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Gee! Rudd was lying

FORMER prime minister Kevin Rudd began legal action against Japan’s whaling program despite strong opposition from senior ministers and bureaucrats who warned it was likely to fail and strengthen the hand of the Japanese.

In October 2008, as Australian officials were working to develop Australia’s case, the embassy reported to Washington that domestic political considerations were high in Mr Rudd’s thinking.

The embassy reported he was likely to eventually see international legal action ”as the least damaging politically of his limited choices in dealing with public anger over whaling”.

Which pretty well sums up my opinion posted over a year ago. Why is is that people couldn’t see Rudd’s actions for what they were – simply a means to put the issue on the backburner…..lying hound!

Rudd on the loose again

Greg Sheridan’s re-birthing of Rudd as a great Foreign Minister is becoming harder and harder to justify yet he sticks at it.

This week the third meeting of the Australia Israel Leadership Forum took place in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, with a day in Ramallah talking to Palestinian leaders. There is no doubt Rudd is well regarded in Israel and his authentic leadership on Iran is appreciated.

The last sentence raises my eyebrows and seems at odds with the restr of the article.

Sheridan goes on to say;

In an interview with this paper’s John Lyons in Cairo on Saturday, Rudd said: “Our view has been consistent for a long time and that is that all states in the region should adhere to the [nuclear] Non-Proliferation Treaty, and that includes Israel. And therefore their nuclear facility should be subject to International Atomic Energy Agency inspection.”

The Arabs love it while Israel is bemused.

With only one Israel and a host of Israel hating Arab nations having a vote at the UN I can’t help but think Rudd is just padding his resume for a post-politics appointment.

I hope he gets it real quick so we can stop putting our long time relationship with Israel in jeapoardy.

Rudd states the obvious

KEVIN Rudd has warned that flood-ravaged Pakistan faces a serious disease epidemic unless UN and aid agencies take immediate precautions.

Gee, I bet no one else had thought that might be the case with major flooding in a third world country.

Rudd caught out

Rudd is quoted in the Weekend Australian (25/10) saying in a conversation with President Bush Rudd raised the question of the G20 and Bush replied G20 – what’s that? The call came though at a dinner Rudd was holding when he was called away to talk to Bush. He came back to the dinner and seemingly big noted himself to the dinner guests.

This would suggest Bush is stupid and that would suit the dinner guests and supporters who still think Rudd is competent enough to handle the position of Prime Minister and that world leaders just hang about waiting for his wise words.

The rest of us smelt a rat and questions have been asked by the blogging community. The media, still on a honeymoon and reluctant to point out their bride looks ugly in the cold light of dawn, have been predictably silent about the matter.

The US have made it plain that Bush is well aware of G20 and that puts ex diplomat Rudd in a quandary. How to backup….I know, he thinks, I’ll attack the libs for once suggesting al-Qaeda would welcome Obama as President and defuse the issue.

Doesn’t work. al-Qaeda are on record as preferring Obama as President in that they want Bush and the Republicans humiliated, but the question remains unanswered. If Rudd didn’t say what the Australian says he did, and remember the editor-in-chief of the Australian was at the dinner, then why has he let the matter fester for a week without clarification?

Because it suits him and his idea of what a statesman is. The article in the Weekend Australian portrayed Rudd as advising and convincing Bush to take a certain course in the attempts to calm the financial markets. It suggested a wise and knowing statesman was advising and setting straight a stupid republican president on how to handle a problem.

The truth is more likely that world leaders now sees Rudd as blabber mouth, not to be confided in, as anything said in conversation could end up on the front page of the local newspapers in a manner that reflects well on Rudd and poorly on the guy at the other end. At least that’s what the London Times report (London Times link from Andrew Bolt

Ex diplomat…very ex!
Ex Prime Minister….soon…please…before our name is mud.

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