Carmen (I can’t remember) Lawrence

Carmen (I can’t remember) Lawrence looks set to win the national presidency of the Labour party. Doesn’t make sense to me but I’m not voting. The people who do have a vote are giving it to Lawrence and I guess that says more about the future of the Labour party than any other pointer. One thing it does say is that the Left is in the ascendancy in the Party and that fact can only help us conservatives. Under the rules, the winner gets to lead for one year then the runner up takes the chair. That looks like putting Barry Jones in power in the 2004/2005 period. Barry is a lovely chap but the image of spaghetti and meatballs lingers in the voters consciousness. Just keeps on getting better for us conservatives. In this article Steve Lewis, Chief political reporter goes on to say; Labor, meanwhile, has taken another firm step towards preparing for the 2004 federal poll, announcing a new advertising team comprising two agencies with plenty of election-winning experience. This suggests electing Carmen is the first firm step towards preparing for the 2004 federal poll. All I need now is for Australia to beat the Jocks on Saturday night to make it a great week.