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Craig Thomson at his filing hearing;

“What was disappointing about today was it became clear that not only was last Thursday wrongly done by the police, but after 18 months in relation to investigating this matter they still don’t even have witnesses that they’re able to produce for us in terms of some of these issues that are here,” he said after the brief 15-minute hearing..

What utter rot.

The hearing is designed to set dates for further hearings and set bail if applicable. It is not the trial proper where witnesses are called. If Craig thinks the police don’t have any witnesess then great – when they come up with a conga line of them he will be further shattered, and beside, giving a person like Thomson a list that he can use for witness tampering doesn’t sound smart to me.

Oh, and the police weren’t wrong, he had the choice to go to Victoria and talk to police but he refused, thus leaving the police no option but to force the matter by arrest and bail.

Is his lawyer qualified or his he just trying to muddy the waters?

Antony Green, the election analyst of ABC fame has a piece in the Drum arguing that Thomson should step down. The ABC luvvies are screaming but Anthony has a point. How can Thomson represent his electorate when obviously, all of his efforts will be targeted to trying to stay out of Pentridge. FWA, a child of the ALP and unions has found against Thomson and clearly lists his offences. Whether or not he is found guilty in a court of law is a later issue. Legal matters whilst in process define his offences as allegations and not yet proven thus he is innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law. In the eyes of the FWA however he has already been found guilty of offences against the union itself. The FWA is cited as the abiding authority to union executives when it suits them so why isn’t it relevant now?

Whatever the outcome of the court case, based on the FWA investigation he is now considered by most Australians to be a man of dubious ethical standards who has used stolen funds to pay for nefarious activities not to the benefit of the union members. If he thinks it is OK to defraud poor old union members then what are his standards in dealing with public monies.

Interestingly, all of this would have been considered by Gillard leaving no interpretation other than she thinks there is nothing wrong with his behaviour.

My first thoughts are that Thomson should just cop his punishment and disappear into the dustbin of tainted ALP MPs, providing its not already overflowing.

However, if it can be arranged for this matter to get mention, say every month up to September, then it might well end up doing some good for the country in that punters will be reminded that we are being governed by people who support the rorting of funds of the poorer side of the socio-economic divide.

H/T Michael Smith

How’s it all working out for you so far Julia?



Gillard announces election to be held on 14 Sep handing the Coalition a huge advantage.

Day One – ALP Craig Thomson arrested and charge with 149 incidences of fraud.

Day Two – McClelland announces retirement

Day Three – Ms Roxon and Senate leader Chris Evans announce retirement

How’s it all working out for you so far Julia?

Tomorrow should be a lay-day for us punters but certainly not the ALP hierarchy or Rudd’s ‘make him PM again” team as they try and recover from the weeks self inflicted problems or capitalize on them.

Can’t wait for Monday.  Will Gillard still be the PM….how many more are planning on retirement….are they deserting a sinking ship or is there a plan?

Considering Roxon is involved in the AWU grand theft case maybe we have more announcements next week and she is bailing while she has the option.

It’s not unknown for ministers to resign from their positions to set themselves for a run at the leadership but the thought of Roxon or Evans getting the nod is just to much to contemplate.  Evans is the engineer of the open borders policy and Roxon is simply a hatred filled zealot and she claims she wants to spend more time with her family.

So do the bulk of the electorate.

GIllard says they both come to her 12 months ago to discuss this issue and maybe they did but for them to choose today to resign was obviously a shock to Gillard and leaves the impression of rats deserting a sinking ship.  It would appear at first glance that the ALP are simply not happy with Gillard and I can understand that.

Interesting times ahead and I predict matters will come to a head sooner than later.





Blewitt takes a caning as Gillard. points out that he is not be trusted as, among other sins, he consorts with prostitutes.  We shouldn’t believe anything he says and should take Gillard’s word before his.

Blewitt’s consorting with prostitutes must be different than Thomson’s consorting as his word is to be trusted and his voted counted for the ALP.

FORMER Victorian premier John Brumby has launched a staunch defence of his former chief of staff, Julia Gillard, saying he received a glowing reference about her from law firm Slater & Gordon.

The Prime Minister went to work for Mr Brumby, then the state opposition leader, after leaving Slater & Gordon in 1996.

Mr Brumby said today he spoke to principal lawyer Peter Gordon about Ms Gillard and it was a “10 out of 10 reference”.

Oh, well that clears that up. Hmm…on second thoughts just a hint Brumby, when people want to get rid of troublesome partners  a glowing reference always helps.

Not to be outdone in the confusing picture  JULIA Gillard’s former law firm Slater & Gordon says its representation of AWU official Bruce Wilson, who Julia Gillard personally acted for, gave rise to a conflict of interest that forced it to jettison both Mr Wilson and the union as clients.

Conflict of interest! Amazing isn’t it – just because she was the clients mistress and implicated in rorting funds from AWU members.

They didn’t mention they had to jettison Gillard as well, I suppose we are expected to take that as a given

It ain’t buried yet


The ALP are getting desperate as they try and deflect peoples attention away from the AWU saga. Julie Bishop gets a mention as one of the Lawyers working for CSR in the asbestos claims and the ALP accuse her of trying to delay the cases.

Ms Bishop  says she was simply doing her job as a lawyer – taking legal advice and acting on it.

…..she was advised on the cases by two of the nation’s most senior barristers, Robert French QC, now the Chief Justice of the High Court, and David Malcolm QC, who is a former chief justice of the West Australian Supreme Court.

The ALP’s raising questions on Julie Bishop finally give the ABC and in to discuss the performance of ex-lawyer politicians. For some reason they couldn’t bring themselves to discuss the matter until a conservative politician was called into question.

Problem is, there is no evidence or even a believable suggestion of malpractice on Bishop’s part. Not quiet the case with Gillard.   Abbott is quiet happy for the ALP to question Julie Bishop’s actions as a lawyer and even encourages it.  While the ALP raise Bishop in their defence of Gillard’s behaviour at Slater & Gordon then why wouldn’t he.  It gives the Coalition open season on pursuing Gillard for some answers to a litany of allegations that seriously reflect on her ethics and values.

The problem for the ALP will not go away until Gillard fronts up and actually answers questions.

Doug Cameron wants everyone to stop being personal – good advice Doug  but you need to get that message through to your boss.  The baseless ‘Misogyny’ speech gives the Coalition open licence to attack Gillard on her questionable legal career when she was shacked up with AWU thief Bruce Wilson .

And talking about that, it would appear that files are disappearing all over the country . Whatever the truth of the matter, it smacks of clean-up gangs going from state to state searching for incriminating evidence and ‘losing’ it.

The debate continues…..

Impartial Speaker?

The new Speaker on Gillard’s rant.

“I think there is obviously some sexism and misogyny that goes on in the parliament, as it does in a lot of workplaces, tragically,” Ms Burke told ABC radio.

“And I think that one of the disappointing parts about having the first female prime minister is that unfortunately that has brought out the worst in some people in the parliament and some people in the public.

The ALP are obliged to hammer the fact that all the questions on Gillard’s performance are all based on her being a woman. They aren’t – they are based on her incompetence and socialist agenda.

The impartial Speaker continues;

Instead of rising and saying `isn’t this a fantastic thing’, it’s brought this tone and tenor of underlying sexism in our country.

“And I think we need to be rising above it, and I think the Prime Minister’s speech this week was pretty spot on.”

While Ms Burke is a Labor MP, the speaker’s role is traditionally an impartial one.

Yes, well the ALP don’t do tradition well.

The ABC carry the same story but chose a different emphasis. New Speaker Burke says time to ‘move on’ and I must agree but not in the sense that she uses. Buried in the article is the ‘impartial’ comment describing Gillard’s rant as ‘spot on’

So there you have it. Any future condemnation of Gillard’s competency will be labelled sexist or misogynist.


The ALP are in a panic. A 'comedian' at a CFMEU dinner attended by a bevy of Labor Ministers cracked an anti Abbott joke just days after Gillard's anti Abbott rant. Labor are in damage control;

JULIA Gillard contacted the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union as Labor went into damage control after a comedian at the union's dinner told an off-colour joke about Tony Abbott and his chief of staff, Peta Credlin.

I find it interesting that we are still to hear the joke. In previous times the media would be all over an anti Abbott jibe but on this occasion we hear nothing. Everyone in Australia knew about Alan Jones and his comments on Gillard but we aren't allowed to hear the content when it's the other way around.

A spokesman for the union said the joke was facile and absurd and there had been audible groans.

I'll call bullshit on that line. If it put down on Abbott they would have laughed like drains.

Obviously, the joke is that off-colour that the ALP have applied a 'D' notice to keep it out of the press. Wouldn't look good after Julia's meltdown in the house just days ago.

Everyone is in denial – the entertainment agency has unreservedly apologised saying they didn't run it past the union leaders before delivering 'the joke' – presumably in response to a telephone call

The report says Gillard is embarrassed. I doubt she is embarrassed by the crudity of the joke rather that it's release will make a mockery of her anti Abbott rant and 'silence Alan Jones' campaign

I look forward to someone leaking 'the joke'

ALP spin goes viral

Labor and supporters are pushing the “brilliant Gillard attack” on Abbott’s motion to de chair Slipper. Look, they say, it’s gone viral overseas – why don’t you Aussies appreciate the quality of her attack. The ABC stuck with the line all day yesterday with the text at the bottom of the screen shouting “GILLARD’S SPEECH GOES VIRAL”.

The ‘viral overseas’ line is a McTernan construct. He realized, most probably about halfway through the speech, that it would not be received well in Australia where Slippers behaviour and Abbott’s non-misogyny was well understood. Sending copies of the speech to friends overseas who could be relied upon to rally to the cause in ignorance of the full facts, or even in knowledge of the facts, would enable him, ALP ministers, his staff and compliant media to announce the speech has gone viral.

To castigate Abbott for misogyny in a debate about Slipper beggars belief and frankly I don’t care if the speech went viral. That simply underlines the power of social media, not whether Julia’s speech was good or not.

Stephanie Gardiner at the Sydney Morning Herald notes Julia’s speech “impressed overseas political pundits.

The Prime Minister’s 15-minute speech condemning misogyny and attacking Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s history of comments about abortion, women’s roles in the home and their ability to wield authority has impressed political pundits in the US and Britain.

Stephanie quotes Jezebel.com who starts their piece with “Australia’s prime minister Julia Gillard is one badass motherfucker”.

A class opening line and reading through the website they obviously have the hots for Julia. Feminism…not married…no religion – a perfect role model for their website.

Salon.com isn’t as radical as Jezebel but they are clearly a pro Democrat site.

Alex Massie at the Spectator says Julia is more than a man’s bitch but the enlightment is in the comments. It makes sense that McTernan had people ready to go online and support Julia.

Tim Andrews at Menzies House says;

No-one, it seemed, bothered to check Fairfax’s sources – or just who these great “political pundits” were. Indeed, it would seem that Ms Gardiner was careful to not name names. And for good reason – if she had named exactly who some of these “political pundits” were, she would have been laughed right out of a story.

He goes on to question the bulk of quotes

I can almost sympathise with the rusted on ALP supporters starved of any positives from their party to be all over this “speech gone viral” construct but really guys it hasn’t gone viral where it matters.


Realizing that most Aussies picked up on the hyprocisy of the ALP, Greens and Independents voting to keep an obscene misogynist in the chair whilst attacking Abbott who is anything but a misogynist, The Age and SMH felt obliged to put a positive spin on the day. Knowing that they wouldn’t get any in Australia they went overseas and sure enough they found newspapers and blogs that praised Julia Gillard for her attack on ‘high and mighty’ Abbott (as one source reports).

As usual both papers carried identical reports, and as usual, both missed the point. Gillard and the ALP are our embarrassment and we don’t care what foreigners think – we just wish they would look elsewhere until we can rid ourselves of the debacle that is the current parliament.

One would have to wonder how the women in the ALP face their electorates, or for that matter, themselves, having voted to keep Slipper in the chair. How can any of them now occupy the high moral ground on any matter and, more importantly, how can any of them attack Abbott for being a misogynist when they have already shown they support misogyny if it suits their political agenda.

The quoted foreign press and bloggers need to be told they are lauding a woman who supports misogyny when it suits her purpose and for that reason alone she has no credit in this country. There are some locals who still think she is OK but even they recognize hyprocisy when they see it and in the quiet moments must wonder how it all went so wrong.

How can we survive another year of the ALP. How much further damage can they do?

Only time will tell but the short answer is they can do a lot of damage in the time they have left and it will take the country years to recover.

ALP & Independants vote for misogynist

Slipper is safe for the moment as a motion put forward by the Coalition falls short by one vote. Windsor and Oakeshott sell their souls to the devil to maintain their seats, Katter abstains and Wilkie sides with the Coalition.

Labor, with the help of Greens MP Adam Bandt and independents Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott, defeated a motion to unseat the speaker by a margin of just one vote.

Independent Andrew Wilkie and Western Australian National Tony Crook sided with the Coalition in the vote, which was defeated 69 votes to 70.

Tony Abbott moved the motion at the beginning of question time, declaring Mr Slipper’s position untenable following the emergence of sexist text messages authored by the Speaker containing “gross references to female genitalia”.

The ALP used the only ammo they have in their magazine – ABBBOTTABBOTTABBOTT – accusing Abbott of being a sexist misogynist ignoring the fact that Abbott isn’t and Slipper clearly is.

The voters know Julia and they are coming for you.

UPDATE: Slipper has resigned as Speaker

Roxon coming under the microscope

Misogynist Supremo, Peter Slipper is fast becoming the ALP’s worse nightmare but Roxon, the Commonwealth first lawyer is steadfast in her hypocritical refusal to address the issue. Gillard hasn’t even been approached on the matter to my knowledge.


Roxon has indicated her distaste but declined to comment because the Ashby sexual harassment case against Mr Slipper is still ongoing.

It was also ‘still ongoing’ when she publicly accused Ashby of bringing a vexatious case to court but apparently that’s different.

Maybe a legal reader could explain why – can’t see it myself.

It’s hard to imagine an Attorney General favouring the Misogynist Supremo because his demise would disadvantage the ALP.

She wouldn’t be that incompetent and hypocritical, would she?

Let’s see now…we have the Ex ALP President Williamson charged with fraud and hindering an investigation and implicated in the theft of union funds, Craig Thomson facing allegations of theft of union funds (presumably soon to be charged as well), the Speaker in court vainly trying to defend himself against obscene misogyny and sexual harassment charges, the Attorney General interfering in legal procedures, the ‘handbag hit squad and others calling Abbott a misogynist (oh the hypocrisy) and then we have Julia Gillard.

And that’s not even mentioning Carbon Tax, attacks on business, Wayne Swan and his bottomless pit of borrowed money, boat people lining up for social security and a gutted defence department.

Just another day of the ALP experiment.

UPDATE: Roxon at Punch

Let’s look at what our Government has, and will, deliver for women and ask what the Liberals, in contrast, failed to do in 11 years in Government and what Tony Abbott would do if he became Prime Minister.

Comments tear her to pieces

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