Dual Nationality

25,000 Australians, 10,000 Britons,an estimated 40,000 Canadians, most of the 25,000 Americans there,1200 Belgians and about 1000 Danes all living in Lebanon with dual nationality. About 100,000 Lebanese, out of a population of 3.8m, have voted for the security and social standing of their country by having a Plan B for life's little problems. But what annoys me is that 25,000 Australian's have done the same. I'm also annoyed that we have immigrants who select Australia as a destination because they can come here, do absolutley nothing and get given, free of obligations, considerably more money than they could have earnt back home working long hours. It's not the type of committment I would look for in aspirational Aussies. I do not agree with dual nationality in any way, shape or form and I believe the people who choose to come to Australia should have sufficient committment to their new country and sufficient competancy in English so as to fascilitate gaining employment. Just in case anyone is in doubt of my thoughts, I'll state them in one line. No committment, no language competancy, no welcome!


  • Greetings,

    I think a lot of good would flow to Australia from an immigration policy based on the principle: “You joined us, we didn’t join you.”


  • I found it interesting that one of the reports stated that a significant number of
    Lebanese Australians had been contacted by Centrelink, rather than Foreign Affairs.
    How come CentreLink has there contact details on file?
    Is that because they send the cheques there?

  • That’s a terrible thought SezaGeoff but I’d want to know for sure before I post on it.
    I don’t know whether they can do that but I intend to find out.

  • Rusty old ships used to sail the world’s oceans under a “flag of convenience”, and when they were no longer profitable would mysteriously be “lost at sea” and the insurance companies would pay out. That stopped when the incentive (insurance company payouts) stopped.
    “Citizens of convenience” would stop when the Centrelink payments ceased when an overseas visa was activated.
    It couldn’t be that hard to cross reference.

  • SezaGeoff. You were right. It was a Ch 7 report and I quote;

    Centrelink staff started calling Australians in Lebanon at 2.30am (AEST) to explain the evacuation process to them.

    Your question remains valid; How come CentreLink has there contact details on file?