any combat trauma.

Rudd’s tilt at leadership might be dead but the issue isn’t.  What are the party going to be thinking next week when they get flayed in the polls again.

Embarrassing to say the least.




ALP Leadership Spill

What just happened?

I’m starting to think the spill was a set up to kill the leadership question and present a united front. Only Gillard and Swan nominated for the positions of Leader and Deputy so what was it all about? Me, I’m happy that Gillard looks like leading the government to the polls as I want her to pay for the damage she has done to the country.

Crean is off to the back bench and Fitzgibbon is thinking about his future as Chief Whip. In the meantime everyone has forgotten about the failure of Conroy’s failed media laws and the litany of other Gillard and ALP stuff-ups.

In a day or two we’ll be back to watching the dysfunctional mob bumbling on to September.

Gillard and 457s

JULIA Gillard is facing dissent in the cabinet and caucus over her attack on 457 visa rorts, with critics claiming the crackdown is damaging the government’s credentials with business.

The government has credentials with business?

Carbon Tax costs Virgin and Rex $30 million

Virgin Australia (VAH) has felt the cost of the carbon tax, announcing a net profit after tax of $23 million, down $28.8 million on the same period last year.

The company estimates the impact of the carbon tax at $24.4 million.

But not to worry says Combet, the business is still profitable;

AUSTRALIA’S aviation industry is profitable and will continue to grow despite Virgin Australia’s complaints about the carbon tax, federal Climate Change Minister Greg Combet says.

Virgin on Tuesday announced a drop in interim net profit and its chief John Borghetti said a competitive market meant the $24.4 million cost of the carbon tax could not be passed on to passengers.

Combet says just pass it on to consumers but Virgin  say intensifying competition in Australia’s domestic travel market drove down ticket prices and stopped it from passing on the carbon tax to customers.

Rex Aviation has felt the cost of the carbon tax as well, announcing a 36% drop in profits and they lay the blame squarely on the Gillard government’s carbon tax.

I wonder how many years it will take and how many billions of dollars will be lost  before the ALP accept the carbon tax is poisonous.

How bad can it get?

Another day in hell for Julia as The Australian front page details all her troubles.  The ALP must hate them for regularly pointing out how hopeless they are  and whilst in denial, they waste time blaming the messenger.

Mumbles has a piece on how they have always got their leadership selection wrong over the last decade and this comment caught my eye;

I don’t know why, but I picture a footy coach holding a magnetic whiteboard, rearranging all the positions and hoping for the best. He looks at the bench & just shakes his head.  His trouble is that it is 3/4 time and Labor are 40 goals behind. Abbott is starring at full forward and has kicked 15 goals so far. They can’t blow the final siren soon enough!

Noifsorbuts on Mumbles blog

With everything the ALP promise being compromised by Wayne Swan’s panic over the inevitable impending huge deficit they are just bouncing off the walls of public opinion. With Gonski, NDIS, the billion dollar Business Plan announced as fact but unfunded and with boat people ramping up more unplanned debt and the poorly designed MRT stuffing up forecasts it is only going to get worse.

And then, the  UN’s climate change chief, Rajendra Pachauri, has acknowledged a 17-year pause in global temperature rises, confirmed recently by Britain’s Met Office, but said it would need to last “30 to 40 years at least” to break the long-term global warming trend.

Bolt has been going on about the haitus in temperature rises for yonks and has been ridiculed by the Chicken Littles of the over-zealous Greens and other useful idiots – maybe now they will shut up but don’t bet on it.  Pachauri is correct when he says it would need 30 or 40 years to break the trend but I would suggest that could be extrapolated to thousands of years to allow scientists to take into account Solar and planetry cycles that may have my great great great etc grand kids  freezing their appendages off.

But really, I don’t think the current debate being about the existence of Climate Change is the problem -changing climate is  a given.  What concerns me is Gillard and the Greens thinking that a tax that severely disadvantages Australian industry and her people is the answer.

In an attempt to tie up the religious vote  a parliamentary inquiry has suggested that Religious organisations running schools, health and aged-care services will not be exempt from Labor’s new anti-discrimination laws under recommendations that could see them sued by people who disagree with church ethos.

In a majority report, Labor and Greens members of the Senate legal and constitutional affairs legislation committee had found “no organisation should enjoy a blanket exception from anti-discrimination law when they are involved in service delivery to the general community”.

In moments like this I tend to think ‘Well you voted for ’em – now cop it’  but I worry about how much damage they can do before September and how difficult will it be for the adults to wind back the  social engineering.

Poor Julia can’t catch her breath as problem after problem that she or Swan have created comes back to bite her.  She hasn’t even had time to confer with McTernan and invent more lies about Abbott.  No achievements to speak of to brag about and her ‘Abbott is an evil misogynist’ speech tossed into the waste bin of public opinion, she has nothing left.

The media are talking about leadership spills and how many seats they will lose,Paul Howes brings public scorn on himself and his union mates by suggesting Gillard is a great leader and  Grahame ‘Whatever it takes’ Richardson, ex ALP heavywieght’ says Go Julia, before you completely destroy the ALP.

All this without a mention of the theft of public monies by Craig Thomson and Eddie Obeid.

Pass the popcorn – a tragedy of Shakespearian proportion beckons.

Greens have dummy spit

The Greens and the ALP are undergoing a trail separation. Christine Milne says, amongst other things, that the ALP have put the interests of Evil Big Mining ahead of the country. I think she’s talking about the ALP’s decision on the Tarkine reserve. Bourke decided to base his decision on jobs rather than endangered species, not for any altruistic reasons, but to protect another endangered species closer to his heart – Australian job seekers who may vote ALP.

Conservationists say the Tarkine is the second largest intact stretch of rainforest in the world, and is home to more than 60 rare, threatened, and endangered species.

Name them!

By mid-afternoon, and with government figures lining up to embrace the split, Senator Milne appeared to backtrack.

Asked by David Speers on Sky News if the agreement was dead or not, she said: ”It’s in place on paper, yes, but our signatures are on it and that means something. Whenever I have signed an agreement to give a government confidence and supply, they can rely on the Greens’ word.”

That’s great news – we can rely on the Greens word – something that hitherto has never occurred to me.

So news of the marriage split now seems to be exaggerated with Julia still allowed in the marriage bed. Maybe it’s just a lovers tiff or one of a party positioning themselves in the eyes of their kids (read voters) before September when hopefully, they both lose their share of the house.

“Good riddance to them,” said one Labor MP, who criticised the Greens for their “self-righteous” attitude to asylum-seekers, support for death duties and “obsession” with gay marriage

And, can I add, for their negative attitude to anything that provides jobs for Australians.

Nauru is working

Illegal refugees are sewing their lips together in Nauru. Apparently they are disappointed that they didn’t progress straight to a life of social security wealth. Pity we couldn’t talk some of the Human Rights spokespeople into doing something similar, or at least shutting up about our unwanted trespassers.

Others are on a hunger strike.


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