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The Rise of Middle Eastern Crime in Australia

I have provide a link on the right hand menu bar to an article by Tim Priest and carried in the January 2004 edition of Quadrant Magazine title “The Rise of Middle Eastern Crime in Australia”

It’s a longish article but you owe to yourself to read it…..and be concerned.

via comments at Tim Blair

Reports from the Cronulla frontline

The press is full of comments today as the battle of the beaches continues. Amusingly Scott Poynting, of the University of Western Sydney, blames a contestant from Dancing with the Stars, a second rate TV show.

“There’s nothing unique about the insecurities of Anglo-Saxon people, particularly in insular cities that have been targeted by the politics of Hansonism,”

Academics, don’t you just love them.

The police are keeping their distance.

Carload after carload of young men raced from Lakemba in Sydney’s southwest, ignoring speed limits and bent on revenge.

They were followed by at least 12 police cars travelling at speed, lights blazing and sirens wailing.

Now let me see, would these be police cars with radios that are often used to set up road blocks ahead of trouble?

Nothing’s new.

VIOLENCE between surfers and gangs of young men from Sydney’s sprawling western suburbs is not new – it started in the late 1950s and emerged again in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Only the names are different.

The Far-Right were there but on the face of it didn’t seem to have enough numbers to impact significantly on the already dangerous situation.

I watched Issa last night on TV. He came across as a reasonable sort of chap caught out in circumstances beyond his control and not of his making.

But the thought crossed my mind that so far in the media we have seen a mob of rampaging hooligans on one side and a reasonable chap like Issa to represent the other side of the foray.

Don’t cameras work when filming the Lebanese?

As Vinny comments at Tim Blair’s blog;

how come the cops are never in the vicinity of a mob of rampaging lebos??

it’s incredible, 500 lebos smashing up cars in cronulla and not a copper in sight, but if white anglo aussies start any trouble there will be truck loads of those police quick smart.

Tim Priest, an ex NSW copper has his say and isn’t kind to the the NSW leaders.

Of course, the usual claque of agenda-driven ethnic community leaders were quick to condemn the Cronulla incidents as un-Australian and racist. Never mind the multitude of racist attacks on young Australian men and women during the past decade, which have now manifested into full-blown racial retaliation.

As I said yesterday, I wasn’t impressed with the rioters at Cronulla but the problem is clearly deeper that the media would have us believe.

We’ve seen the effect, can we now concentrate on the cause.

The Age reports peace talks have already commenced between the Lebanese and the Bra Boys.

Lebanese Muslim leader Keysar Trad and Maroubra’s surfer gang, the Bra Boys, are attempting to broker a peace deal between rival groups following race riots in Sydney.

Mr Trad, president of the Islamic Friendship Association, and two Bra Boys leaders, Koby and Sonny Abberton, have held talks about ways to encourage people to stop the violence.

I note there is no mention of Cronulla. Maybe a Sydney reader could explain. Do the Bra Boys represent Cronulla? Sounds like two separate suburbs to me.

UPDATE: Where were the police?

TERRIFIED residents told yesterday how they were bashed, threatened with firearms and forced to cower inside their homes after up to 100 youths of Middle Eastern descent rampaged through Maroubra in apparent retaliation for the Cronulla race riots.

Lyne Sickle, whose Ford Festiva was vandalised, said she watched a police car enter the street and then turn away as a large mob of hooligans congregated.

“I don’t know why they (police) didn’t do anything,” she said

One man, Steve, said he was threatened with a handgun and chased inside his home when he went to investigate the commotion.

“I was at the gate and this big guy came rushing towards me,” he said.

“I slammed the gate and … another guy at the car pointed a gun at me and said, ‘get back inside’. I ran inside and they chased us up the steps. It was terrifying.”

Cronulla Flashpoint

What price Multiculturism at Cronulla now?

I wasn’t impressed with the rioters at Cronulla but the problem is clearly deeper that the media would have us believe. In all my years in Australia I have never heard of or witnessed such a mass display of anger and frustration and think the message to be taken from the scenes is much deeper than the mindless savagery displayed.

I note the NSW police have suddenly found a supply of batons. Where were the batons previously? Certainly none at Redfern and there didn’t seem to have been any at Campbelltown or Palm Island either. Could I be forgiven for thinking that the batons are for Surfies only? Are the police issued with “tolerance kits” for trouble involving people of Middle Eastern or indiginous appearance and batons for yobbos.

Could someone explain that contradiction.

The world is busy condemning the ‘Nulla boys’ and rightly so but I can assure you if someone came to my turf and spoke to my daughters like the Lebanese did to the surfie chicks at Cronulla I would attack..no questions ask…no forgive me’s and no quarter given or taken.

I have never been involved in a brawl in my life, drunken or otherwise, but would boil over in those circumstances.

Al Jazeera carry an article on the riots and the quote Keysar Trad and Kuranda Sevit

Keysar Trad, the president of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, called on the police to “use the full extent of the law on these criminal thugs who behaved in the way that they did”.

Damn right the police should use the full extent of the law which by extension means tracking down the Lebanese thugs who initiated the troubles as well as the Aussies who retaliated.

Kuranda Sevit, the director of the Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations, said in a statement:

“We have over 3000km of beaches on the east coast, there’s plenty of sand and ocean there for everyone.

“What happened to the Australian idea of a fair go and tolerance?”

That’s true but if you are going to break into someones elses turf and treat their woman as the Lebanese have done then you must expect some flack. The Australian idea of a fair go and tolerance has been pushed to the limits and people are getting sick and tired of newcomers spitting in our face. Couple that thought with the obvious Aussie hooligan element at Cronulla and trouble is guaraneed.

I leave the last comment to Di who commented at News.com

I work at Cronulla and everyday gangs come off the train and head towards the beach insulting anyone in sight along the way. Whilst I don’t support the action that happened yesterday, I understand the frustration of people in the Shire having to put up with this disgusting behaviour on a daily basis. The politicians need to address this situation now before we have more scenes like yesterday. This has been building for many years and last week’s attack on the lifesavers was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Our children have been targeted by these gangs whilst they are doing nippers and subjected to language that is very unacceptable in any part of the world. Stand up Mr Iemma and take charge!!!

Wierdo Innocent

Michael Jackson has been found innocent but I still wouldn’t recommend any parent let their kids anywhere near him.

Joy riding again

The young Melbourne teenager who was convicted recently of stealing a tram is now being questioned about the theft of a school bus.

He’s 15 now and in two years will be able to get his licence and won’t have any further need to ‘take‘ public transport.

If he’s not in gaol.

Corby Circus low act

How sad that someone in this country can stoop as low as sending a threatening parcel to the Indonesian Embassy. The lower end of the Corby Circus need to chill down a bit before irrepairable damage is done to the already fragile Australian/Indonesian relationship.

Check here to see how far we have fallen.

UPDATE: Arabnews raises a reasonable point in their take on the Corby/Indonesian Embassy obscenity

UPDATE II: Conspiray theorists are asking “look to who benefits from deteriating Aussie/Indon relationships” suggesting it’s a JI plot. Not to sure about that one but anything is believable in the absence of evidence. The answer to “What is the source of the white powder” will be telling. It’s not exactly a supermarket item.

Early days yet.

UPDATE III: News.com have opened a comments page for people to have their say. Makes interesting reading

Aussie dumps on Oz

Robert Goodfellow is a Wollongong-based Indonesian specialist presently teaching at the Mount Eliza Program of Melbourne Business School. He might be an Indonesian specialist but I’m not sure he’s an Australian specialist

Robert gets an article published in the Jakarta Post as an editorial where he explains why Australians are so up in arms about Schapelle Corby

Check this out.

Australians believe that Schapelle Corby is a victim. This is because many Australians feel they are victims too. They are edgy, angry and confused by the fundamental insecurity of living in a rapidly changing society and an increasingly dangerous world. At home they are nervous about the disintegration of essential services like health and education and public transport. They are terrified of an interest rate rise. They are apprehensive about the government’s sweeping industrial relations reforms. And, above all, they are worried they might not have a job next week.

I feel an appointmet with my Psychiatrist is imminent. I didn’t realize I was worried about so many things. I thought my only concern was the disparity between Scapelle’s sentence and that handed down to the JI leader for the Bali bombing.

Seems I’m wrong.

This is what the Indonesians are being fed. Robert, who obviously has a problem with Australia, Australians and, me thinks, with the current government, suggests to the millions of Jakarta Post readers that Australia is completely populated with left-wing undergrads.

Thanks for nothing Robert.

Read the complete article here

35 years for burgulary

If you think Schapelle has been hard done by then check this one

Schapelle: The washup

The Jakarta Post’s take on the Schapelle Corbys sentence here

Long term commentator at Tim Dunlop’s site, Aussie Bob, has opened his own blog. His profile could be summarised as “I hate Howard and Downer with such a passion that my life’s writings are all aimed at blaming them for everything I perceive as wrong with the Australian society”.

Visit for the experience and for confirmation as to why people of his poltical pursuasion have never successfully run any country anywhere, ever. There is a lot of weird rationale used but I guess it must make sense to Bob.

Publius Pundit has a fairly balanced round up of opinion on the case and is worth reading for an non-Aussie take.

You might like to read the comments at Tim Blair and at Tim Dunlop for opposing views.

There seems to be some weird conspiracy theories around but it should liven up your sunday reading, sunday papers being what they are.

Schapelle will be doin’ time

Bill Nicholson writes to the Editor of the Courier Mail saying everyone he talks to thinks Schapelle Corby is innocent and adds;

…If she is found gulity, the sentence will be seen as an obvious miscarrige of justice and will be deeply resented by almost all Australians.

I’m glad Bill included the rider ‘almost’ as everyone I talk to thinks she’s guilty. Bill needs to talk to more people, get out and around more and stop asking silly-weed smokers for their opinion.

As much as I would like to think she’s inncocent I have yet to read or hear of anything that proves this is the case.

Nine days to go for a verdict.

UPDATE: The Jakarta Post quotes Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Hassan Wirayuda who said;

… that he had not received a formal letter from Australia regarding a prisoner transfer, but that his government would consider it.

“In the practices of international relations, the handing over of convicts to their original country is not a strange thing,” Hassan said. “We are open, but what is needed is an agreement on transfer of prisoners that is effective in general.”

The newspaper also mentions that the case is attracting a lot of press in Australia.

However, the government of Prime Minister John Howard has been under intense pressure to act Corby’s behalf. The case has received massive media attention in Australia, where most respondents to television station polls saying they believe Corby is innocent.

Must be talking about the Ch 9 poll.

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