Obama’s Legacy

Obama has commuted Bradley Manning’s sentence for treason and that says all you need to know about Obama.

In 2013, Manning – a former intelligence analyst in Iraq – was given a 35-year prison sentence after a military court conviction of providing more than 700,000 documents, videos, diplomatic cables and battlefield accounts to the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks. The case ranked as the biggest breach of classified materials in U.S. history.

Bradley, AKA Chelsea is a seriously weird traitor and I hope that Trump can reverse the commutation and put him/her back behind bars.

The whole episode has made a mockery of the Defence and Intelligence people who, while they try and defend the country, their leader tries to bring it down.

We’re going down the gurgler

Victorian government workers are being discouraged from using “heteronormative” terms such as “husband” and “wife” in a new guide to communicating with the LGBTI community. Instead, the workers are being schooled in adopting gender-neutral pronouns “zie” and “hir
Victorian Equality Minister Martin Foley (pictured above) says the government’s responsibility is to keep people safe, including the LGBTI community.
Yes, a Minister in an elected government in a first world country actually think this is important. The same government closes down coal power generation thus following the Greens/Left Wing plan of driving manufacturing out of the state. Over in South Australia the Greens/Left Wing deindustrialization plan is well advanced as their dependence on wind and solar has virtually brought the state to an industrial standstill. Ore processing plants are tallying up the costs of molten metal cooled in their plants as power blackouts stop the process. An overseas think tank on oil and gas investment releases a timely report on our fall from grace. Southeastern Australian states, already facing a looming energy supply crisis, are among some of the least attractive for oil and gas investment and are ranked worse than some of the world’s most dangerous countries, ­according to an annual survey published by a Canadian think tank.
Victoria has fallen from Australia’s most attractive destination for investment in 2011 to its second worst, while Queensland has also recorded the largest drop in any jurisdiction in Oceania.
Over in the US, Andrew Liveris, Trump’s nominee to head the Manufacturing Council nominates tax cuts, cheap energy, elimination of red tape, worker reskilling and integrated supply chains as the keys to reviving US manufacturing and jobs. In Victoria and SA the ALP are busy closing down cheap power sources and telling me I should refer to my wife as “hir” as they roll around the floor laughing at how dumb Trump is. The irony…it hurts.

Section 18C

For a long time most reasonable Australians have been incensed that section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act (racial hatred) has been allowed to trash free speech. In today’s The Australian John Black, ex ALP minister, says besides killing section 18C we need to kill the Human Rights Commission as well.
Alas, the greatest threat to free speech remains: the commission itself. It houses a cabal of human rights fantasists who aim to override the law in the name of a self-defined greater good. But don’t blame them; blame the governments too weak to rub them out. The commission undermines the authority of governments and courts that would give short shrift to much of what the commissioners regard as their meal ticket.
The Commission undermines two pillars of western democracy, the Executive and the Judiciary and yet Turnbull talks of an inquiry. In 2014 Abbott mooted an amendment and then dropped it in the face of the ALP/Greens intransigence in the Senate. The matter has been debated in the public arena ad nauseum since the mid 90s and the only people wanting it to stay are the permanently offended, their supporters, the legal profession who gain financial advantage from the poor darlings and the Human Rights Commission itself. None of whom should count in the debate The rest of the country, the majority, are sick to death of the whole matter. We don’t need an inquiry, we need it thrown out. Now! Today!  

Looking good!

Donald Trump has selected one of the best-known climate skeptics to lead his U.S. EPA transition team, according to two sources close to the campaign. For my money I hope that the US EPA are downgraded to toddling off down to the White House backyard to just check the rain gauge. …….. On election eve Hillary chose not to front her supporters but had John Podesta stand in for her. In case you missed it, that’s this John Podesta, who is part of a Greens cabal that costs Australia $1.2 billion annually and denies us the income of billions of dollars from royalties and tax. He may still have an impact but at least it won’t be the US Government attacking our economy. Meanwhile, the Democrats get some payback as their battle to close down coal gets a kickback in the elections. Why has Adarni had to endure 7 years of Green tape. What the hell is going on? Fix it Turnbull, before you feel the wrath of us Aussie Deplorables  

Sick Hillary

From Frontpage.mag. In poll after poll, a majority of American voters have reported that they hold an “unfavorable” opinion of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Nevertheless, there are enormous differences in the policy positions which these two candidates embrace. Following is a comprehensive overview of exactly what their positions and agendas are, with regard to the major issues confronting the United States. In some instances, background information is provided in italicized print, so as to place the candidates’ positions in proper context. A taste;
CLINTON: On March 12, 2003, Clinton went to the Senate floor to speak out against legislation that proposed to ban the procedure commonly known as “partial-birth abortion”—where the abortionist maneuvers the baby into a breech (feet-first) delivery position, permits its entire body to exit the birth canal except for its head, and then uses scissors to puncture the baby’s brain and kill it while the head is still inside the mother. Defending the legality of this procedure and condemning Republicans for trying to outlaw it, Clinton argued that any attempt “to criminalize a medical procedure” would compromise American liberty.
Trump views this late-term abortion procedure as “terrible” and “not acceptable.”
Full cover of their respective stands on issues can be viewed here. It is most probably more relevant than “10 years ago he was mean to a woman” type statements.  

Clinton caught out again

The FBI, while investigation a case of an adult male sexting a 15 year old girl, confiscate his laptop and while going through it found 650,000 emails relating to state issues with Hillary Clinton’s stamp all over them. The man being investigated is Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin.  In the flurry to destroy the evidence of thousands of state.gov emails the Clinton camp apparently didn’t realize that an auto-sync feature between Huma & Weiner inadvertently saved the deleted emails on Weiner’s machine. Oh what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive. Hillary Clinton’s use of a private unsecured email server during her tenure as secretary of state has been on the boil for months and so it should be. We now have state emails stored on a civilian laptop which raises the question. Is there anything the communists and radical Islamic terrorists don’t know about the USA’s strategy under the Obama/Clinton administration? I doubt it. Next week millions of US citizens will vote for Hillary – it’s a worry. More on Democrat Weiner  
American politician Anthony Weiner, former member of the United States House of Representatives from New York City, has been involved in three sexual scandals related to sexting, or sending explicit sexual material by cell phone. The first, sometimes dubbed Weinergate, led to his resignation as a congressman in 2011. The second, during his attempt to return to politics as candidate for mayor of New York City, involved three women Weiner admitted having sexted after further explicit pictures were published in July 2013. The third, in 2015 but publicized in 2016, resulted in an announced intended separation between him and his wife, Huma Abedin.
  But…but… Trump sexually humiliated Jennifer Hawkins, Australian ex Miss Universe screams The Australian headline. Oh, hang on, he didn’t.
“Just on that whole subject, Donald and his family I have to say, have always been respectful to me,” the former Miss Universe told News Corp at Victoria Derby Day today.
Media bias…nah…never happen.  

Presidential race

All the media in Australia claim Clinton won the first debate.  Meanwhile, in the US, polls are telling a different story.
Trump is fast turning into prohibition. The more the establishment and media keep railing against him, the stronger he gets and the more people want to vote for him. The more people are told that ‘Hillary definitely won’, the more inclined they are to say Trump – even if purely out of spite. This is what happens when you play the man and not the policy, treat people as if they were idiots and smash them with obviously rehearsed sound bites and impractical, pious ideology.
The MSM and PC crowd are panicking and as they react he keeps gaining. Keep it up guys, the people will decide, not you. Just in case you think the above link is a setup check here at the Washington Times

What’s sauce for the goose…..

It has always been the case that soldiers are expected to be apolitical and I have always agreed with that ruling. Until now.
MP for Canning Andrew Hastie has been booted out of the Army Reserves after he defied a Defence request to remove photos of him in military garb from election campaign material.   Australian Defence Force members, including reservists, are banned from taking part in political activities while in uniform. The ADF says its policy is designed to ensure the armed forces remain apolitical.
Here’s why.
More than 100 Australian Defence Force (ADF) members, together with 50 Defence civilians, families, friends and allies of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) community marched in the 2015 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade. The contingent was led by the most senior enlisted members of the ADF: Warrant Officer for the Navy, Martin Holzberger; Regimental Sergeant Major of the Army, Dave Ashley; and Warrant Officer for the Air Force, Mark Pentreath who volunteered to lead their members, alongside Parade Commander, Air Commodore Tracy Smart.
They marched in uniform.   2015 Sydney Mardi Gras …on a parade that supports a certain ideology. 2015 Sydney Mardi Gras And I, for one, think that’s political. I would think that most Aussies would see no problem with Hastie emphasising his service giving rise to an expectation that he is well trained in leadership roles. Conversely I would think most would be simply embarrassed by their nations military parading at the Gay Mardi Gras. I am. I am tired of gender politics being forced on us.  I don’t care what your sexual proclivities are, just that you do your job. What’s sauce for the goose…
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