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There, there now….

Hater of everything conservative, Marylin Sheppard is having a very bad day

Australia, I hate your guts. I suspect as well that tourists, students and migrants will be averse to a country that tortures innocent people in this manner and I hope the entire place collapses in a deep, dark depression brought on by a lazy, racist moron

I feel her pain and the feeling is exquisite. I am beside myself with pleasure that this prime idiot is upset.

Kangaroo culls

Pat O’Brien, the leader of the anti Kangaroo cull in Canberra claims kangaroos are already being culled and that it would only cost $750,000 to move the roos elsewhere. There are a bout 400 roos in the area so they are suggesting the country spend $1875 per roo to fix the problem.

Yeah right! I figure one round per roo couldn’t cost much more than a few bucks and the problem is solved. If we never culled any roos we would be overrun by them, farmers would be in dire troubles and the panel beating industry would be on a winner.

The video below has O’Brien explaining how Steve Irwin (now the zoo itself) is funding his anti-kangaroo cull. The video shows O’Brien living in a house owned by the Irwins and goes into details of how he just has to ask and $2,000 a day barristers are paid for by the Zoo. He submits a monthly budget and the money is there just three days later.

I have no problem with the Australian Zoo doing there bit for wildlife but some common sense wouldn’t go astray. Helping endangered species would be a start – maybe they could spend a bit of their money culling the feral cats that are putting dozens of species on the endangered list or even helping to protect the bilby but to spend money trying to stop roo culling is pure activist idealolgical bullshit.

Wasting money on a waste of time.

I know who I’d be culling.

Kangaroos get reprieve so they can starve to death

THE planned cull of kangaroos on defence land in Canberra has been put on hold after the department asked the ACT Government to approve a trial of moving them.

Read ‘The Department has been told by the government, who have been told by the Left/Greens, to ask the ACT government to approve a trial of moving them…or anything that would take it of the front pages. The debacle over the Government supporting anti-whaling terrorists is bad enough but to have the animal activists preaching hypocracy is worse

ACT Animal Liberation president Mary Hayes and the ACT Greens are against the cull for the usual uneducated reasons. Bob Green says his usual anti-anything mantra and about 70 activists have protested.

This small group of second rate players and unwashed activists have dictated terms to a government and one of it’s largest departments.

Two weeks ago the Rudd government/Defence were happy for the cull to go ahead and now they’re not. The Greens have held sway and a solution has been turned into a crime. Defence have been forced to back down and announced today;

….it remained interested in researching options other than a cull, particularly given public opposition to that plan.

“Approval has therefore been requested from the ACT Government to undertake a scientific trial of kangaroo management techniques, including translocation,” defence said.

“Pending the ACT Government’s response to the defence proposal, the cull of kangaroos … will be placed on hold.”

We cull millions every year but a the thought of culling a few hundred in the ACT force the government to back down.

Who’s running the country again?

More symbols

From todays Strewth column in the Australian

Clueless Viking

THE voyage of the Australian Customs Service ship Oceanic Viking ends when it docks in Fremantle this morning after a seven-week, 5000-nautical-mile voyage to monitor Japanese whaling activity in the Southern Ocean. About the only useful thing the ship did was to help transfer two anti-whaling activists, Benjamin Potts and Giles Lane of the vigilante conservationist group Sea Shepherd, from a Japanese harpoon boat back to the Steve Irwin. Crew aboard the Ocean Viking took photographs and video of the Japanese operations that it has been claimed may be used in legal action against Japan. Strewth hopes ACS chief executive Michael Carmody enjoys his home movies because legal experts are at a loss to nominate in what jurisdiction legal action can be taken against the Japanese.

I commented earlier

I do not sit easy with the fact that the government of a country like Australia is acting as a paid up member of a radical organization that terrorizes people going about their legitimate business.

The entire affair is very untidy and leaves Australia’s reputation as a reasoned and intelligent player shattered.

Nothing is going to happen. Rudd got his mileage from the non thinkers by misusing a ship for political gain. The Greenies swooned, the young voters said ‘cool Dude’, the Japanese rolled their eyes and ignored the ship and all is sweet with the world of the crazy left.

I would have to take DD McNicoll to task over his suggestion that transferring Benjamin Potts and Giles Lane from the Whaler to the Steve Irwin (so named to tug on warm and fuzzy Aussie heartstrings) was useful. The idiots should be have been left on the Jap whaler as playthings for the crew – their only chance in life of being useful.

Anyone like to comment on how much each Greenie vote cost the country once the costs of seven-week, 5000-nautical-mile voyage are factored in.

Even if it’s one cent per it’s too much.


The Australian now agrees with me on whaling

After a clumsy three-week delay, the Oceanic Viking finally left port on its mission of official government activism, apparently to collect more evidence for what is already well-documented activity, for some future but unspecified legal action against the Japanese Government. International law has to date offered little resolution in this regard. The action appears to have done little more than antagonise Australia’s biggest trading partner at the highest levels and weakened the Government’s ability to act diplomatically and strategically to actually do something about moderating the Japanese whale cull.

and this

The Japanese fleet plans to take about 935 minke whales in the Southern Ocean this season. The IWC estimates there are somewhere between 500,000 and over a million swimming around those parts.

As environmentalist Tim Flannery pointed out, you can hardly mount a case against it on sustainability grounds. The managed harvesting of thousands of other equally sentient mammals for food occurs every day in Australia without so much as a murmur.

The country needs to know that the entire anti-whaling operation is based on activists and their agenda. Paul Watson, ‘Captain’ of the Steve Irwin (so named for it’s Australian appeal) is nothing short of a lunatic with an unhealthy hatred for all fisherman.

I particularly note this quote from the above link.

When a former Greenpeace colleague criticized Watson for sinking half a fleet of Icelandic whaling boats in 1986, Watson replied, “So what?” he he said. “We did not sink those ships for you or for any of the six billion hominid a–holes on this planet…we could not give a damn what human beings have to say about the actions.” “The world will be a much nicer place without us [humans],” he said on another occasion, adding that he “owed no allegiance to humanity.” This message is incongruous with his assertion that the SSCS is “a vehicle to empower people.

This man has the Australian government dancing to his own sick tune.

I do not sit easy with the fact that the government of a country like Australia is acting as a paid up member of a radical organization that terrorizes people going about their legitimate business.

The entire affair is very untidy and leaves Australia’s reputation as a reasoned and intelligent player shattered.

Four found guilty over Pine Gap break-in


Donna Mulhearn, 37, Jim Dowling, 50, Adele Goldie, 29, and Bryan Law, 51, were found guilty of a total of 14 charges, including trespassing in a prohibited area, damaging Commonwealth property and taking unlawful photographs of a defence site.

Bryan Law, the Cairns cab driver and anti-everything explains himself in this report at Web Diary;

in Alice Springs in May/June this year we’re running a parallel political program of information, protest and direct action outside the Court.

For those who come to Alice Springs, the nonviolence training will focus on foundation work for the formation and operation of small, autonomous affinity groups which undertake interventionary work against the U.S. war-fighting system.

Intervention contains an element of physical disruption to the war machine. In December 2005 we forced Pine Gap to “lock down” for four hours. In later months the government was forced to conduct a security assessment of Pine Gap and improve their security at a cost of millions (so they say – we’ll find out). We have driven up costs and made operations more difficult.

We are few in number and small in resources, and we constitute an efficient and effective means of addressing war and the emerging security/terrorist state.

To promote further actions of this nature we’ll be working hard at diversity, mutual respect, cooperation, fun, spirit, miracles, and a relaxed but determined revolutionary zeal to manifest Peace on Earth in the ways that are available.

I’ve had some debates with him when he was writing his anti-everything diatribes at Web Diary and would gladly see him out of circulation for awhile.

….Crown Prosecutor Hilton Dembo said that the case was the first time intruders had reached the technical support area of the base, and said the case was exceptional in its nature.

“They are serious offences striking at the heart of the national security and the national interest,” he said.

Our friend Bryan sees himself as a martyr and asks the judge to throw the book at him telling Justice Thomas that he “is prepared for a custodial sentence.”

“I ask that Your Honour does not grant a suspended sentence”, he said.

“That would be cruel.

“I would not be able to abide by its conditions and we would just end up in court again.

“Lay it on me Your Honour, and I’ll serve it out.”

Another of the futile four tried to recruit the judge;

Jim Golding, said he did not want to go to jail and invited Justice Thomas to “join the resistance, the side that’s fighting for human rights.

The group will be sentenced tomorrow. They face a maximum jail term of seven years or a maximum fine of $46,200 under the Defence (Special Undertakings) Act.

I doubt if any court in Australia will give them the maximum but one can always live in hope


Costello attacks PETA

The Federal Treasurer is planning to make it easier for the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) to take legal action against a group calling for an international boycott of Australian wool.

Peter Costello is angry that the group People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has called for an international boycott of Australian wool, as a protest against mulesing of sheep.

So am I, my family run sheep and wheat in WA.

He continues in his normal ‘calling a spade a spade’ manner;

“You can say what you like, you can be as ignorant as you like, and I think Martina Navratilova and Pink – when they campaign against Australian farmers – are ignorant,” he said.

“There’s no law that’s going to stop ignorant commentary, but there will be a law which will allow the ACCC to stand up for Australian farmers where they suffer from a boycott.”

I heard the interview on ABC radio and as usual they had a sound bite from Bob Brown rattling on about it being an attack on the freedom of speach. Of course the ABC always quote their darling Bob, (must be #1 on their speed dial) as his policies match the ABCs word for word.

A law against ignorant commentary…mmm….now there’s a thought.

Good news week

Five peace activists, including a woman who acted as a ‘human shield’ before the Iraq war, face up to seven years’ jail for breaking into a top secret military base in central Australia.

Former ‘human shield’ Donna Mulhearn, who was abducted and briefly held by militants in the Iraqi flashpoint city of Fallujah in April last year, was among those charged with commonwealth offences.

It just gets better and better, Bryan Law, the anti-ADF wanker from Cairns has been caught in the bag as well.

Those charged include Mulhearn, 37, of Sydney, Jim Dowling, 50, of Dayboro near Brisbane, Brian Law, 51, of Cairns, Adele Goldie, 29, of Brisbane, and Sean O’Reilly, 47, of Brisbane.

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