The pilgrims at Bali, followers of the Church of the Latter Day Alarmists have applauded Chief Clerk Rudd for his ratification of Kyoto – well they would, wouldn’t they? Just like at an extreme right wing religious movement. Praise the Lord – Hallelujah….Praise Kyota – hallelujah – all the same really. I’m still of the opinion that Global Warming, as believed by many, has many fathers and for us to be so presumptuous as to think that human input causes it all defies rationale. It is admirable that we work at better management of the ecology but I would like to see more engineers being quoted than opinionated scientists that have been baptised into the church. There are many who aren’t followers and they need to be heeded as well. Personally I think the Earth and it’s relative variable position to the Sun, have more to do with the problem than us mere humans. After an ice-age we can expect the Earth to warm up and maybe soon, we can expect the Earth to start to cool down as it heads towards another Ice Age. I don’t know if that’s the case and neither do the converted scientists. I can’t prove my case and they can’ prove I’m wrong. I doubt any of us know enough; haven’t lived here long enough to know of the greater cycles, greater than summer or winter, that effect our weather patterns. So, based on what I describe as an imprecise science,we have committed to a treaty that will cost us money. Billions are already being bandied around as being payable fines for not meeting targets. Would it be worth considering that we would be better advised spending these billions on research and development or simply planting trees to balance nature? And where does the money go – who controls it? – does someone in Europe or the UN get to play with our money addressing the problem their way? We need new technology not old promises. 10,000 pilgrims at Bali from a multitude of nations all with their own agendas, all looking for an advantage for themselves, all of this overseen by the UN. This is not a formula for success – It is nothing more than a religious gathering and at best will only produce another Gospel – call it Revelations II; that once again reveals the Original True Faith plus Secrets of Life and Success, and how to survive looming the War of Armageddon Global Warming