WikiLeaks threat

AUSTRALIAN officials are bracing for a massive leak of classified US State Department cables. The latest tranche of classified documents could comprise more than two million diplomatic cables sent between the State Department and its posts around the world.
Australian government agencies are bracing for the worst, “in part because we simply don’t know just how bad it might be”, the Australian official said.
Someone should top Assange – he’s simply too dangerous. Some simple folk may think it’s cool to catch some politician out but it’s very uncool to publish state secrets that will only serve to aid and abet the enemy.


  • It says a mouthful about the lies and deceit commonplace in diplomatic communication that releasing cables causes concern.
    From their webpage –
    “Wikileaks are of assistance to peoples of all countries who wish to reveal unethical behaviour in their governments and institutions”
    It behaviour is unethical, it should be called for what it is. Unlike the MSM, Wikileaks don’t spin, nor do they make a profit.
    They simply provide access to the revealed truth – unlike the MSM which is hopelessly compromised by the need to keep advertisers and shareholders happy.
    They don’t take sides – they have released documents even-handedly which embarrass governments (Iran, PRC, USA, and Australia) and institutions (Swiss banks, big Pharma and the CIA). WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange won the Amnesty 2009 New Media Award for work exposing hundreds of recent extrajudicial assassinations in Kenya.
    The only problem I would see is the possibility that the leaks may put lives at risk. Assange has challenged the US government to publish the names of individuals they claim have been harmed by the leaks. So far, they’ve been unable to do so.

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