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Another Commo dead

One of the intellectual giants of the Australian Labor Party, the former Whitlam and Hawke minister Tom Uren, has died aged 93.

With Tom Uren we see a leviathan of the labour movement passing

Known as the “conscience of the Labor party” because of his principled stands on issues, Mr Uren was a leading figure in the Left faction, and one of the most respected Labor politicians of his generation.

Such accolades!  It’s true he gave honest service during WW2 and did a lot for ex PWs during his lifetime.  Unfortunately his principled stands on issues led to an association with Jim Cairns, whom he “loved”, thus spending years supporting the Viet Cong both financially and morally.

He was also a staunch supporter of the anti-nuclear movement that demanded unilateral disarmament of the US that was supported and funded by the Soviets.

I wont miss him.


Enderby eulogy says it all

FORMER  Whitlam government attorney-general Kep Enderby named his son Keir after the Scottish Labour Party founder James Keir Hardie.

“I’m surprised I wasn’t named Che or Fidel or Lenin or Karl or even Marx, but that may give you a picture of my dad’s passion for equality and fairness to all,” Keir Enderby said yesterday at his father’s funeral in Sydney.

Equality and fairness to all in the same sentence as Che or Fidel or Lenin or Karl or even Marx tells you all you want to know about the man and the Whitlam government.

Commo bastards.

Enderby, who died last week aged 88, is credited with passing no-fault divorce legislation, setting up the Family Court and legalising homosexuality in the ACT. Those remembering him yesterday included Whitlam minister Les Johnson, Age Discrimination Commissioner Susan Ryan, Labor elder John Faulkner and federal deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek.

Keir Enderby said his father was “a thinker, a believer and a dreamer”. He quoted Che Guevara: “The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.” Keir wondered if that was why his ­father planted so many trees.

He was a fighter for causes: befriending conscientious objectors during the Vietnam War and defending the Aboriginal tent embassy in front of Old Government House. He backed David Hicks and Julian Assange.

About all I have in common with Enderby is that we are both fathers.

Keir Enderby said he hoped his father had now joined other revolutionaries: “Hopefully they are comparing notes, having a drink, and shaking their heads at the state of Australian affairs.”

When they compared notes would they ask each other “How many people did you murder and then argue over the countless millions that died because of their communist insanity?

…and laugh insanely over their the answers.

Commo MP arrested

Green Commo MP Rhiannon has been detained by the Sri Lankan authorites for visa infringements.

Ms Rhiannon has been in the country studying the Sri Lanka’s human rights record, and says she has seen evidence of extreme government repression.

What the hell is an Australian minor party politician doing in a foreign country calling them to order over anything – let alone their human rights record?

Get back you clown and see what you can do to help your electorate.

Failing that maybe Sri Lanka could be encouraged to keep her.  It would certainly lift the standards of politicians in Australia.

UPDATE:  Damn! She has been released.

1971 Springbok Tour

FORMER Queensland premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen brokered secret deals with police in the lead up to the controversial Springboks tour of Brisbane more than 40 years ago, according to a new book.

Fearing riots and public violence, Bjelke-Petersen told the powerful Queensland Police Union that officers would “not be penalised for any action they take to suppress” the demonstrators during the tour in July 1971.

Then Police Commissioner Ray Whitrod attended the Sydney match between the Springboks and NSW a few days earlier and saw demonstrators hurling smoke bombs, fireworks, fruit, beer cans and balloons onto the playing field. About 100 people were arrested, raising concerns the same mayhem would descend on the Sunshine State.

I was recently back from Vietnam when they played on 31 July 1971 at the Brisbane Exhibition Ground, Brisbane, defeating us 14-6.  As the players were just that, rugby players and not politicians, I had no problems with the tour other than they beat us.  Joh and Ray Whitrod did what they should have done- protected the citizens of Brisbane and our sporting visitors.

I did however have a problem with rioting anarchist leaders of the anti apartheid demonstrations.

From Solidarity Online

The mostly white student left, Aboriginal activists and the union movement united to make the Springboks unwelcome and to disrupt the games as best they could, given the massive police mobilisation by State Liberal governments. Henry Bolte, the Victorian Liberal Premier, declared the protests a “rebellion against constituted authority”.

Fairly easy to organize- just redirect the anti Vietnam War pro-communist mob to anti South African sporting teams for a month odd and use the same anarchist tenets. Get the anti then Liberal government unions to close down  society with strikes everywhere and anarchy rules.

At first, there were only very small committees organising in the early and mid-1960s against Apartheid in sport. After the struggle against the Vietnam War took off, racism in Australia began to be more seriously challenged.

Solidarity – commo bastards – they stand for everything I stand against.  It wasn’t racism they were seriously challenging – it was our liberal democracy they really hated.


Bloody Communists…bloody ABC!

I went down to Gloria Jeans to get a caffeine fix and on the way back the ABC were quoting Lee Rhiannon, resident communist in the Greens.

She was prattling on about Bob Carr needing to disclose all his conflicts of interest before he takes up Foreign Affairs.

Two points;

First: Lee, talk to Bob Brown about conflicts of interest, bring up Graeme Wood’s $1.6m donation to The Greens that turned the ever dangerous lunatics into a third power in politics. Mention the purchase of land from Gunns, Tasmania and Bob’s demanding the ALP not allocate any funding to help Gunns stave of the bid by Wood.

Now that’s a conflict of interests.

And second: Why is it that the ABC are quoting communists. How does it happen. Does she phone up her fellow travelers in the ABC and arrange air time? Or do the ABC have the Greens and communists on speed dial and phone and ask them to comment?

Either way The Greens only represent about 10% of the population, thus air time should be on a similar ratio – not the other way around. Further, considering communists represent about .001% of the electorate we should only hear from Lee about once every three years.

Bloody Communists…bloody ABC!

Good news week

Another commo bastard dies. North Korean Kim Jong-il dead

It’s good news but the attrition rate is far to slow for my way of thinking.

Phillip Adams in a quandary

Poor Phillip Adams – doesn’t like Julia, doesn’t like Tony, doesn’t like the ALP (He’s resigned) and his hatred of Abbott is so palpable he tries this line;

The lack of enthusiasm for a Mad Monk regime is palpable in public opinion and the polls. People would prefer root canal work without anaesthesia to having him in the Lodge. They’d prefer to be making a different choice – between Rudd and Turnbull. And, in all too rare an example of bipartisan accord, so would Rudd and Turnbull.

You should check the polls before writing such swill, Phillip. Turnbull is only preferred by the ALP and/or Climate Change worshipers and Rudd has had his day – and stuffed that big time.

Abbott improves every day and is turning into a potential PM while he systematically tears the ALP apart.

Good to see the old fool Adams not getting his way – good for the country and anything that troubles the old commo is fine by me.

Founding fathers confused

TWO founding fathers of the Greens say the split between the old-school environmentalists and the new generation of ideologically driven urban activists now swelling the parliamentary ranks could destabilise the party and alienate voters.

Damn right it could – in fact is is.

What Drew and Sanders don’t understand, or at least don’t mention, is that the various Green parties around the world became the party of choice for all those Marxist loving radicals of the 60s, 70s and 80s when communism become a lost cause.

After the fall of the Berlin wall and the subsequent release of USSR archives that cataloged communism’s crime against humanity general and their own people specifically, these useful idiots looked for the most left-of-centre party they could and flocked to the Greens.

The Koala, tree and whale hugging mob have thus been swamped with ideological radicals who support terrorism in all its form on the basis that anything that hurts capitalism and its main exponent, the US, gives them a warm inner glow and is therefore justifiable.

Its almost as satisfying as openly supporting communism and while the public are confused with tree hugging and anti US and Israel statements on the same platform these useful idiots enjoy a bit of camouflage as they push their same old hatreds of the society that feeds them.

They are dangerous.

Russia still spying

For those who believe that Communist Russia is now a benign force you might like to read of how the US has just arrested 10 Russian ‘Deep Cover’ Spies

Cronkite’s left wing bias confirmed

Writing about the Vietnam War in 2000

Regarded as a watershed, too, was press icon Walter Cronkite’s Feb. 27, 1968, broadcast saying the war was “mired in stalemate” and the “only rational way out then will be to negotiate, not as victors, but as honourable people . . . “.

During TET 68 the NVA and Viet Cong lost 45,000 soldiers, ten times that of the Allies. If that isn’t a victory then what the hell is? The planned ‘uprising of the people’ brought a few thousand people to the notice of the Republic of Vietnam. The nineteen communists who occupied the grounds of the US embassy in Saigon did so for minutes only before being killed. They never got inside the building

All doom and gloom for North Vietnam but Cronkite managed to turn it around and successfully snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. It was clearly an invasion by the North and the South wanted nothing to do with it. However let’s not ruin a good story with a few facts. The left still screamed ‘Civil War’ and the press agreed.

Cronkite’s shift into the enemy camp – followed in short order by the editors and opinion-makers at Time and Life magazines – made it acceptable and almost fashionable for journalists to oppose the war.

“For the first time in modern history,” wrote Robert Elegant of the Los Angeles Times, “the outcome of a war was determined not on the battlefield but on the printed page and, above all, on the television screen.”

Today in the US, journalists have used the FOI laws to catch up with my earlier assessment

Communist North Vietnam had launched an invasion of South Vietnam in 1960, creating the “National Liberation Front of South Vietnam,” or Viet Cong, as surrogates to wage war.

In the March-April 2010 issue of Military Review, in an article titled, “Lessons Learned from Vietnam,” Dr. William L. Stearman revisits the controversial period of 1968-1969, which was critical for the Vietnamese Communists because, despite Cronkite’s claims, they had actually been militarily defeated by U.S. and South Vietnamese troops during their Tet Offensive. Stearman notes that Cronkite’s hasty and faulty verdict on the war came after “a quick trip” to Vietnam in late February 1968.

The Tet Offensive “was a major North Vietnamese blunder,” notes Uwe Siemon-Netto, an international journalist who covered the war. At Tet, he writes, Hanoi lost 45,000 men and its entire infrastructure in the south. “Yet major United States media outlets portrayed Tet as a defeat for their own side,” he said, referring to Cronkite and others. “Following Tet, [President] Johnson announced that he would not stand for re-election. Though a military victory for the United States and its allies, Tet ultimately marked the beginning of their defeat.”

Stearman concluded, “…thanks to U.S. media, the enemy won the war where it most counted — in the United States.”

The Left wing of the US (and Australia for that matter) were always pushing for a unilateral freeze and disarmament of the US military – never their friends in the USSR.

A couple of teasers;

…Senator Ted Kennedy made an offer to the Soviets to help organise opposition to Reagan’s pro-defence policies

…a young Barack Obama wrote sympathetically about groups involved in the “nuclear freeze” campaign and the dangers of “militarism” but expressed the hope for total disarmament.

My own feeling is that it is a reflection of the views enunciated by Walter Cronkite that show a benign view of the Soviet Union.”

And just in case you believe that the Russians are now benign;

While the Soviet political system may not exist, the Russians have continued many of the old Soviet-style intelligence and influence operations. The book, Comrade J, based on the revelations of a Russian master spy, Sergei Tretyakov, identified former Clinton State Department official and now Brookings Institution head Strobe Talbott as a dupe of Russian intelligence.

Talbott had been a columnist for Time magazine, where he wrote about the need for world government, a cause also embraced by Walter Cronkite.

For those interested in the truth of history it is a good article to read. For those of the Left who have accidentally arrived on the site – go away before you learn something.

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