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The anti-whaling mob bring in the intellectuals

AUSTRALIA’S most famous prisoner has begged fellow Aussies to help save whales from Japanese hunters.

In an incredible plea, Schapelle Corby forgot her own plight in an Indonesian jail to urge readers to sign The Daily Telegraph/Today Show petition that could stop the marine mammal slaughter.

Australia’s most famous prisoner…….an incredible plea……who is writing this shit…her mother?

Fool of a father

A 14-YEAR-old British girl has been arrested after protesting against whaling outside the Japanese embassy in London, inspired by the work of Greenpeace in the Southern Ocean.

One video clip which showed a whale being blown up, had “hit me hard”, she said.

The video pushed her to stage the hour-long protest because she felt it was wrong to wrong to “brutally murder” whales.

“It’s a very important subject at the moment. They’re such amazing creatures and they deserve rights and love and a bit of respect,” she said.

For a moment there I thought she was talking about whales, you know, those very,very big sea creatures. But no, she’s obviously talking about people. Phrases such as – brutally murdered… deserve rights, love and respect are normally reserved for humans.

She should be released and told to go home and start acting like a teenager, to keep away from her father and do her bloody homework and he should have the book thrown at him starting with Corrupting a Minor by turning her brain into mush.

Bloody idiot.

Bumper sticker politics

THE Australian Government has flown its first surveillance mission as forces step up around the Japanese whaling fleet in the Antarctic.

The flight, by an extended range Airbus, together with the appearance of a Japanese fishing boat said to be shadowing Sea Shepherd, raise spying over the “scientific” whaling program to a new level.

Didn’t find the Japanese whalers though;

Bad weather prevented it from flying into its original search area, but depending on the weather conditions and the activities of the whaling fleet, the A-319 would fly another mission again soon, the spokeswoman said.

As the Australian Antarctic Division has only one airbus that I’m aware of then all of last weeks positive press about air travel now being available for scientists is now subject to the whim of Garret and whatever Greenie terrorist group he’s backing at the time.

You might recall Garret, the Minister for Plastic Bags and any Green activist who wants media coverage, flew to the Antarctic recently looking for errant plastic bags or other threats to Mother Earth.

Sorry scientist, I’ve just read a sticker that reads “save the Whales” and it reminded me of my mate and Eco-terrorist Paul Watson who so far has only sunk ten whalers and a mob of other fishing vessels – we need to target more for him.

Activists promise ‘aggressive’ action over hostages

Of course they do. It’s a part of the overall PR scheme to get coverage; first harass the Japanese until they make an error of judgment, or, as happened in this case, illegally board the vessel and force the Japanese to defend themselves. Two activists boarded the vessel with a view to handing the Captain something or other. It doesn’t matter what it was – the intention was to put themselves in such a position on the vessel that the Japanese would be forced to react.

They did – they secured the activists and apparently wont let them go.

I think ‘ (the activists)were tied to the rails of the ship and immersed up to their waists in freezing seawater after an attempt to throw one overboard.’ owes more to the radical politics of Sea Sheppard rather than the truth. I can imagine the Japanese were very upset at being boarded in the high seas and are entitled to secure the radicals until they can be safely got rid of. I would secure them in the brig in protective custody just to shut them up and to ensure the crew don’t take them apart or have to listen to their rantings.

Still, all the luvvies are lapping it up. The younger set were recently trying to tell me that the Japanese really have a surplus of tons and tons of whale meat in cold storage in Japan and are only doing this to wind us up. Given that this is obviously a commercial enterprise I can’t see it but as they believe everything they read then how can rational thought get a guernsey.

Meanwhile the lawyers have got into the act as The Federal Court yesterday handed down a landmark judgment ordering Japanese government-backed company Kyodo Senpaku Kaisha out of the Australian Whale Sanctuary.

It’s landmark alright as a very few select countries recognize Australia’s Sanctuary and the Government aren’t going to actually enforce the landmark decision because it’s unenforceable in international law.

Notwithstanding all of this, it’s a very good PR exercise for Sea Sheppard as millions will respond with donations while governments and media organizations queue up to dance to their tune.

Diplomacy is the answer, not piracy on the High Seas, but that would never suit a radicals agenda.

This just in;

The Japanese whaling fleet says protest ship the Steve Irwin is deliberately avoiding its attempts to hand over two detained crew members.

Japan’s Institute for Cetacean Research claims the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society vessel is trying to prolong the controversy.

Tactics, Sea Sheppard haven’t milked it for all it’s worth yet.


The next page in the Sea Sheppard pre-written script goes like this;

THE Japanese whaling ship holding two activists, including an Australian, will release the men only if a list of conditions is met, the Sea Shepherd conservation group says.

No proof, just a statement. I wonder if the media carrying this story has bothered to ask for their source.

And this raise a few questions;

A witness said the pair were tied to the rails of the ship and immersed up to their waists in freezing seawater after an attempt to throw one overboard.

As the whole ‘boarding the Japanese whaler’ is a Sea Sheppard tactic to excite the media are we expected to believe that the activists didn’t have a camera on their boarding party?

Where are the pics proving the ‘immersion in freezing sea water and tying up stuff’?

I’m sure they’ll be along soon.

Problem solved

Everyone has been worrying about how to fix the problem of pedophiles in the Catholic Church (and other institutions) and a lot of investigation and resulting angst has has been the outcome.

We should have gone straight to the top.

POPE Benedict XVI has instructed Roman Catholics to pray “in perpetuity” to cleanse the church of pedophile clergy.

I would have thought conducting investigations and charging pedophiles would have a more practical solution but then I’m not a Catholic and I’m obviously missing something.

Still, he’s acknowledged that they exist.

Imams urged to be lifesavers and fireys

Yeah, right!

In a report to be considered by imams at a meeting this weekend, Lebanese Muslim Association president Tom Zreika likens the unpopularity of Muslims to attitudes to communists, and urges spiritual leaders to improve the image of Islam in Australia.

Mr Zreika says in the report, commissioned by the powerful LMA, that Australians have “had enough of us”.

The report goes on “It would be great to see a turbaned imam fighting fires alongside other bushfire service volunteers.

Headlines for Mr Zreika. Imams don’t do community service of that kind. They stand in pulpits and exhort young men to be angry young men. The young men in question, those with sufficient education to send the thoughts of the Imams to the boundary, may well join our society one day if they haven’t already but the old men – I doubt it.

Retire them and get some new blood up the front of the congegration. Have them talk of love and understanding, of freedom to follow the God of your choice, of the equality of women and how the Koran offers good advice but tranliteration leads to despair.

Join mainstream Australia or go back to some Sharia bound country locked in the 12th century.

It aint here.

Tom Zreika is right when he says that Australians have “had enough of us” and I do believe he is headed in the right direction when he urges spiritual leaders to improve the image of Islam in Australia.

From such a low base as exists today, any improvement would help.

Costello attacks PETA

The Federal Treasurer is planning to make it easier for the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) to take legal action against a group calling for an international boycott of Australian wool.

Peter Costello is angry that the group People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has called for an international boycott of Australian wool, as a protest against mulesing of sheep.

So am I, my family run sheep and wheat in WA.

He continues in his normal ‘calling a spade a spade’ manner;

“You can say what you like, you can be as ignorant as you like, and I think Martina Navratilova and Pink – when they campaign against Australian farmers – are ignorant,” he said.

“There’s no law that’s going to stop ignorant commentary, but there will be a law which will allow the ACCC to stand up for Australian farmers where they suffer from a boycott.”

I heard the interview on ABC radio and as usual they had a sound bite from Bob Brown rattling on about it being an attack on the freedom of speach. Of course the ABC always quote their darling Bob, (must be #1 on their speed dial) as his policies match the ABCs word for word.

A law against ignorant commentary…mmm….now there’s a thought.

Greenpeace Reincarnation

Just love the new Greanpeace add;

When you come back as a whale you’ll be bloody glad you put GREENPEACE in your will

Mildly funny but what isn’t funny is that a lot of their supporters will most probably think

Oh yeah…that makes sense….better leave them some money just in case.

Always thought Greenpeace was some sort of weird religion.

Abstinence doesn’t work

It’s not often I find myself defending Adams or Toms but I question letter writer Martin’s grasp on the realities of life when he advocates abstinence as a means of defence against Aids.

Martin suggests Uganda’s approach as an effective strategy;

IT seems that Phillip Adams and Emma Tom see the major failing of Pope John Paul II’s pontificate as being his refusal to condone the use of condoms to stop AIDS in Africa. The reason the Pope never accepted this strategy is simple. Distributing condoms is not the most effective strategy in stopping AIDS, abstinence is.

Uganda’s ABC approach ? Abstinence, Be faithful, and use a Condom (in that order) ? still seems to have been the most effective strategy so far. The trouble with Phillip and Emma is that they cannot envisage people accepting abstinence.
Martin Fitzgerald
Chatswood, NSW

Is there some religious indoctrination in Martin’s opinion.

I think so.

Be faithful and use a condom is fine but are we to accept that young people are going to be able to fight millenia of hard wired progaramming that demands satisfaction?

Are we going to try and fight a disease by fighting human nature? That has never worked before, why should it now?

‘Don’t do it’ is never going to work. ‘Be carefull’ just might, but the inclusion of ‘education’ in Uganda’s strategy might just make it effective.

Church refuses veteran’s final wish.

Check this idiot out

The Reverand Campbell refuses to allow a coffin containing a veteran to be draped with the Australian flag.

“I believe the rituals of the church belong within the church building and the RSL service (should be) another event,” Dr Campbell said.

Sound a bit strange on the face of it untill we read of his political leanings.

Dr Campbell, a former social justice spokesman for the Uniting Church of Victoria and Tasmania, is a member of a small group known as Christians For Peace.

He was heavily involved in a series of daily People For Peace vigils outside St Paul’s Cathedral in early 2003 denouncing the Iraqi war.

I wonder just what community the good Reverand thinks he represents. Just the peace makers opviously.

The fact that it is the veteran’s final wish is not the point. A flag over the coffin has been a courtesy afforded returned servicemen since there has been veterans.

The leader of the Uniting Church in Victoria and Tasmania doesn’t help when she offers these paragraphs of nothing as an apology

The leader of the Uniting Church in Victoria and Tasmania, Reverend Sue Gormann, today said she deeply regretted any additional pain the family suffered as a result of the the decision.

She must agree with the fool, otherwise she would have phoned up and pointed out that he was just being un-Australian and to get on with his job of reflecting the mores of all of society.

“I am very sorry that this matter will have added to the grief of Mr Vipond’s family,” Rev Gormann said in a statement.

“I am sad that we were not able to meet the needs of the Vipond family at this time, and I look forward to meeting with them in the future.

What a useless statement. We are not going to help you, we refuse to honour your veterans service but we look forward to having a cuppa’ with you in the future.

“It was not the intention of the Reverend Dr Wes Campbell to offend the family, and we both deeply regret that this passage of events has taken place.” But the church is unable to guarantee the situation will not happen again as it has no policy outlining the use of flags in funeral services.

It was very much the intention of Campbell to offend the family, the country and more particularly, The Government.

Are we expected to believe that a Minister of the Cloth, normally a person of some import, a leader in the community, is not aware of the courtesies offered returned servicemen.

Bullshit. He’s making a political statement at the expense of a grieving family to get his opinion across that the Iraq war was illegal or whatever.

Poor show.

The mans details are:The Rev Wes Campbell, of St John’s Uniting Church in Essendon and the only church in Essendon I can find in the Yellow Pages is this one;

Cnr Mt Alexander Rd & Buckley St Essendon VIC 3040
ph: (03) 9375 1065

I presume it’s the one.

Heads up from James Riley

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