Just going camping, your honour

No wonder terrorists are such a problem. The Sun Herald reports on the Terrorist suspects going through the legal process at the moment.
Mr Hammoud tells her he is going to the mountains for two days. When his wife asks what exactly they are doing, he says: "Uh, go do a bit of, you know, terrorist training." She replies: "Don't be stupid. What are you going to do there?" Mr Hammoud says: "Go camping . . . kick back, read a bit of the Koran."
Go camping....kick back...read a bit of the Koran! It should be go camping....kick back...have a couple of drinks with your mates...do a bit of fishing/hunting...sit around the campfire telling exagerated stories of sexual conquests.....play a game of touch.....have a couple more drinks and buy some fish on the way home to prove it was all serious stuff. Shoue Hammoud, 26, made the comment, described by defence lawyers as an inappropriate joke, during a conversation recorded on October 8, 2004. Maybe it is a joke and they meant to have good time but I suspect they were sitting around the campfire plotting to kill us infidels. Maybe that's a 'good time' to them but my way is more fun.