Don’t believe him

Let’s see now; we charge industry money for producing carbon and when they pass the cost onto the consumer we compensate the consumer with the money we charged industry in the first place. At least that’s my take from Krudds latest promise
But Mr Rudd said 2.9 million low-income families would be fully compensated for the rises. And 2.6 million of those – 90 per cent – would get a windfall, with compensation totalling 120 per cent of cost rises. There would be cash assistance for 3.6 million middle-income households, half of which would be fully compensated for extra expenses. Single pensioners would get an extra $455 a year as compensation and couples $686, Mr Rudd said. The money would come from forcing industries to buy permits for the tonnage of carbon pollution they produced.
Is there anyway we could look at supporting and sponsoring R & D on alternative power sources instead of just taxing us? Maybe cut out the middle man!  For example, some of those billions spent on handouts and school halls could’ve been spent on research, surely? Maybe he could even support the solar industry Oh, and keep in mind Krudd’s promises are based on what? There has been zero reports on costings of his ETS so if he is going to make promises can we also be privy to the maths. Take it from me right now and here – no one will be better off if this government has their way with the ETS mark I or even II or III for that matter. And that includes the environment.

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