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Aboriginal Cop sacked

THE Northern Territory Police Force is proud of its Aboriginal Community Police Officers except, it seems, when they act like Aborigines.

Gwen Brown, 53, one of the most awarded and senior ACPOs in the Territory, has been sacked for hitting her nephew with a stick, but she says she has the cultural right to do so.

“I got him and hit him on the butt with a stick, about three times,” she said. “It was just a long, thin ceremony stick. He put his arms behind him and I accidentally broke his arm.”

I used to smack my kids on the backside and they always put their hands there to try and deaden the blows and never once did any of them end up with a broken arm.

Gwen Brown’s nephew was either suffering from some desease that took all the strength from his bones or she went ballistic.

One or the other.

“I accidentally broke his arm with a thin stick” doesn’t cut it.

Police get gongs, Wotten faces jail

POLICE forced to run for their lives as a mob – enraged by the 2004 death in custody of Mulrunji Doomadgee – burnt down the Palm Island watchhouse, barracks and court will receive bravery awards.

On the other side of the card, the guy charged with inciting the riots has been found guilty;

The conviction of Wotton, who faces up to life in prison when he is sentenced on November 7, is expected to be appealed and signals the end of the prosecution cases against the rioters.

Justice prevails.

Clear the remote communities

ABORIGINES in the Northern Territory should be encouraged to leave remote communities in the next phase of the federal Government’s intervention to normalise indigenous communities.

Hoo-bloody-ray, someone finally agrees with me.

I previously posted on this exact issue in March 2004;

I don’t think anyone is talking about forcing them off their tribal lands, just encouraging them to move to where the action is. Move to town, go to school, get a job, earn and save, buy a block of land, build on it – eureka – you have equity in the land. something you will never get in the desert.

Stay where you are and even with land rights you are left with no equity in shit country. Sit in the sand, teach your kids about the dreamtime, watch them sniff petrol, grow up, beat the wife, stay drunk all day, die, get buried, get nowhere in life, didn’t improve on the last generation.

No hope for the next.

I watched the 4 Corners report titled Educating Kimberly and couldn’t help but think it reinforces the issue. Clearly education is an answer, and arguably the prime answer, but the current structure inhibits good education.

A current principal laments trying to teach 13-year-olds with reading ages of less than six.

Put it down to any number of things: chronic absenteeism and lack of motivation springing from family dysfunction, violence, substance abuse, sit-down money, too few role models, no jobs, not enough teaching in English, paltry government investment in schools and teachers.

We need to stop accepting the words and deeds of Whitlam and Nugget Coombes as gospel and offer them some hope.

Lock them away, out of sight out of mind…do nothing…reinforce failure or actively encourage them to join our society.

It’s a no-brainer – surely.

Aborigines ‘don’t know rape is illegal’

According to Richard Trudgen, CEO of the Aboriginal Resource and Development Services (ARDS)

In a report titled An Absence of Mutual Respect, researchers spoke to Yolngu people from a cross-section of the community, including interpreters, locals and community leaders.

They were quizzed on the 30 most commonly used English legal words such as bail, commit, arrest, charge and guilty.

95% of the people questioned didn’t know the meaning of the words.

This can lead to “quite devastating consequences”, said Mr Trudgen, who referred to the case of an elder who had asked him if rape was illegal.

“When I said yes, he told me `none of our young people know that’.

So on this flimsy anecdotal evidence Aborigines don’t understand the concept of rape.

I’ve been amongst the Yolgnu people of Arnhem Land and this conclusion is bullshit! Every society protects it’s women to some degree and all know that taking a woman against her will is simply not on and deserves punishment, legal or not.

They may not know what bail, commit, arrest, charge or guilty means but they know what violence means.

Bloody apologists

Inquiry into Stolen Generation compo

Democrats Senator Andrew Bartlett today said the Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee would hold an inquiry into his Stolen Generation Compensation Bill 2008.

Under the bill, applicants – who could include living descendants of indigenous stolen generation members – would be paid out of a Stolen Generations Fund.

Ex-gratia payments would be set at $20,000 as a common experience payment with an additional $3,000 for each year of institutionalisation.

They could be on a winner here; get removed from life threatening situations and be paid thousands of dollars for every year your life has been extended.

But wait, there’s more. Applicants don’t even have to have been removed themselves; they simply need to be a descendant of someone who was removed.

The mind boggles.

Still, $20,000 will never do….wait for the legal attack as lawyers submit ambit claims for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I can see Andrew will be busy in the Senate today. I wonder if he will have time to contemplate his history and Rudd’s 53 million dollar Anti Binge Drinking campaign (otherwise known as ‘Get the oldies carping about allowances off the front page’ campaign).

Probably not.

Anna Bligh furious

QUEENSLAND PREMIER Anna Bligh has labelled the National Party racist after the state opposition refused to support an apology to the stolen generations made by state parliament nine years ago.

As the nation stopped for Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s speech, Queensland Parliament descended into furious debate when Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg said the state government should apologise to Aborigines for failing to make inroads into indigenous issues.

The opposition also used question time to attack the government on its record on issues such as child safety, including the gang rape of an 10-year-old girl in Aurukun, indigenous infant mortality rates, education and alcoholism.

Left wing Anna doesn’t disappoint – whenever you question a lefty they retort with personal attacks. They never, ever answer the question.

I guess I’d be furious too if some inconvenient MP pointed out the obvious truth that Queensland apologised to the Aborigines nine years ago and if anything, their situation is worse post-apology than it was before. Particularly when it was done on the day that the Country was all a flutter about an apology from Canberra.

“What followed this morning was the most graceless and mealy-mouthed excuse to avoid the issue,” Ms Bligh said.

“There was an opportunity there to rectify the failure of 1999 and it was comprehensively missed.”

Right, so what she is saying is;

The 1999 apology has failed so what we will do is exactly the same and you’re a racist for not complying.

Makes sense in a lefty sort of way.

Bloody Nationals, they demanded actions instead of words – how racist is that.

Sorry’s not enough

Whenever someone had an occasion to apologise to me for some error I would always say” Don’t go on about being sorry for what you did, just tell me what you are going to do to ensure we don’t arrive at this set of circumstances again. When I had to apologise to Army superiors I would, in my more mature years at least, admit to stuffing up and quickly follow up with an outline on what steps I had taken to ensure it wouldn’t happen again.

Disarming and constructive.

I would like to think Rudd would have done something similar with his apology in the house. If he had spent one paragraph saying sorry and the rest of the ninety minutes outlining what he is going to do to prevent a re-occurrence then there would have been some merit in the occasion.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen happen. It turned into a frenzy of wailing and teeth gnashing with a song and dance act choreographed for TV. I’m also afraid that some of the factors that have lead us to this frenzy will be reestablished in the not to distant future as the left gain ascendancy in the ALP.

The Sorry business is being handled poorly. I would want a Task Force, an enlargement or follow up to Mal Brough’s plan, to move into the areas and clean it up in all the interpretations of the word. Swamp the problem – overkill ..gives kids with new medical, health and education degrees HECS payback for one or two years commitment. Call on the Grey Nomads (look at that huge source of experience) Call for volunteers to help – I would put my hand up, but lets not go back to the land rights, sit-down money, isolated outstations, no education, no discipline, access (hide the problems) by permit only, noble warrior bullshit of the Left.

As a matter of interest, how are we going to handle the fact that hundreds, if not thousands of kids need to be removed from their dysfunctional families right now – today. Should we set a date in our calendars, say twenty years hence, to apologise to them?

And who actually should be apologizing and to whom?

David Moore ex chief of staff to former Liberal Aboriginal affairs minister Mal Brough expands on this;

The confusion starts at the top. Last week Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said we needed an apology before we could tackle the problems. But the people to whom he is apologising are a small proportion of the Aboriginal community. The majority weren’t part of the Stolen Generations and they have entrenched problems. The assumption that an apology to the minority will fix the entrenched problems of the majority is misplaced.

David thinks a lot of other people should be apologising and I can’t help but agree with him.

Every Premier for not providing infrastructure; every Education Minister for not insisting black kids have an education; every Attorney General for not applying the law equally to all; the Hawke Keating government for handing the problem over to the dysfunctional ATSIC and the Whitlam and Fraser governments for burying the issues in outstations and hiding them with permit-only entry.

Not to mention the Left wing academics for screaming every time governments tried to do something constructive and the public service chiefs who allowed the circumstances to exist where abused kids were not removed from dysfunctional families due to fear staff had of being accused of starting another Stolen Generations.

Go ahead, have your warm and fuzzy day. You mob in the suburbs who have never been west or north and seen the real problem, roll around in an ecstacy of righteousness but for Christ’s sake, tomorrow, let’s get on with fixing the problem.

As an aside, how would you like to be the first person who recommends, post Sorry Day, in the face of overwhelming evidence of child abuse, that a child be removed from the parents care, or lack of it?

Mal Brough

I have included a link on the left bar to a speech Mal Brough gave to the Deakin Institute. It paints a terrible picture of the situation that exists in Aborigine settlements and outstations and you should go and read the piece.

It has been our responsibility, as legislators over the last 30 years, starting with sit down money with Gough Whitlam and land rights under the Fraser Government. Those two single things did more to harm indigenous culture and destroy it than any two other legislative instruments ever put into the Parliament. And people look at me and say, land rights. Let me explain. You see, you can be land rich but be absolutely poor in every other way.

I have always argued Land Rights do nothing for the dispossessed. It is often argued that the key to western civilization was the Title Deed. Only when you actually own a piece of land can you value it, borrow on it or just enjoy it.

Everything else is dreamtime

Sorry business is getting costly

A reader gives an insight into the political make up of the Public Service. She, and all other staff at a Brisbane office have received this email with a pdf attachment from Reconciliation Australia

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will deliver an apology to the Stolen Generation in Parliament next Wednesday 13 February 2008. This is a significant event in Australia’s history and I encourage you to acknowledge it in your workplace.

The apology will be broadcast on ABC television from 7.55am. It is expected to go for approximately 90 minutes. I encourage Managers to allow staff to watch the broadcast if at all possible. In addition you might like to organise a special breakfast, morning tea or other function in your workplace to commemorate this event.

Is this rife across the board, I wonder? Are tens of thousands of government employees going to down pens and keyboards for 90 minutes on Wednesday?

Why does Gorge Orwell spring to mind. Did his novel 1984 just miss the mark by 24 years?

And what happens if my reader doesn’t join the party or the celebratory morning tea – is she marked down as a racist?

Government by symbolism certainly has some converts who think words will help turn back the years of apartheid that came from the H.C.Nugget Coombs/Whitlam days of outstations and noble savages.

They need a lot more.

Keith Windschuttle suggests the government gives them $50 billion if all of what is claimed is true. That might be tongue-in-cheek but he has other thoughts that are worth reading

For myself I am sorry that people think saying sorry is an answer and I wont be sorry when Thursday comes around – maybe Rudd can get on with running the country for all of us instead of just the Greenies and the Aborigines.

That is of course, after his 1000 advisors tell him what to do.

Another victim of the Stolen Generations mantra

QUEENSLAND’S Child Safety Department knew that a 10-year-old girl had been gang-raped but did not report it to police, despite the girl also contracting a sexually transmitted disease from the encounter.

The official report produced following the eight-month investigation states that a senior Child Safety officer was told on May 11 last year that the child had gonorrhea. It was revealed after the girl attended the Aurukun medical clinic on May 5 last year asking for a pregnancy test and condoms.

That information was immediately relayed to Child Safety, but the senior Child Safety officer did not pass the information on to police in line with her statutory obligations, and when questioned about it said she had spent several weeks making inquiries if gonorrhea was contractable* through means other than sexual transmission.

She has a position of responsibility and makes decisions, or doesn’t make them, that impact on the lives of children. Why spend time trying to prove it wasn’t sexually transmitted when it was known the child had first contracted syphilis in April 2002 when she was aged seven and was raped by five juveniles in Aurukun, receiving severe genital injuries.

As a young bloke I heard you could get gonorrhea and syphilis from toilet seats but Dad said it’s a funny place to take a girl and he suggested that I ignore that pearl of juvenile wisdom. So learned at 15 what this woman still doesn’t know.

The driving force in the whole episode? An emotive irrational belief in the Stolen Generations. In their mind, removing a child from the care of dysfunctional indigenous parents, even in a situation like this, is a greater crime than those being inflicted on the child

No alarm bells! Can’t remove her from her parents care – The alarm bells are over ridden by the Left’s mantra….Stolen Generations….Stolen Generations…Stolen Generations….Stolen Generations

How can the Child Safety Clerks (I refuse to call them Officers) and Judge Bradley sleep at night. What on earth are they doing?

A FORMER foster carer of the girl at the centre of the Queensland rape furore warned authorities the girl was offering sex in exchange for cigarettes and alcohol just weeks before she was returned to Aurukun and pack-raped.

The carer said child protection authorities were obsessed with returning abused and neglected children to their communities – even if they faced danger.

Stolen Generations!

Judge Bradley said a raft of issues, including cultural and language barriers, made it difficult for Aboriginal people to access the justice system and receive equal treatment.

In a way that wasn’t her intention, she is right – these guys certainly haven’t received equal treatment. If they were white they would have been removed from society.

I have a feeling that the kid is brain damaged from petrol sniffing. I can’t find any reference to it but if it is the case then it only makes her situation worse.

From Aboriginal academic Professor Boni Robertson,

“What sort of message does that send to pedophiles and other people out there who think it’s OK to go out and have sexual relations with children under the age of consent?”

…..it would be “absolutely mistaken” for anyone to claim there were cultural issues involved.

“There is no way that any culture could be used to claim that it’s OK for nine men to sexually interfere with a 10-year-old child.”

Unless you’re from the left and believe everything is subordinate to “Stolen Generations”.

UPDATE I: It’s what Judge Sarah Bradley is all about;

In 2001, … imposed a wholly suspended jail term, without conviction, on a 17-year-old youth who raped his grandmother. The court was told the youth raped his grandmother while she was in a drunken sleep.

Again in 2001…imposed a wholly suspended one-year jail term on a Catholic school principal convicted of molesting a 15-year-old student.

UPDATE II: Amongst those involved were three men aged 17, 18 and 26 which makes a mockery of the THE crown prosecutor description of the crime as “childish experimentation”.

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