Latham Wins

Latham by two votes (47 to 45) If Martin Luther King had a dream, I have nightmare. Latham leading Australia to insignifience via embarrassment. I accept youth , vigour and aggression but the subject has to be house trained first.


  • You are assuming that Latham can win, remember Lathams ‘put the boot in’ style and ‘arselicker’ comments do not endear him to female voters.

    The current insanity of ALP policies means that they are too far right for greens and way too far left for thinkers.

    Throw in the guaranteed treachery of the ALP factional system and congratulations John Howard, enjoy your next term in office!

  • No. I don’t think he will win. I think it’s a gift to us conservatives….It is just a nightmare that first appeared in the Keating years.

  • Kev Latham won by one (1) vote.

  • Latham won but half of caucus don’t want him as leader. Yes, it’s true that some other leader won by 1 vote and went on to great things but that was years ago when every utterance and back stabbing wasn’t reported in the press on an hourly basis.

    It’s hardly a positive start.