Democrat Convention

I listened to the ABC report on the Democrat Convention in Denver. Michelle Obama spoke but her earlier comment “…first time in my life I’m really been proud to be an American” didn’t get a rerun. Ted Kennedy spoke emotionally and eloquently about the achievements of others – his brother Jack and quoted Martin Luther King’s I have a dream but he didn’t mention Chappaquiddick Understandable too, but some people have long memories and if I was Obama I would just as soon not have Ted’s support. I wonder if the ABC will give the Republican Convention to be held next week, the same sort of coverage.

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  • Kev
    To get a spin-free account of the first day of the Democrat convention go to
    (Local paper – the Denver Post – no axe to grind).
    Quote from that story –
    “There is an extraordinary feeling of good will toward Ted Kennedy,” said Thomas Mann, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and longtime observer of Congress. “It is just astounding to me to see this build and build over time and the fact that someone can be both the liberal icon and the greatest legislator the party has produced in all of our lifetime.”
    And in the interests of balance – given your link to the Republican convention – try –
    Just being even-handed………