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For the aviation buff

Have a break from politics and enjoy a clip of the Oshkosh airshow.

link from Bruce Cox

Dash for diabetes

Dash for Diabetes

Third child and daughter Jennifer is doing a Dash for Diabetes over in West Australia. She plans to walk the 80k from Perth to Mandurah within 24 hours as a charity drive for Diabetes WA.

Our 1st child and son has type 1 insulin dependent diabetes thus the family interest.

If you have rellies so inflicted or if you just think it’s a good cause then you can go to the site and donate some dosh to help.

Oh, and don’t bet on her not being up to the task…she’s tough. A couple of years ago she did the full length of the Sandakan Death march as a charity walk.

Ah kids, the gift that keeps on giving.

I’m on leave

Tomorrow morning my bride and I go sailing on some big plastic looking cruise liner otherwise known as the Pacific Dawn. We are set to roam the Pacific without access to phones or the web for 12 days all as part of the celebration of our enduring and enjoying each other’s company in married bliss for 40 years.

It must be a sign of true love that I would contemplate such a plan in the middle of a Federal Election. Either that or I didn’t know when it would be called but either way I am looking forward to the time off .

I’ll be back on line on the 5th of August and trust that I will return to the revelation that, at last, the media are calling the ALPGreens to order on all their tomfoolery.

I’m on holiday – I’m allowed to dream.

Down time

I’ll be absent for a week helping out at a school Geography excursion in the NSW/QLD Border ranges.

Argue amongst yourselves until I get back.

Well done that girl!

Young Jessica Watson did well and her ability to ‘just do it! augers well for her life. I also like the fact that she knows she isn’t a hero and corrected our seemingly uneducated PM when he tagged her as one, whilst hanging around like a bad smell hoping to pick up some votes.

Heroes save lives at the risk of their own and they are male. Heroines do the same and they are female.

She has done something that takes courage and that by itself is good. The problem we now have is that certain media groups need to recoup their outlays and we will most probably be flogged to death with images of Jessica.

I can flick channels but Jessica won’t be able to do that so I hope she weathers the storm and keeps her ‘sea legs’ planted firmly on the deck.

Please explain

Two men face charges and fines of more than $27,000 after allegedly collecting bones from a dead whale on a Mornington Peninsula beach.

Wildlife officers have recovered about 10 bones believed to have been removed from a dead blue whale that washed up near Cyril’s Beach at Flinders in the Mornington Peninsula National Park.

I understand the law that stops people interfering with human remains but whales?

Why whales?

Can anyone educate me?

Favicon takeover

I use a favicon for my websites depicting the old convict arrow (shown on the left). A favicon is the little icon alongside the site name in your browsers tabs.

Yesterday I visited the New Zealand Herald, not that I thought they might have something to say, but because they have an online crossword and I needed to defuse from website building.

When I backed out, their favicon came with me and adorns my browser alongside my site name.

Can’t get rid of either.

And no, I didn’t sign up to be a New Zealand Herald blogger.

Does anyone else see the NZH favicon or is it only on my computer?


AIR New Zealand has been forced to apologise for a crew manual which suggested that Tongan passengers may “drink the bar dry”.

The airline issued the apology after the manual was made public in New Zealand’s Sunday Star-Times yesterday.

They say that as if it’s a bad thing.

Hope for cranky critters

NEW research has raised hopes for the devastated Tasmanian devil, finding 20 per cent of devils have a genetic make-up that should enable them to resist the deadly devil facial tumour disease.

I’m happy for the devil but have you ever been close to them..It’s like watching the last days of a marriage break-up.

Check the video on the right. It’s how they behave during their waking hours.

A Tassie Devil bloke just wouldn’t want to come home with the devil equivalent of lipstick on the collar.

New Look

A new look to celebrate 2,500 posts over 8 years. Not a big deal but you have to admit, I do hang in there.

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