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Bob Brown – ignorant bastard

GREENS leader Bob Brown is facing mounting condemnation after calling on coal companies to foot the bill for the Queensland flood recovery.

Pig ignorant bastard! Should be locked up in stocks in the biggest coal mining town in Australia so people can throw all their rotting vegetation at him.

Anna ‘talks the talk’

I must admit Anna Bligh did a good job over the week of the crisis in Brisbane – she definitely “talked the Talk”.

People with the attention span and memory of a lighting bolt are obviously easily taken in by “the Talk”.

How about this for over the top adulation…

“It’s hard to find enough superlatives to describe Anna Bligh right now. I want her to be my mum and my prime minister and my best friend. I want to sit in front of my TV and just watch her talk because with every sentence, she manages to strike an extraordinary balance of compassion and calm and heartbreak and resolve.”

Years of mismanagement all cancelled out by a couple of hours on TV according to writer Jessica Rudd (yes – that Rudd family) on mamamia

I don’t think so – she needs to ‘walk the walk’ as well but watch her polls rise 10 or more points.

Before and after

Here is a link to the best before and after shots of the floods – just slide the bar over.

Courtesy daughter Liz

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