Rural workers targeted

New Agriculture Minister charged with attacking farmers, Senator Watt, speaks out on how the ALP are going to close down live export

“There are increasingly consumers and buyers overseas who are looking for different ways of sourcing their meat and we think there’s a massive opportunity for processed meat that we want to explore.”

Are there really? A lot of live export customers can’t afford The Australasian Meat Industry Employees Union wages and few developing nations have a fridge in each home. The union would be happy but thousands of Australian rural workers will be out of a job.

Come to think of it, that would make the ALP happy and the Greens and PETA idiots very happy.

Senator Watt also argued the former government’s pledges to build major dams including Hells Gate would only go ahead if they passed environmental and business assessments.

ALP talk for not going to happen

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  • There are two main reasons for the establishment of the live trade in the first place – the high cost of slaughter and processing in Australia, and the appalling record of strikes and industrial unrest practiced by the fiercely militant Meat worker’s Union. Anyone think Australian farmers will go back to those days? No, me neither.

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