Indonesia Complains

Or is it just The Age? This article appears in todays Age but for the life of me I can’t find it in any on-line Indonesian press.
Australia’s decision to look at buying sophisticated warships armed with long-range anti-missile defences was clearly aggressive and would be considered by the Indonesian parliament, a leading opposition MP in Jakarta said today. Djoko Susilo, a member of the Indonesian parliament’s commission for security, defence and foreign affairs, said Australia’s consideration of air warfare destroyers for the navy capable of shooting down ballistic missiles in space was an aggressive move.
The Jakarta Post doesn’t mention it. Go see. One would think if a local senior opposition politician critisized Australia it would make to the local press. Antara, the Indonesian News Service doesn’t mention it. While you’re there look at the International section. Nope. Not a mention. Tried Googling and although my Indonsesian is a bit rusty these days I cant find any mention of Djoko getting up Australia. Went to AAP and if they mention the item, it’s well hidden. The Age wouldn’t have an anti-Howard agenda, would they? No, impossible. Must be me, ‘getting old – can’t read’ or just maybe ‘getting old – getting cynical’.


  • Defensive systems are aggressive? Go figure!

  • I apologize for my aggressive behaviour by locking up my car and house. North Korea is just providing quick delivery of its exports.

  • You’re right. I can’t seem to find any mention of it other than in australian national media. I’m not at all surprised at the language utilised by the reporting journo. Sign up for Defence Media Releases, and read Defence News transcripts. The standard of defence reporting in Australia is fucking pathetic. The only punter’s with knowledge are already in Defence related fields, ie Jane’s, A&NZ Defender, Australia Defence Magazine. The jube in the office who gets stuck with the ‘bombs and ships’ gig, is usually just biding his (usually his in this equality driven world!) time until the junior political correspondent spot comes up.
    Wouldn’t 90% of our vaunted ‘non-partisan’ media just love to stick the boot into a conservative government on defence/security policy?
    Fuckers, I’ve got some answers to questions they are afraid to ask…