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All in the family

James Patrick Roughan, in the company of another man and presumably a lot of drugs, stabs a teenager 133 times, decapitated him and played bowls with his head.

James is a nephew of Katherine Knight, an abattoir worker who stabbed her de facto husband, John Price, 37 times in the NSW town of Aberdeen, northwest of Newcastle, in February 2000. She then skinned his body, cooked his flesh with vegetables and made a soup out of his head.

Katherine is the half-sister of Patrick John Roughan, labour activist, former campaign worker for sacked NSW Aboriginal Affairs Minister Milton Orkopoulus and pivotal in organizing the picket of Mudgingberri Station. Mudginberry Station was another union coup when they went on strike for more money. The abbatoir was forced to closeed and the workers and management lost their income.

Patrick has been charged with two cases of aggrevated sexual assault on a 9/10 year old girl.

Katherine Knight has five other brothers, apart from Patrick, and a twin sister. I wonder what the rest of them are doing?

It’s a worry.



FORMER Swansea ALP branch president Patrick John Roughan, 63, has been cleared of two counts of sexual intercourse with a nine-year-old child.

Army Captain arrested

POLICE arrested an army captain and two others today over the theft of seven army rocket launchers allegedly supplied to criminals and terrorists. About 6am, police from the counter-terrorism command raided the captain’s Wattle Grove home and arrested him.

How embarrassing.

In all my time in the Army I can’t remember a case of an officer behaving so dishonourably. Should the case go to trial and he is found guilty then he should feel the full force of the civil and military law.

In todays climate of potential terrorist attacks on woman and children, to steal, hold and sell such weapons is tantamount to treason.

Simply not on old chap

If found guilty I would like to see him drummed out of the Army on the way to prison. Remember the good old days? The Regiment on parade…..tear off his regimental accoutremants and rank……snap his sword in half and march him off with a long drum roll.

Chief of Army Lt General Peter Leah agrees with me, although not with the drumming out of the Army bit, and is quoted as saying;

ANY soldier who breaks either civil or military law by stealing and selling military weapons on the black market is a disgrace to the uniform.

Damn right.


The army guys have been named:

Shane Della-Vedova, a 46-year-old army captain from Wattle Grove in Sydney’s south-west, allegedly stole the 10 Light Anti-Armour Weapons from the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

He faced Sydney Central Local Court today with his alleged accomplice, 38-year-old former army officer Dean Taylor, of Mt Annan in Sydney’s south-west.

Della-Vedova was apparently an Ammuniton Technical Officer and the report mentions the possibility of more Army gear.

Mrs Orellana’s husband, Hector (a neighbour), often went over to the Della-Vedova house to talk. Usually he went in through the garage, where forensic officers and detectives pored over large green army containers yesterday.

The other guy, Dean Taylor had apparently been an Army fireman before he resigned and started a business of his own. Maybe the rockets were seed money for the business

Naturally, the press found someone to quote the mandatory “he was a lovely chap…great neighbours…just the most beautiful and generous man I have ever known and other meaningless phrases.

Crime does pay

CONFIDENTIAL documents filed in a Queensland court lift the lid on the secretive world of celebrity book negotiations, revealing that Pan Macmillan paid $350,000 for the rights to drug-smuggler Schapelle Corby’s story.

The Australian Women’s Weekly paid a further $110,000 to publish an extract from My Story, the memoir Corby co-wrote with Kathryn Bonella. The publishing contract shows that Schapelle’s sister, Mercedes Corby, is entitled to 85 per cent of the $350,000 publisher’s advance and any future royalties earned from the book, which has sold more than 100,000 copies.

That should buy a lot of marijuana for the ‘Corby Drug Collective’.

False declarations

I’m a JP in Queensland and always warn people making stat decs that there is a penalty involved should they knowingly make a false declaration and that it is viewed as a serious offence by the judiciary.

I’m advised to warn the deponent at the outset about the penalities for making a false declaration; that if the declaration is found to be untruthful, the deponent may be charged under the criminal code and be liable to penalties, including imprisonment.

If that’s how we operate at the very bottom of the legal chain you would think an ex Federal Court Judge would endorse these warnings.

Well you’d be wrong.

The Doomadgee Debacle

Undoubtedly there are questions to be answered in the Palm Island tragedy and after reading Christine Clements findings some of these questions relate to police procedures but I think the debate is getting out of hand as the beying for Senior Sergeant Hurley’s blood gets louder and louder.

For out-of-staters Hurley is the senior policeman on Palm Island, a dysfunctional aborigine community of the coast near Townsville. He arrested a drunken aborigine and in the process was punched in the jaw. Hurley retaliated, a scuffle followed, the combatants fell on the floor and Doomadgee, the drunk, was eventually dragged into a cell where he subsequently died from internal bleeding occasioned by damage to his liver.

The Pathologist acknowledged the physical damage but found that the death was “aciidental”

Palm Island erupts. The Island was trashed, Hurley’s home was burnt down as was the police station and court house.

From Tony Koch in the Australian

More than 25 Palm Islanders were subsequently arrested for their part in the riot where the police station and courthouse building and police living quarters were burnt. Nobody was hurt in the riot. The alleged “riot leader” Lex Wotton, faces charges which could see him jailed for up to 20 years for the property damage.

True, nobody was hurt in the riots but the policemen inside were in fear for their lives albeit they eventually escaped unharmed. Tony’s use of “riot leader” Lex Wooton further downplays the civil disorder and dysfunction prevelant at the event.

How did he die? From the Inquest headed by Christine Clemments;

The liver was virtually completely ruptured- “… cleaved in two” in Dr Lampe’s words. The two halves of the liver were only connected by some blood vessels. The portal vein had an oval hole along its posterior surface measuring 1.5 by 0.7 centimetres which was along the line of the contusion extending through the soft tissue. There was localised haemorrhage to the pancreas adjacent to the peri-duodenal haemorrhage.

Both autopsies concluded that the cause of death was intra-abdominal haemorrhage, due to the ruptured liver and portal vein.

The Coroner stated there was no evidence of kicking and Hurley’s retaliatary punches caused little damage however the damage to the liver still remains. It is suggested that during the scuffle, when both combatants fell, that Hurley, a smidgeon over 200 cm and built accordingly, fell onto Doomadgees chest with his knee concentrating all his weight on the chest cavity and by extension this caused the death. Hurly denies falling on top of Doomadgee saying he fell to the left and Doomadgee to the right.

Doomadgee’s blood alcohol level was later found to be 292 mg/100mL (0.292) and I wonder if regularly sharing a carton and a half in one sitting (given in evidence) would cause some damage to the liver making it more susceptible to damage. I don’t know.

Christine Clements found Hurley had a case to answer. The case was reviewed by the QLD DPP who found that there was insufficient evidence to charge Hurley and the activists and Palm Islanders exploded again. The Queensland government panic and call another Inquest, this time by an out-of-stater who responds “correctly” and recommends Hurley be charged.

What value the State of Queenslands DPP now? Deliver a finding that the those involved don’t like and the Government can easily be forced to call in another opinion. What happens if Hurley is found not guilty of manslaughter, as is likely. Will the government ignore that verdict and find another court to hear the case again?

Viscous circle

Christrine Clemments is strongly of the opinion that Doomadgee shouldn’t have be arrested for drunkeness, in fact she believes none of them should be arrested. I’ve always been of the opinion that they are often arrested for the damage they might do to others and themselves whilst so drunk. It’s a fine and noble sentiment from the bench but fades in the face of a belligerant drunk intent on trouble and addressing perceived wrongs of the past.

Tony Koch makes much of the two subsequent suicides, one, a witness to the event and the other, Doomadgee’s son. Both unquestionably tragic but of little relevance to Hurley’s guilt or otherwise.

The opinion pages are full of people putting down on the Queensland Police for their treatment of aborigines. They do so from the comfort of their civil surroundings with no thought to the trauma of policing in these dysfunctional communities where death is a constant companion of drunken behaviour.

The Inquest raise a lot of questions that need urgent answers and Hurley’s actions throughout the incident appear to be unproffessional but proffessionalism isn’t just about the man; it is also about the training for policemen posted to these communities and support that the government should give them.

I don’t see a clear cut case of manslaughter and whereas the chances are that Hurley did cause the damage that killed Doomadgee it is going to be difficult to prove it wasn’t accidental and part way caused by Doomadgee himself entering into the frey.

The story will be around for a long time yet and I just hope that Hurley gets a fair trial.

Such is Life

Frank Devine in yesterdays Australian

AS somebody who considers Ned Kelly a murderous thug and an embarrassment to us Irish, and deplores his counterfeit image as a romantic Australian hero, I am delighted to learn the cops are still on his trail. One cop, especially.

So am I. Forever romanticised by the literati, I decided years ago that Kelly was nothing more than a murdering thug and deserved no hero status.

Devines article tells of an ex-AFP Detective, Martin Leonard, who has pursued the real story of Kelly with a passion.

….towards the end of 1995, he read Keith Windschuttle’s The Fabrication of Aboriginal History. This set him to thinking that somebody should write a book about the fabrication of Ned Kelly. Why not himself?

With a months leave he established himself at the National Library and produced a 9000 word interim report that has been recently aired in the December issue of the Australian Police Journal.

Amongst other matters Leonard garners contradictory evidence on the matter of the Policeman Kelly murdered;

Kelly claimed he killed Kennedy as a mercy, because he was in agony from multiple gunshot wounds. This account has been disseminated in Kelly fables.

But Leonard cites the report of Dr Samuel Reynolds, who inspected Kennedy’s decomposing body on the site five days after his death. He concluded that Kennedy had been killed by a single shot and had been shot from close range standing up. One of his ears was missing. Reynolds was equivocal about the cause of this but an Argus reporter who inspected the body was certain the ear had been sawn off with a knife.

Leonard canvasses the likelihood that Kennedy was handcuffed to a tree, tortured and then killed.

Fits the Kelly image better than the one we’ve been fed for a very long time. I look forward to the book and in the meantime if anyone can point me to a free copy of the Australian Police Journal article I figure it would be a good read.

Poor coordination

Why couldn’t the people who organize public protests in Melbourne have scheduled these guys to be appear at the same time as these vermin. All those front end buckets could have cleaned up the filth in no time.

Fun and Games

This week I’m flat out working on the November Great Legacy Militaria Auction to be held on the 19th of November at South Brisbane. (Keep an eye on this link for items to be auctioned) At 2.00 pm yesterday just before the Melbourne Cup, I was standing outside getting a break when I noticed a weirdo accros the street yelling at the cars as they went by. Loser, I thought….unwashed drug-hyped hippy bastard….maybe the local chapter of the Greens are having a Melbourne Cup party. I went back inside as my attention span is remarkedly short when these type come into view but I should have paid more attention.

AT 4.00 pm when I was saying goodbye one lady suggested I wait as there was some weirdo ranting and raving in the lane where I had parked my Discovery and maybe he had damaged my car. I didn’t even pause but ran down to my car ignoring the idiot as I looked for any damage. Sure enough the unwashed drug-hyped hippy bastard was there and he had kicked in/thrown something at the drivers door and was now lifting wheelie bins up on his shoulder and tossing them while yelling something that seemed to have the barely discernable words “f*****g Silvertails” in it’s construction.

If there ever was a guy who stood out it was this one. Tall, dressed in dirty black with his head shaven other than a one inch mohawke down the centre that ended as a pony tail at the back. Bits of metal hanging off his face with the demeanour of a junk yard dog and twice as ugly.

I opened the car, threw my lap top and camera inside and decided to reposition the vehicle to a safer location prior to my discussing the damage with him. I drove around the block, parked close but out of site, grabbed my digital camera and went back to the scene. I am, if nothing else, dogged and I was not going to let the bastard get away with it. It occurred to me that a good pic would help to later ID him in case he escaped. I had him framed in the lens and was just about to say “Smile sunshine” when the police turned up.

Situation diffused.

It took three of them to wrestle him to the ground and apply handcuffs. I noticed they prudently wore gloves and were very professional in the handling of the situation. The police vehicle had a lockup on the back that seemed to be made of fibreglass with a smooth finish inside. I thought it would be easier to hose out considering the type of clients who temporarily resided inside and with no sharp corners there would be less chance of client injury and the subsequent swarming of lawyers.

There was a lot of Melbourne Cup Parties in the neighbourhood and some civic minded party goer had called in the event pointing out that a four wheel drive had been damaged in the fracas. There were mobs of these people on either end of the short lane watching the unprogrammed floor show that unfortunately included my vehicle as one of the props.

I gave a statement to the police and indicated that I was going to pursue restitution. This next morning I was called to a local police station where they took photos of the damage and then I went and saw an old panel beater mate and had him assess the damage and supply a quote. $1670!

Man, am I ever going to seek restitution.

The vehicle’s insured but neither the insurance company nor I are guilty of any transgression, the unwashed drug-hyped hippy bastard is and as one police woman pointed out ” He was born in 1977 and it’s about time he learnt that as an adult he will be held responsible for his actions”

I’ve got a quid says he was on drugs, not just alcohol…Ice, one policeman suggested and I will hold him responsible. Years ago some thieves broke into my car and stole all my tools – maybe a twenty year collection of good Sydchrome and Stanley tools for all occassions. They went to court and were put on good behaviour bonds but I was left with the cost of replacing the tools.

Not this time mate.

Joy as pedophile’s house burns

RESIDENTS of a tiny town in Victoria drank beer and cheered as they watched a convicted pedophile’s home engulfed in flames.

Most of the town’s 16 residents and at least two dozen spectators, watched the weatherboard home of Terrence Allan Ellis, 52, burn on Sunday, soon after an open day at a pioneer park.

Can’t say I blame them.  If I lived in the town I could see myself in attendance handing out cans of petrol to keep it going.

The tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

It all started with a $77.00 speeding fine and has mushroomed to a reputation destroying journey through the press.

Marcus Einfield, once a hero of the human rights mob, has put into practice what he preached….life is all about rights, not responsibilities.

He claimed someone else was driving his car on the day in question…oops she died three years before the event.

He claimed qualifications from a US degree factory…you know the type….send us $5,000 and we’ll send you a degree.  Ooops….poor form.

He claimes he was a director of Marks and Spencer Ltd London when only in his 30s…..oops they can’t find any record of him.

It get’s worse.  Einflied’s mouthpiece got caught out with an ex legal secretary, now prostitute, paying $500 per horizontal dance and further muddied the waters. The woman, who didn’t really change careers, just formalized the one, had her 15 minutes of fame attracting more interest in the case.

The original $77.00 fine has mushroomed to a potentially hefty legal bill.

Mr Einfeld also took steps this week to expand the capacity of his legal team. A junior barrister is being recruited to assist Sydney silk Winston Terracini, and Mr Ryan has been replaced by solicitor Tim Quinn of law firm Colin Daley Quinn, which is based in the southern Sydney suburb of Kogarah.

Should the police inquiry go against Mr Einfeld, he risks being charged with making a false statement on oath, which carries a penalty of five years in prison.

At what stage do you think he might have come to the realization that copping the $77.00 fine would have been by far the best solution?

In his case, obviously too late.

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