Global Warming solution from South Australia

USING less energy to help combat climate change should be a new year resolution for all, South Australian Premier Mike Rann says. There could be some advantages from using less energy – cheaper bills for example, but combating climate change isn’t likely to be one of them. Even a cleaner environment is not guaranteed as using less power doesn’t automatically mean the local power grid is going to use significantly less coal. Of course, if everyone in SA stopped using power all together then the need for coal powered generators would drop but it’s still unlikely that Global Warming would slow. For that we need time. Reading I noticed a 10 question list that raises reasonable points that the Elders of the Church of Latter Day Alarmists are ignoring. A sample;
2) If greenhouse gasses produced by mankind are behind the roughly one degree increase in temperature over the last century, then why did the global temperature go down from roughly 1940 to 1975 even though mankind’s production of greenhouse gasses was skyrocketing during that same time period?
It’s a good read. I would recommend Mike Rann read it but I shouldn’t distract him from his current Poll problem