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Can you spare a dime……no way!

From this mornings “Strewth” in The Australian comes this ‘Good News’ story about a NSW Greens tosser

cgreeniecohenCan you spare a dime….NSW Greens MP Ian Cohen may have successfully paddled a kayak in front of a US warship on Sydney Harbour, but it proved tougher in the High Court yesterday where he lost a defamation case against NSW north coast developer Jerry Bennette. Cohen now has a bill of more than $1 million. “The costs of the opposition’s lawyers were quite significant,” Cohen told Strewth, clearly unafraid of understatement. “I’ve had years of this hanging over me, when I’ve told myself I might lose, so I was reasonably well prepared emotionally.” Cohen is contemplating doing more on the public speaking front and expanding his range of cane toad skin fashions and accessories, but he’s also in no frame of mind to turn away any generous benefactors: “Even smaller donations will help keep me on my feet. I’m easy to find.”

With a bit of luck the 1 million dollar legal bill might take his mind away from stuffing up the country.

Green’s funds redirected

Out of all the doom and gloom lately there is some hope. Bob Green owes Forestry Tasmania $240,000 after a failed legal bid to stop logging in the Wielangta forest in Tasmania’s south-east.

If he doesn’t pay in time it would lead to bankruptcy and that would lead to him losing his Senate seat.

Now that would be a win-win situation for Tasmania and Australia but we all know that there will be any amount of tree huggers happy to ante up for their hero.


Dick Smith is the first such person to put up his hand. Given that I’m very much into scientific based conservation programmes but very anti the witch-doctor/anti-capitalist based Green’s theories I am disappointed, but at least the exercise will take some money out of the Green’s coffers.

Also makes it easier to decide should I go to Dick Smiths or J Car for my e-toys.

Sea Sheppard rams Japanese ship

Standard precedure: ram the Japanese whaling ship, produce a video and text blaming the Japanese for not getting out of the way then standby for the debate. Good cheap PR for the fools of Sea Sheppard. Can some maritime authority take away the Robin Hunter Captain’s licence before he kills someone?

I’m not against stopping whaling, I’m just against idiots ramming ships.

UPDATE: Even Greenpeace are trying to distance themselves from the ships of fools.

Freehold land rights thrown out

A DECISION to ban development in the World Heritage-listed Daintree rainforest has outraged landowners, who castigated Peter Beattie on talk-back radio yesterday during his visit to Cairns.

On Monday, the Douglas Shire Council passed a planning scheme to prevent people who bought freehold blocks in the Daintree 20 years ago from developing the land, bringing to an end two years of political wrangling over the rainforest’s future.

So much for freehold title. Less than 20 years ago the Daintree was a hippy colony and any talk of roads or any other development was shouted down. Roads brought civilization…civilization brought police….police frowned on and locked up drug users.

In 1982 I did a recce of the area looking for sufficient room to conduct an infantry exercise for 1RAR. We stopped in at the Cooktown Police station and introduced ourselves to the local Sergeant. He had just taken over the area and when we announced our intention to look at the Daintree his eyes opened wide. He was too scared to go down there as he had it on good intelligence that the drug runners were armed with M16 A2s and wisely he figured his .38 S&W pistol wasn’t up to the job. He fantasised about a battalion of infantry with associated M16s, GPMG M60s, SLRs, rocket launchers and the likes adding some balance to the equation but we had to disappoint him.

We explained we were career officers and slaughtering civilians, even if they were drug runners and maybe deserved such summary justice, would be a poor career move. He knew this of course but it does reflect the aura of the Daintree.

These days thousands of civilians cross the Daintree river every year and ooh and ah at the local rainforests but I wouldn’t be surprised that if they stopped and lived there for awhile they would smell the undercurrent of alternative people.

The issue is not a small one and could tip the scales against the government. We are talking about a 100 blocks spread over a huge area currently controlled by local mayor Mike Berrick who my Cairns contact tells me is the quintessential greenie; a watermelon, red on the inside and green on the outside and typically anti-development. The freehold land owners have a case for compensation and the Premier has agreed to land valuation plus 10% and well he should as the valuation they are using is based on the value of the land without development rights. The land was brought freehold and should be valued as such – with development rights.

Unfair but that’s what happens when you have a labour government. To keep the factions quite the greenies need to be appeased and thrown regular swill to keep them onside and so the people suffer financially.

Still in the north residents of Charters Towers are under siege from flying foxes, and hope an election will finally prompt action from the politicians in Brisbane.

Good luck guys.

Residents have invited Premier Peter Beattie and Environment Minister Desley Boyle to stay in their houses overnight so they can hear the screeching of up to 20,000 black and red flying foxes themselves.

“(The noise goes on) all day and all night . . . the minister has said the bats sleep during the day,” said Kaye Jackson at 10am yesterday as she shouted to be heard above hundreds of flying foxes.

She said: “We can’t have a barbecue, we can’t sell our house, we can’t do anything.”

It is illegal to kill them and harassing the flying foxes with loud noise is only allowed from 5am to 7am and after 5pm.

Yep, another Greenie places bats above humans in the feed chain. I’d harrass the foxes with a loud noise being the detonation of the percussion cap and propellant of a 12 bore.

The answer? We are looking into a chemical deterrant.

But a spokesman for Ms Boyle said the Environmental Protection Agency was researching whether a chemical deterrent could move the bats away without killing them.

Flying foxes have been a problem in towns for hundreds of years and the EPA is looking at answers now! What the spokesman really meant was we don’t think we will loose votes over this issue so I’ll say just throw a platitude their way to settle down the rednecks and the problem will be buried.

As I said Good luck the Towers. You may be outnumbered almost three to one by the bats but Greenies don’t count people.

‘Stinging’ Nettle

THE rosaries-ovaries T-shirt worn by an Australian Greens senator was deeply offensive to Catholics, Prime Minister John Howard said today.

An understatement, Mr Howard. The Greens Senator is deeply offensive herself. So crass and yet claims the high moral ground in the debate.

Australian Greens Senator Kerry Nettle wore the “keep your rosaries off my ovaries” T-shirt earlier this week as the Senate started its emotion charged debate over who should control the abortion drug RU486.

The T-shirt was sponsored by the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA).

I’m a self confessed coward in relation to the abortion debate. I say nothing…with a catholic wife, a Mother, three sisters, three daughters, what appears at times to be a hundred switched on modern nieces (all Catholic) and no religion myself to speak of I figure it’s a woman’s issue.

All that of course doesn’t stop me picking on my favourite sub-species – the Greens. The woman is offensive, not just her shirt.

The PM continues;

“The Greens Party can practically sneer at Catholic devotional practice and think it’s funny and to see some journalists standing around grinning as if the whole thing’s a joke,” he said.

“And it’s the kind of silly undergraduate contribution to this debate which is regrettable but that’s democracy.”

Whereas I’m not heavy into religion, I’m very much into people having the right to practice their beliefs and pay homage to their Gods without redicule.

Nettle and her kind; the downside to democracy.

UPDATE: Stinging’ Nettle says she’s sorry;

AUSTRALIAN Greens senator Kerry Nettle says she is sorry if her rosaries-ovaries T-shirt offended anyone, but pledged to wear it again.

Which really means she isn’t sorry; she just mouthed some words to get more media coverage and will wear it again when it suits her.

Activists ‘may put lives at risk’

I don’t have much time for whaling but I have a whole lot less time for Greenpeace as in a target of Greanpeace is a friend of mine.

The actions of the US anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd could easily sink the Japanese factory ship Nisshin Maru in the freezing waters of the Southern Ocean and put the lives of the crew at risk, the head of Australia’s master mariners association warned yesterday.

Captain John Carroll, the federal master of the Company of Master Mariners of Australia, said Sea Shepherd’s stated aim of dragging a hawser under the Japanese ship to disable its propellers could rip the drive shafts from the ship and leave a gaping hole under its waterline.“There is always a weak point built into a ship’s drive shafts for safety reasons and you can actually pull the propeller shaft, or shafts, right off,” Captain Carroll said. “If that happened, it is probable the ship would sink.”

Surely endangering lives and ships at sea is a crime in someones books…Australia’s maybe?

UPDATE: Yobbo has a good piece on whom rammed who

Red Badge of “Up Yours”

Social engineers promise to turn me into a pariah by making me put a sticker on my V8 4WD (SUV). I’m proud of the fact that even my vehicle is politically incorrect and if I can get a sticker to prove it, I’d be ecstatic.

OWNERS of petrol-guzzling vehicles would be “shamed” with bright-red stickers on their cars under a scheme to be considered by the State Government.

“Shamed?” It’d be a badge of honour!

Sunday, when professional journalists have a day off, produces weird copy, but this article is a beauty.

Under the plan, introduced in Britain this week, large vehicles that chew through fuel ? like four-wheel-drives and high performance vehicles ? display red stickers as a warning of their environmental unfriendliness.

The rating system is based on a car’s emissions of harmful carbon dioxide, the gas recognised as having a serious effect on the Earth’s climate.

I’d say my modern V8 emitts less CO2 than most Hippy chariots (VW Kombis) I’ve seen, what with modern technology and regular servicing my mechanic is very serious about emmissions and adjusts and retunes whenever necessary.

However I still want a red sticker, but I want mine to say “The gas created by this 4WD has addled the brains of ten Greenies”. Something must be causing Bob Brown and his dreadlocked warriors to act like they do.

And I want it now!

Watermelons rotten inside

GREG SHERIDAN sounds a warning in todays Australian

The Greens are a menace.

THIS election will probably see the emergence of the Greens as Australia’s most important third party. This will be a sad and a bad day for our political culture, for the Greens represent the triumph of extremism over moderation, of the paranoid style over commonsense, and the flight from that civic responsibility which characterises a mature polity.


It is hard to believe 1million Australians really support the anti-growth, anti-modern prejudices of the Greens.

There has been many a blog article about the Greens stupid anti-Australian policies over the last couple of days and the vision of Bob Green on TV defending his party’s lapse into another universe has done little to settle minds.

It has even been suggested on some sites that this man may have the balance following the election.

I can understand the Socialist Alliance type people loving his anti US/Australian/economy/defence/commerce/jobs stands but surely they would only number tens of thousands at the best. These are self-indulgent hate voters and every society has them.

So where do the million voters come from? It appears there are a lot of people who vote Green because they think it’s a vote for the ecology, for the trees in Tasmania, for the cuddly Koala, for the hump back whale or for whatever species or lifestyle that has been misrepresented as being under threat.

They think the Greens are an answer to these problems.

They are not.

They are simply dangerous.

The Greens would end the US alliance by banning the passage of nuclear-powered ships through our waters. On domestic economic policy they would impose death duties, raise every form of tax they mention, but simultaneously ensure full employment while cutting working hours but not pay. All this self-contradictory nonsense is literally an insult to our intelligence and, worse, a degradation of our politics.

Thankfully, they will never get the keys to the treasury but they can still be very dangerous to our economy and way of life. Think very carefully about your protest vote. If you hate Howard – vote for Latham. If you think Latham’s a fool – vote Howard and in the Senate vote for an independant but if you have any hope for Australia don’t vote for the Greens.

I note Tim Dunlop and John Quiggin don’t see the Greens as a threat but they also think Latham is a winner and judging by their comment sections, they have attracted a goodly bunch of like thinkers. Fine, but I detect some heads in the sand at their sites. Seemingly a well educated lot, particularly Tim and John – I trust they’re not just academics.

Go read for a different view and be sure to check the comments. I think most of them sort of back the Greens only because it may hurt Howard but at least one reader, Gibbo, thinks the way I do when he says;

You folks don’t handle scrutiny very well do you?
Finally people are being made aware that the greens have nothing to do with saving whales and cuddling koalas. They are quite simply another tired incarnation of the communist party with a few anarchists thrown in for luck.
I am telling everyone I know to go and read their policies for themselves.
The greens go well when their exposure is limited to bob browns’ 30 second sound bites but when you come under real scrutiny, you fold and start crying foul. I vote Liberal but I’m not campaigning on that front. I’m pushing “anyone but the greens” and man it’s fun.

Which explains my headline Watermelons – Green outside and red inside

Gibbo’s advice is sound. Go check the Greens website and make up your own mind.

Greenies attack Australia

The $4 Billion-a -year Aussie film industry is under attack from the Greenies. In their on going battle against capitalism they have halted the filming of a scene from the movie Stealth through the Land and Environment Court.

Justice David Lloyd of the Land and Environment Court found the environmental dangers of filming in the “sacrosanct” wilderness area would include “incidental destruction of native vegetation” and unintentional killing of the larvae of a giant dragonfly, known as petalura gigantea.

God help us.

The scene has a woman running through the swamp dodging bullets. As no one actually fies bullets in movies what we have is a woman running near small detonators being set of in the water to simulate bullets. It would be no more traumatic that a person moving through the swamp with a stick.

Mr Carr said he would work with film company AFG Talons Productions to follow “every legal avenue” to appeal because the judgment sent “the worst possible message for overseas film-makers”. “NSW is in the midst of negotiations with two other major film projects and does not want to put those jobs at risk. The decision puts a $4 billion-a-year industry at risk and threatens 50,000 jobs in the NSW film and television industry,” Mr Carr said.

A question for Bob Carr. Who gave the Land and Environment Court powers to put our film industry at risk?

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