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The death of a thousand pellets

Two men will face a Sydney court today charged with intending to murder a youth who was shot with airgun.

An airgun!

It would take some clever musketry to murder someone with an airgun. Surely mass (or lack there of) and kinetic energy factors would almost preclude all but the closest shots from endangering an adult male.

Does any reader know of an adult male killed by a .177 inch pellet?

Murder most fair

If Karen Brown had shot William Aquilina while he was bashing her she could claim self defence. To pursue him after the event and shoot him dead is murder plain and simple although mitigating circumstances may help in sentencing.

Sad case all round and I’m sure the bastard got his just deserts but she needs to work on her modus operandi


$30k Freebie

I don’t know why. he just gave me $30,000 says Peter Barron.

A former political advisor to Hawke and Wran has been drawn into the Swiss banking scandal, admitting he received a $30,000 gift through a secret account linked to stockbroker Rene Rivkin.

Peter Barron said yesterday he had been given $30,035.86 by his friend, former Labor minister Graham Richardson, as a one-off gift while he was holidaying with his family in London in December 1998.

Happens to me all the time. Here Kev, here’s $30,000. No, you don’t have to do anything..enjoy. What rubbish.

Lesson in lfe #368. There are no free dinners. If Barron has received $30,000 then it is for services rendered. Richards, devoid of ethics as he is, would not give away 30 grand for nothing. What did Barron do to earn it and why was it handled through a Swiss Bank Account.

What else are you hiding Richo?

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