Use the word bias with ABC or SBS and all the left wing luvvies and Friends of the ABC start screaming. At the risk of being repetitious I will point out that proof of bias rests in the fact that the left never claim bias. Greg Sheridan has an alarming piece in today’s Australian where he points out that; The SBS……….is using your tax money to broadcast the propaganda of the Vietnamese Communist Party as part of its regular daily news. It is airing each day the news program of VTV4, which is owned and controlled by the Vietnamese communists. VTV’s website says that it exists to “provide news and propaganda” to “serve the party and the Government”. The pure evil that was communism has slipped too quickly from the public mind. The tens of millions killed by Stalin, Mao and yes indeed by Ho Chi Minh too somehow or other have disappeared from public debate. He goes on; The cultural Left, the types who run organisations such as SBS, have never had much time for Vietnamese refugees because they are anti-communist. They didn’t fit the neat, simplistic formulas that hold that all victimhood in this world is caused by Western colonialism. When Saigon fell in 1975 the icon of such people, then prime minister Gough Whitlam, said to Clyde Cameron, among others, that he would not take in substantial numbers of Vietnamese refugees because “I will not have those f