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Greens lonely MP Adam Bandt says Tony Abbott should be focused on Aboriginal disadvantage not political point scoring.

He is. He spends a couple of weeks every year in the outback helping Aboriginal communities. No cameras, no journalists – just trying to help and understand their problems.

What are you doing for them Brandt?

Canberra riots

Gillard’s answers questions on the Canberra Black’s camp and radical left wing permanent white student riot

The Prime Minister was quick to emphasize that though Tony Hodges had acted in a way that was inappropriate, he “did not misrepresent Mr Abbott’s remarks, nor did he incite violence or a demonstration.

Sorry PM, I don’t believe you. My concern is that there exists within the government, and particularly the Prime Minister’s Office, a mindset that understand that the government can’t gain any ascendancy in the polls or with the electorate based on their record, thus all steps must be taken to make Tony Abbott look bad. Tony Abbott’s remarks are continually being misrepresented – a case or two in point “Well that’s one ship that did get stopped” and “Shit happens”

The PM went on to say;

…..Mr Hodges tried to contact the Minister for Indigenous affairs Chris Burke who was unavailable and then contacted the representative for UnionsACT Kim Sattler.

Now why would he contact Kim Sattler? Because she is in the same game of trying to damage Abbott’s reputation as is Hodges. What’s the odds that they are on each others speed dial.

According to Sattler:

“Tony Abbott is like your typical bar-room brawler who starts a fight and then disappears like a coward when it is in full swing,” she wrote.

And this is, I believe, after she had set him up.

In the Canberra Times Kim denies being the go-between

When contacted by the Sunday Canberra Times this morning, Ms Sattler said she had been at the tent embassy but she was not the go between.

“I heard it from the crowd,’’ she said.

Which is not how Barbara Shaw, Greens candidate and aboriginal activist remembers it;

“Now I know who she is and what her position [is], it’s really disappointing,” she said.

“It breaks my heart to know who she is.”

Ms Shaw said she didn’t identify Ms Sattler on sight at the embassy rally but later confirmed her identity speaking to others who were there.

“She said I should let people know Tony Abbott is over there, so I did,” Ms Shaw said.

“I wasn’t the first person she told and the coffee shop is a public area, but there were already people from here going over there.

“I was told and I was told to tell everyone else.”

Grubs, the lot of them!

They still don’t get it!

I have just been watching ABC24 and they claim yesterdays thugs are still at the camp on the lawns of old parliament house demanding Abbott explains himself.

I’m almost beside myself with rage that these thugs have the temerity to continue with their garbage after yesterdays assault on the PM and Opposition Leader. Good thing I don’t live in Canberra – I’d be in all sorts of trouble.

The Left are all over this blaming Abbott, the police and protection services for over reacting and even the public servant who organized the event so close to the thugs.

But not, of course, the thugs.

I’ll make a prediction – no one will be charged and the thugs camp will stay. Like modern day parenting – everyone is too scared to smack the kid on the bum and tell him to behave.

Radical, feral aborigines threaten Gillard and Abbott

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott were trapped in a Canberra building for up to half an hour after 200 Aboriginal protesters stormed the entrance this afternoon.

The unnamed journalist who penned the piece lays the blame at Abbott’s feet.

Abbott is quoted in a speech in Sydney where he suggests it’s time to close down the gathering of rabble otherwise known as the Aboriginal Tent embassy.

Mr Abbott said he understood why the tent embassy was set up “all those years ago”.
“I think a lot has changed for the better since then,” he told reporters.
“I think the indigenous people of Australia can be very proud of the respect in which they are held by every Australian.
“I think a lot has changed since then, and I think it probably is time to move on from that.”

Sounds about right. For a gathering of rabble rousers to be in situ for 40 years does seem a bit much.

Maybe they had been drinking commiserating with each other over “Invasion Day”. Whatever, they are idiots and they have done their cause a lot of damage.


I’m sitting in a shopping mall enjoying my first flat white after weeks of instant coffee in the Great Sandy Desert and just idly watching the world pass me by.

My focus is drawn to a display set up by Woodside Energy, attended by well presented black and white guys and girls. Hovering nearby is a feral hippy chick – you know the type – tie-dye clothes, metal in face, dreadlocked hair and a general dirty unwashed demeanour. Add to the mix her love child – a confused and stressed looking toddler. The hippy chick’s intensity permeates through the crowd as she circles the Woodside display like a hyena trying to flog some other animals recent kill. She finally settles on a black guy and attacks. Voices raised…black guy embarrassed and looking around for support before he is chewed up and spat out.

Shoppers hurry past not wanting to be involved and the love child starts crying. Hippy chick yells at a girlfriend – “take her for a walk up the other end” and turns and continues her attack. She eventually leaves and the crowd quietens.

I had traveled thus far without the company of my wife. She had flown into Broome that morning to join me on my travels throgh the Kimberlys and the Pilbara. Having prioritized her husband just below grandkids and quilting, she could only afford five weeks with me. Knowing that a trip to Broome was definitely going to cost me some dosh in purchasing pearls in some form or other for my bride, I agreed to do something I’m not normally inclined to do – that is, subject myself to a tourist venue visit.

We went to Willie Creek pearl farm where I made the traditional husband type contribution to the local pearling industry by buying my bride some pearl earrings. My wife viewed them with pleasure, I viewed them in terms of petrol tank refills – quiet a few actually.

Anyway, on the way to Willie Creek we had to pass a feral road block staffed with hippy chicks mates. They weren’t local and had traveled from all parts of the world in the modern equivalent of the old Kombi Hippy transporter, the ubiquitous Wicked Camper vans. I had come across these Feral Green/Hippy movers all down the west coast as I drove north. German, French and US ferals all heading to Broome for a marijuana smoke-in and protest.

Now the locals at Broome are having a debate about whether they should allow Woodside to continue with their James Point Development. The Kimberley Land council has voted to accept Woodside’s offer and have OK’d the project to go ahead on their land. Some in Broome are against this as they believe it will have a negative effect on tourism and while they are local it is, in my opinion, their right to debate the issue.

What isn’t right is feral hippies coming from all over Australia and overseas to simply stop progress. They couldn’t give a damn about the local aborigines and how they view the project as a way out of their troubles; they couldn’t give a damn about jobs for Aussies or additional infrastructure coming to a remote town and they certainly don’t care about those who want to keep tourism the sole income stream in Broome except, where it suits them to use the locals to hinder progress. They just don’t want any commercial development anywhere to impact on their Utopia that doesn’t include humans other than themselves.

The hippies/feral greens don’t even like Broome. it is to hot, remote and poor country for growing marijuana.

Should be open season on the bastards.

Indigenous issues

A couple from Melbourne being confronted with Aborigines for the first time. Camped at Kununarra I can’t really disagree other than to say I have come across some who aren’t like that.

They are shocked and obviously haven’t been out of their suburban comfort zone before now. They aren’t racists either, just describing what they have seen.

They tell me their friends are totally unaware of the real circumstances that exist in the North and I could only suggest they go back and tell their friends the truth.

If you go to South Headland don’t expect to sit down in the shopping centre. The seats are full all day with aborigines waiting…talking
…yelling out at each other. You can get a seat for the days after “Payday” however, as they have money for grog and are in the pubs or long grass. They really do call it Payday as if they have done something to earn the money the government gives them.

Its the seamy side but it is what the foreign and southern tourists are witnessing. We all know there are success stories but you have to root them out.

If you camp at the Crossing Inn at Fitzroy Crossing don’t go to the bar if you are white and civilized as you will be very lonely. The bar is full of aborigines all day and into the night. Fights, spitting and yelling very loudly is all the go on the banks of the Fitzroy River.

I traveled along the road from Windjana Gorge to Fitzroy River and experience two tyres slashed by the rough road, all in about 20 minutes. I was looking at the tyre after the second flat trying to get on top mentally when a vehicle stopped. Malcom, big, black and friendly took one look at the situation and me and said “I’ll fix it” He wielded the tyre plug kit like the pro he was – “done hundreds mate!”

He comments further “Funny really – you white guys invented cars and us black fellow fix ’em” We all laughed -I let him have his moment and thanked him profusely. He was the deputy manager at Leopold Downs and a very likable man with his two year old daughter in tow who he obviously loved and looked after.

Any amount of aborigines have helped or joined in conversations but they are in a minority and their less able brothers and sisters tar them all with the same brush.

Sad really.

Aboriginal people must get jobs:Abbott

FEDERAL Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says indigenous Australians must get jobs, even if it means picking up rubbish.

Indigenous adults and children alike must be engaged in work and education, Mr Abbott told the Australia Unlimited conference of business leaders in Melbourne today.

“So many people are spending so much money and time and effort to make a difference and the progress is so painfully slow,” Mr Abbott said.

“We just have to get the kids to school. They just have to go.

Now just sit back and wait for the ALP and the Left to start screaming RACIST! and the rest of the country to say – “well, of course they should!”

Instant sacred site

IT started like any regular auction of a Sydney house in need of an update. It ended barely 30 minutes later in chaos.

A group of Aboriginal men and women turned up in a minibus and handed out documents to startled potential bidders claiming that the property could be a sacred indigenous heritage site.

This startling claim is based on the fact that there is a pile of what appears to be oyster shells in the back yard. So someone has a beer and shucks a few oysters out the back and the block becomes a sacred midden.

I’m not sure of what to make of this insane ploy by the locals but the sellers and Real Estate guys must surely have a case to take these clowns to court.

Free bus fare home from pub

The Australian Government today announced extra emergency relief and financial counselling services will soon be available in Laverton and the Ngaanyatjarra Lands in Western Australia to help local residents who are experiencing financial hardship.

The Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Jenny Macklin, today announced an extra $20,000 in emergency relief will be available to existing providers.

Up to $25,000 has also been allocated for extra financial counselling services in and around Laverton and Kalgoorlie.

Maybe the word ‘Precedence’ could get a run here. Is the government planning to have $20,000 for emergency relief and another $25,000 available for all remote communities and what will be the rules. Or, will money only become available for such programmes whenever The Australian newspaper runs an article on another loan shark in another town.

My take on the Laverton usurer loaning money to the locals was that they had spent all their money and had none to get back to their outstations. He loaned them money at 33% which is about the same that poor white people have to pay when they go to the local Pawn shop for help.

Does that mean they now have a licence to go to town, spend all their money at the pub and takeaway and then just drop into the local Centrelink and get their bus fares home?

I also note Macklin is planning to introduce a scheme where they can get their handout money weekly. Will that apply to all handout money recipients or just the indigenous ones?

Band aid government by unqualified social medics in response to a newspaper article headlining what authorities should have known in first place.

Man bursts into flames after Taser strike in Western Australia

Darwin’s Natural Selection in action;

A MAN from a remote western desert community was last night being airlifted to a Perth hospital after he was shot by police with a Taser gun and engulfed in flames.

His sister, Morinda West, said Mr Mitchell was sniffing petrol in his mother’s house when police banged on the door and asked him to come out.

He eventually decided to leave and went to the front of the house with a lighter and a two-litre orange juice container full of petrol, she said.

“He must have put petrol on his face, then the policeman shot him with the Taser, that’s when the flames happened,” she said.

A police spokeswoman said a male police officer fired the Taser when Mr Mitchell ran at police with the petrol container and refused to stop when asked.

Petrol on your face and in your airways, 50,000 volts arcing across your face and body…..that’ll do it.

People who are against everything I think is reasonable want the issue of Tasers stopped. Seems silly to me – this fool might survive setting his face on fire but he wouldn’t have survived two 9mm rounds from a Glock pistol fired into the centre of the seen mass and that’s the only other option the policeman would have had.

Just picture it – brain damaged loser carrying 2 litres of petrol and a lighter approaching fast in a menacing manner.

Bang! bang!

Bye bye!

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