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Australia – get onto this

If you enjoy all the good things that the internet offers, you should watch this.

From Thoughts on Freedom

Apple iPad released

Apple quote $US499 ($AUD 553.20) entry price. Let’s see what the local market does with it.

iPhone to iPad – natural technical progression.

I want one.

RFID Car rego tags on the way

AUSTRALIA’S states and territories have begun exploring the use of digital vehicle registration tags, using technology similar to electronic toll collection systems.

A spokeswoman for the transport and traffic authority, Austroads, confirmed that a multi-state licencing and registration taskforce had begun exploring the use of radio-frequency identity (RFID) tags to improve vehicle identification and reduce crime.

I was tail-ended once and the guy just got out and walked while I was busy comforting wive and kids. He wasn’t insured or registered and as I’m sure this has happened to a lot of readers this move by the transport authorities can only be seen as a positive one.

And here’s a stat to comfort those more concerned with human rights and privacy than practicalities.

NSW Police last year detected nearly 38,000 unregistered vehicles!

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