Hang in there Israel!

From the Jerusalem Post.
According to the defense officials, the IDF has identified about 50 passengers on the ship who could have terrorist connections with global jihad-affiliated groups The group of over 50 passengers with possible terror connections have refused to identify themselves and were not carrying passports. Many of them were carrying envelopes packed with thousands of dollars in cash.
Amongst the Humanitarian aid found on the Mavi Marmara was a cache of bulletproof vests and night-vision goggles, as well as gas masks. From Melanie Phillips in the UK.
…. Obama is now throwing his weight behind the frenzied attempt by the world’s tyrannies to wipe Israel off the map. And as the noose tightens round Israel, what is the response of the British government? Far from rethinking Foreign Secretary William Hague’s reproach to Israel for ‘lack of restraint’ (in not allowing its marine commandoes to be lynched, you understand) the Prime Minister David Cameron has joined in the onslaught, deploring the ‘heavy loss of life’ and telling Israel to lift the blockade of Gaza – which, let us remind ourselves once again, allows into Gaza tens of thousands of tons of aid per week and only stops weapons from being smuggled in that would be used to kill Israelis. Thus as the world starts to resemble a global pogrom in the making, Cameron has lined up Britain too on the side of the forces of darkness against their victims.
Meanwhile, back in the antipodes, our PM gets it right when he says;
“However, as I have seen them, let me say this very clearly, the Australian government condemns any use of violence under the sorts of circumstances that we have seen.”
Hang on, he’s actually talking about the Israelis being violent. For a moment there I thought he was the only western leader to get to the bottom of the fracas and was rightly condemning the Jihadists for attacking the Israelis as they landed on the deck. Silly me! Rudd demands the Israelis hold a comprehensive independent inquiry into the incident and forward the results to the UN Security Council. Why would they do that? The UN Security Council has already condemned the Israeli commandos for lashing out to save their own lives so what would it achieve. With the Arabs running the show at the UN, condemnation of anything Israel does is guaranteed first response. Still, Rudd’s predictable reaction follows his “I want a seat at the UN” form. And just in case you are curious as to how much I care about the Australians on board the convoy, let me make it clear. Zero..zip…zilch. If they want to actively support terrorists then let them wear the consequences. Greg Sheridan at the Oz puts in his two bobs worth
The Jewish state was sucker-punched by demonstrators determined to provoke an ugly Israeli reaction and international PR disaster. By beating Israeli sailors nearly to death as soon as they landed, the protesters made a violent reaction inevitable. You cannot attempt to kill armed soldiers without suffering casualties.
Here is some good shots of the peace activists delivering “humanitarian aid‘ to the Israelis. Hang in there, Israel.


  • Why has no one picked up on the obvious point in that there were six boats in the flotilla. Five were boarded peacefully with no violence and no loss of life. One turned into a bloody shambles. Why? What was different about those other 5 boats? Gee, no premeditated attack on the boarding party – that’s what.

    If the Israelis had really gone in shooting, surely there would have been casualties on each and every boat – not just one.

    Personally, the troops should have just jumped overboard, relied on their life jackets and then allowed the Navy to hose the boat down with .50 cal.

    • I read somewhere where they had asbestos gloves on to come down the ropes. Makes it a bit hard to use a weapon straight up. The video shows them being attacked before they were even on the deck.

  • Right, the attitude seems to be ” lets not disect this, lets just go with the flow like dead fish” I seem to remember this happening in Vietnam, the reporters sat around in bars and the locals supplied them with all sorts of exaggerated details that were happening in the boondocks….I liked the line from one of the editors of Fairfax news…”we’ll get a good story out of this”…..no word of concern for his reporters, sounds like a beat up from the start…

  • The Israeli military must be getting well and truly browned off by the ratbag operations they’ve been roped into recently – a proud tradition being slowly and surely ruined by incompetent and corrupt politicians.

    • You could be right. I wouldn’t want to rope down into that mob of “humanitarians” without some covering fire. Still, the Israelis know they are going to be the bad guys whatever they do so they tried to go in sans agro with the predictable results.

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