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Statue of Mary Weeps.

Well you would too if you were forced to live at Inala.

The Courier Mail has an article about a statue ‘weeping‘ in a Brisbane suburb.

Amazing, isn’t it?

The Christian Supplies store in Elizabeth St, Brisbane City, has sold more than 120 statues of the Miraculous Our Lady and tens of kilograms of rosary prayer beads to devout Vietnamese Catholics.

“I would estimate that we have sold between $6000 and $10,000 worth of stock because of this,” Mr Salvati, the manager, said.

The Catholic Church is expected to conduct an investigation into the mystery within days.

But not too soon.

Is there a Dog?

I like the old joke about the dyslexic insomniac who lay awake all night wondering if there really was a dog. To me, it makes more sense than wondering if there really is a God.

I came from religious household but war service and education that demanded rational answers set me on a different path.

I’m reminded of the joke and my turning from religion by a piece in todays Age by Tony Wilson that ends with his thoughts on the Iranian earthquake.

In Iran, of course, a great many more laws need to be rewritten to remove a fear of God that is actively cultivated by the Government. People will say that God provides hope. Atheists like myself say that knowledge and a rational liberal democratic system of government provide more hope. If God controls the universe, he has just saved a 97-year-old and killed 30,000 others. Yet for the believers, it all just adds to His mystique.

The ‘Opiate of the Masses’ has come along way since Jesus, a charismatic politician and heir to the throne of David started a movement in the first century that promised a lot based on little. Faith is all you need and here the faith is translated as live a good life, believe in miracles and a devine being and a place in heaven will be yours. I can imagine ‘Heaven’ being a good drawcard considering the terrible conditions these early converts endured but the whole deal was sold on no evidence.

The early church leaders decided that the best way to convert non-believers was to let them keep some of the old beliefs and festivals but to repackage them under the new order. To cut it as a religious leader and be marketable one had to have done the virgin birth bit, performed miracles and undergone death and resurrection all at prescibe times in the year that fitted with ancient beliefs.

The packaging worked for thousands of years and survives all over the world but is strongest where education isn’t.

The first century answer to today’s Saatchi & Saatchi would be beside themselves with pride at the way it turned out. Jesus, a man, is now Jesus, Son of God. They didn’t even have to produce God. Believe me folks, he just is.

I believe this is the way it is but I have no problem with those who believe otherwise. It’s a free world and if you get solace or meaning from your beliefs then good on you. But, and it’s a big but, don’t try and force your beliefs down my throat and more importantly don’t look to disadvantage me as a result of your beliefs.

A case in point; a lot of fundamental Moslems would kill me if they could because I don’t follow their God. Not that the Christian track record is unblemished. Early graveyards in the Old world and New offer millions of dead as testament to the Christian campaigns. More men have died under the banner of ‘my God is better than yours’ than for any other cause.

Check out Tony Wilson’s article.

Miracles of Faith

Marxists running the Indian state of Bengal are denying miracles

“We believe that the tribal woman Monica Besra’s stomach tumour was cured by prolonged medication in two hospitals, not by any miracle. Doctors who treated her at the hospitals have already supported our claim,” Mr Mishra said. “We are ready to accept the works of Mother Teresa, but not the miracle theory.”

Gee, that’s radical.

I don’t think there is any denying Mother Teresa’s good work but to put it down to a miracle as the process of beatification demands is 12th century rubbish. We demand Islam joins the 21st century while The Vatican clings to yesterdays standards.

Not often I agree with Marxists but it happens.

Bob Carr warns Lebanese thugs

Bob Carr warns Lebanese thugs – obey our laws or go back home in this piece in todays Australian

This is pretty easy for Bob to say as State Governments don’t have the power to send them home – it’s a federal thing, but this fact doesn’t detract from the message. The Melbourne gang wars aside, outright ‘machine gunning’ of people is not an Australian pastime. If we are not careful we will have wedding guests spraying AK47s in the air as a celebration and shooting down small aircraft.

I’d like to think that we could pick up on Bobs ‘racist’ speech and say to these turkeys “One strike in certain crime divisions and all bets are off”. Crimes like murder and raping women ‘Leb Style’ get you a one way ticket back to the shit hole you come from. You want to live in a great society then you must remember that is great simply because we don’t put up with that filfth.

Born on this day in 1946 I have lived through the great post war migration where Europeans came from troubled times in the old countries to the new. They brought with them culture, cuisine and artistic expression that has made the Australia of my senior years far better than the one of my youth.

I like to look at it this way. If I invite you into my home what do you contribute? If it’s machine guns and rape you are not welcome. If you bring the hatreds of thousands of years of Middle East troubles and wish to practice them here then likewise I will not invite you to eat at my table.

Thinking about it, what can the Middle East people contribute to Australia? Subjugation of women maybe – just ask my eldest daughter about how the Egyptian males treated her when she was touring the Pyramids. How to hate someone who doesn’t subscribe to your God – just ask the families of of the WTC and Bali victims. The only positive I can see is people from that area who are trying to distance themselves from these mindsets – they are worth the dinner invitation.

The others? One strike and your out.

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